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  1. Yeah the pay wasn't the greatest, but the hours definitely beat being a DE - Also they do issue you one uniform if PT, 2 if FT, wiht replacement items periodically. But if you work summer camp like I did and my PTer, you definitely want a few uniforms. Also when 85%-95% of the staff is in a Venturing uniform, and national says you want to wear that one you have to buy it, well you buy it. At least the PTer got to wear his Eagle Badge on it instead of the knot . Also a word of praise on national scout shop folks, and not just because I use to work for them. If you have access to one, B
  2. I also hate the bellowed "SIGNS UPS." My first SPL, and everyone who followed him, including me and those who succeeded me simply raised our hands in the Scout Sign. Usually that worked, but if it didn't, in a simple, normal, conversational tone "I've got all night" would do the trick. I would modify what Beavah said. Yes adult relationships are important, but I would focus that on the older scouts. They are the leaders in the troop, and THEY should be the role models and examples for the younger scouts. Adults should focus on the older ones. Just my $.02 worth.
  3. In reference to why I ask if it is still official, Sea Scouts have radically changed a lot of uniform policies that they are now mandating. Stuff that used to be allowed, i.e. insigina on the dungarees, Arrow of Light knots, OA flaps, temporary insignia, more than 6 knots, etc are now not allowed. In reference to the Scout Shops, if they are national owned, i.e wear the gold loops and minimal insignia, then they MUST be in the current uniform and are not allowed to wear any of the older unifrom items. The only exception to this policy that I know of was those of us in a pilot program wh
  4. Ok here is a question for you folks, especially you Vigils. Does your lodge allow out of lodge Arrowmen to attend your ceremonies, especially the Vigil ceremony? One of our Vigil candidates has a relative who is also a Vigil and I think it may be a nice touch to invite him to the Lodge Fellowship that will also include the Vigil Ceremony. PM me if you need to. Also see my other post in the safeguarded section. Nahila Nakne aka Eagle92(This message has been edited by Eagle92)
  5. Yep it's a Veteran Bar. You can get them at 25, 50 and in 5 year multiples after 50, i.e 55, 60, 65, etc. Also national has in the past allow you to buy a custom all in one patch, i.e unit number and vet bar as one patch. Don't know how ti will work with the Centennial uniform though.
  6. Chippewa, This is my $.02 worth and so you can take it with a grain of salt. 1) UNIFORMS I think you need to push them as they A) develop pride B) shows unity C) sets a standard, and D)allows youth to showcase their achievements. I was part of a troop that had uniform inspections at every meeting. They were recorded and were taken into account for a troop award "Patrol of the Year" If you came to a meeting, you better be in either the Winter Uniform (full field uniform with troop necker, woogle, and troop totem) or Summer Uniform (field uniform with Scout t-s
  7. Having dealt with 4 COs that had lost interest in Scouting(2 as a youth/young Scouter, two as a pro), I can tell you that it's not fun starting over. If you can work out the differences now before it gets worse, that is best. Also I would include the IH at special functions like Scout Sunday, COHs, and especially Eagle COHs. When you meet with the IH, go with the COR, CC, and maybe a church member who is active in the unit. Play up the strengths of scouting and how it benefits everyone. Try to get more involved with church activities. One of the best ways to help the CO, recruit new Sc
  8. In reference to Cub Scouters (and Webelos in the tan and Green uniform too for that matter), according to the PDF link I posted earlier, They will need to have the tan and green numbers as well. It has been speculated that the CS numbers will go to Blue and Gold, but I don't see it happening as they would then need to make Venturing numbers as well. Personally I think that once volunteers and parents start complaining how they can't reuse the numbers from CS on the BS uniform, and distributers start complaining about inventory, and challenges with resuppling the assorted numbers, th
  9. In reference to these CS in the link above, What the HECK? They are not follwoing the program. In refernce to CNYS, is your council part of a pilot that national is doing? i've heard for several years now that national was going to bring back Lions as a program for Kindergarteners.
  10. AH camp school, remember it like it was yeasterday. It is an intense week with lots of fun. I did COPE Director training and we started very soon after registering and placing stuff in tents. Long days and nites, so be prepared. I only had one night off the entire week, as did most of the camp, because of weather. Ditto all the advice given previously an HAVE FUN! Eagle92
  11. The accident insurance that the council purchases for each activity. Sorry I should have been more specific. If you are a leader on a council activity, say a council camporee, and you allow youth in the bed of a truck and one falls out and breaks something, then you are on your own as the COUNCIL'S policy for that activity will not cover it. I don't know about individual unit insurance as I've never had to deal with it, knock on wood. But I would read the mouse type on the policy as I bet there are exclusions on it. From someone who has used the unit insurance, I am told it's worth
  12. FScouter, The G2SS is the rules. Don't follow them, you are out of luck.
  13. Just reread post and noticed THE most important training hasn't been done; Youth Protection Training WHAT THE HECK IS THIS WDL'S PROBLEM. You mentioned that no one has BALOO training, and it hit me: Are they even filling out tour permits? I know that has been a problem in my neck of the woods, but during training, we emphasize the importance of the paperwork and how it CYA. Not only would I push training, I would strongly talk about the legal and liability aspects of what is going on. Trust me I had to deal with 2 YPT issues as a pro, one was complete idiocy on a veteran Scouter's
  14. My opinion on retraining is this: if you haven't used it in a while, you need to retrain. Also if you've gone through an older training program, serve on training staff of the newer program to see what the new stuff is about. Also it is a great benefit for new leaders to have someone whose "been there, done that, got the knot" serve as a mentor. Since it's been 10 years since I went through CSBLT and I haven't really used it directly, I plan to go through some of the CS courses this year, and probably be on staff for a few of them since I find out Thursday who the new CS trainer will be.
  15. We pay to be leaders through registration. We pay for uniforms so that we can set the example. We pay for supplies to provide a quality program. We pay for the activities so that we can put in practice what we teach in the meetings. We pay with time taken away from out families, especially those who don't have kids in the program. Now we will have to pay for our magazine that provides us with a wealth of information? I am so glad that this Scouting habit of mine is legal. LOL!
  16. Speaking as someone who is addicted to scouting (26 years overall) and cannot wait for his oldest to be a TC next year (I will be redoing CS training this year to prepare for next year), I understand why you want to be a TC DL. Thinking about possibility of being in your shoes where you want one position, but are needed in another, I know the situation sucks. I don't envy the situation. That said I think you need to be CC, pending approval of the IH and/or COR. That way you will be in a position to begin changing things. Don't expect miracles overnite, but focus on the liability stuff
  17. Well I dated a scout leader while I was in the UK for three months. Met her when her troop as attending camp. And she was a Queen's Scout.
  18. Scoutmaster Fundamentals 1992 Exploring Basic Leader Training 1996 Cub Scout Basic Leader Training 1998 Venturing Leader Basic Leader Training (as a trainer) 1998 (national told us to use the EBLT syllabus and supplement with the new Venturing handoutsas they hadn't created a proper Venturing syllabus at that time, Oct 1998). I also had Dis. Com training the first time in 1995.
  19. While the DE and professional staff will not get involved, you can ask for some advice and reference. Just don't call them up at 1AM in the morning as some one did to me way back when. DE are required to have a district operations manual that cover a ton of stuff. Sorry but i can't help you out there as I gave all the individual component to my volunteers when I left to join supply. Another resource would be a national scout shop. Local council distributorships don't always keep everything that a national shop requires. And a lot of of the literature is available.
  20. Foto That's one reason why you want to promote refresher courses, and in the case of YPT you take it every two years if I'm not mistaken. Well I've taken it that often since I've been in and out of councils for the past few years due to job and my records aren't always transferring over. YPT is so easy to do online i don't mind. I suggest leaders taking refresher courses in the form of working staff at training. That way they can impart their invaluable knowledge on new leaders and keep up to date with new policies and procedures.
  21. V, Dis.Com., Dis. camp. Chair, and unit commissioner are district level positions and can't really do anything within a unit. Also a DC cannot be REGISTERED as a UC as the UCs work for him. But if his UC drops out, has problems, etc, then the DC has to step in. While I know of leaders wearing 2 hats, i.e. me being both a UC and Dist. Training. chair at one time, it is discouraged, but allowed in some cases. Trust me it's not fun wearing two vitally important hats at the same time. Now within a unit, if he is the COR and CC, then yes he does have the power to hire and fire leaders
  22. Well with all the changes that have occured with the Sea Scout uniform, as well as the implementation of the centeniall uniforms, you never know. Also FYI the Stetson Camper, BS and CS Rover, and Adventuer hats are 60% right now from National scout shops and supply.
  23. In reference to appeals, IF an Eagle candidate appeals to council or especially national, they will side of caution and grant the candidate his request. This is not only for those candidates who are disabled or didn't get the EBOR withing the 3 month window after their 18th birthday, but in any case. Don't remember the specifics as it was a while back, but one candidate challenged his SM's decision to say he wasn't ready for his EBOR and not sign off the requirement.When the scout went through the EBOR anyway and was denied becasue the SM Conf. wasn't signed, he petitioned all the way up to na
  24. Congratulations on the new position. Best thing I can suggest is borrow your DE's copy of the District Operations Manual, aka "RED BOOK" as it will have descriptions and information not only on your job, but the all the comittees. I believe the book you will want a copy of is entitled "The Distict" and is contained in the redbook. It has the exact requirements for your job, and some general advice. I also suggest you attend the District Committee workshop that your council offers. 1) it is great training, 2)you make great contacts with other district chairs, and 3) keeps you up to date wi
  25. While Bob White is correct in that a dual registered Scout/Venturer or Scout/Sea Scout can have requirements for BS rank signed off doing crew/ship activities, unless the leaders of both groups are comfortable with this arrangement, there will be problems. I'll give you an example of what one Troop/Crew combinations did. The older scouts and young leaders wanted a Venturing Crew instead of a Venture Patrol, because there were more opportunities to do things, i.e the bronze, gold, silver and ranger awards as well as scholarships/camperships for activities not available to scouts (at
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