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  1. From the Jamboree site regarding caregiver option 4th question from the top from the Jan webinar https://summit.scouting.org/en/Jamboree2013/Documents/January2012Transcript.pdf We had one at the last Jamboree and we have one for a scout this coming Jamboree
  2. Easy fix, go as your son's caregiver check it out.
  3. To Train (youth/boy) leaders(This message has been edited by GNX Guy)
  4. Here are a few questions I would ask. 1. What is the main responsibility of the scoutmaster? I ask this question during my WEBELOS parent meeting to introduce our troop to them. 100% have gotten the answer wrong. 2. Are you prepared to have every weekend taken up with a scouting event. (This may not apply to smaller troops) 1 weekend camping, 1 or 2 weekends for Eagle projects, 1 weekend for training. 1 weekend for Eagle ceremonies, etc. You get the point. 3. How would you handle this behavior problem....(pick one) 4. This might be the deal breaker...Do you have a
  5. I'm with Barry, make sure he has a vision. I attended Strictly for Scoutmasters at Philmont a several years ago and had a very wise instructor (also named Barry) that discussed the importance of a vision statement. When I meet with prospective WEBELOS parents, I give them a copy of MY PERSONAL vision statement that I wrote for my troop. While some may think it is corny, the parents are impressed. We typically gain 15-25 new scouts per year and hover around 100 scouts. I actually whet back and read my vision statement about 6 months ago when I ran into an issue with a particul
  6. Here is the menu, WITH the themes I noted above. 26 July 2010 Breakfast Travel Day Kiosk Lunch Chicken Salad Sandwich Fritos Diced Peaches Vanilla Pudding Nutrigrain Bar Fruit Drink Dinner BBQ Pork on Bun Cole Slaw Baked Beans Fresh Fruit Rice Krispy Treat Milk 27 July 2010 Breakfast Scrambled Eggs and Cheese Bacon Toast Fruit Juice Milk Kiosk Lunch Turkey on Ciabatta Roll Chips Jello Fruit Cup Fruit Drink Dinner - Tex Mex Night Beef Chili Tacos Tortilla Chips Salsa Pound Cake Milk 2
  7. Sounds good to me. As a Jamboree SM myself, I have the same rule. Easy to spot my scouts and insures they have an appropriate shirt.
  8. Yes,even sampled some of the food. Big improvement over 2005, little bigger on the portions too. I loved the stir fry. Meals will have themes. I have the list at home, but don't remember all the details.
  9. One of the cooking merit badge counslor's for the cooking MB at the 2010 Jamboree will be Wolfgang Puck. There was another famous one too but can't remember the name.
  10. I'll be there. Working the international booth for a short while. In fact, I leave in 3 hours
  11. Did one ever think that we as NRA instructor speak extra loud or shout louder is for 2 reasons, 1. We are wearing hearing protection and naturally speak or shout louder. 2. The youth BETTER be wearing hearing protection thus we have to speak or shout louder. Maybe the one claiming the instructor was shouting too loud was not wearing hearing protection. If a safetly violation occurs you better hope the instructor is shouting loud enough to gain attention, it might be your boy that takes the hit if the perpetrator did not hear a command.
  12. A new Advanced Sea Scout Leader training will soon be available called Seabadge Underway. A pilot training course was held in May 2008 in the Florida Keys with two Commodores from the National Sea Scout Committee and 5 lucky participants, one from the Southern Region, one from the Northeast Region and three from the Central Region. COMPLETE understanding of Chapter four of the Sea Scout manual is MANDATORY as well as having the ability to chart and navigate a course the traditional way. Written tests are given prior to attending the course, upon arrival and at the end of the course whi
  13. Contrary to what was posted above, The Scoutmaster has several responsibilities, with the primary or chief responsibility as the Scoutmaster handbook states, is establishing an environment that is safe for Scouts both physically and psychologically.
  14. Bob White, You mention that if a troop follows the scouting program, scouts will earn two or three ranks the 1st year. I've never been able to find where this prgram is spelled out. I've only seen that it is "encouraged but should not be pressured...so a boy may work on the requirements at his own speed. (scoutmaster handbook page 119) Is there a publication that shows this 1st year program you speak of? Thanks (This message has been edited by GNX Guy)
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