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  1. 2CubDad, Yes most training is on weekends, and that's because the trainers are also volunteers who work jobs during the week. But there are ways to get training during the week, especially if there is a group of you. I know alot of summer camps offers SM and ASM Specific training during summer camp. Also I had a CS trainer who would do weekday nite training for specific units. Usually a pack would make are the arrangements, the trainer get the staff together, and the class wouldbe for that unit with anyone needing training being invited. This worked out great for some folks.
  2. from what I've been told, the blue and Gold ladies uniforms are no longer available. But someone please correct me if I am wrong.
  3. Yes training records are a major problem. I've already posted in another thread the problems I encounter when I tried to get a list of trained leaders in the district. I was never trained, despite working for this council at one time and conducting a bunch of trainings as both a pro and Scouter. PTC staff from my district were not trained. SMs who had not only gone through Woodbadge, but staffed it were not trained. folks who had their Training Award, Key and the various Cub Leader awards were not trained. Took two years to fix the records and they are still not 100%.
  4. Ok this has gone a little beyond what I intended as my question. When I used the term "Guests" in the question, I should have stated out of lodge Arrowmen attending a function. I did not mean non members, but Arrowman from a different lodge. John KC, We are going "to do our best" to make sure the brother can make it.
  5. My specific inquiriy was for the Vigil Ceremony only. When it comes to non-members concerend about the Ordeal I have talked at length about the entire procedure, asking that they do not discuss it with their son so as not to lose the significance. While I have not at this time let them read the ceremony script, as this was phone conversations, I would allow them to read it. I would strongly discourage them from attending the atcual ceremony though, but that is a decision for the lodge key 3. I also have suggested that they talk to Arrowmen in their unit, both youth and adults. That usu
  6. A few things. Yes a Scout is responsible for maintaining a record of when he got his MBs. BUT that record is included in his HANDBOOK. Some summer camps do not issue blue cards. The only records of a scout earning a MB are given to the unit leaders, not the individual scouts. So my question is this How can a Scout be responsible for keeping something he never received? Second some units don't use the blue cards. They use their own forms, being thrifty. So again I ask how can a Scout be asked to show something he never received? The handbook has the information in it, and it is verified by
  7. Not at home so I can't get the citation, but those two lodges you cited are in violation of national policy and have been for several years now. I know as I had to intercede for an election team one time becasue the SM of the unit was opposed to one scout, and wanted his name removed from the list. The election team did their talk to the SM prior to the election, and I went over it again with the SM to make sure he understood what he was signing. The SM had no problem with signing the form with the youth's name on it. Once the election was held and and the youth in question was voted in, the
  8. In referecne to Southern Region's Seabadge course potential location, has anyone considered Pamilico Sea Base in East Carolina Council? Grant you they are about to get hit by Hannah, but they have a real nice set up there.
  9. Tommy, welcome and good luck. Some other options to raise money, if possible, are car washes, and cleanups, especially big events. Grant you it may be more leaders and Webelos doing the work, but you can raise funds. more later
  10. A couple of things. 1. Please don't confuse a council's "scout shop" with a nationally owned and run scout shop. The technical term for a council shop is a distributorship and they can basically do as they please, i.e. place a sale on discontinued merchandise, keep older patches, etc. That's because national sold them the merchandise and the distributor is now the owner of it. basically it's just like if a local, non Scouting shop, i.e. JC Penny, was selling you the stuff. They will keep it until it's gone. National scout shops will have the most up to date stuff and will discard stuff fo
  11. What is the best way to get rid of mold on a canvas tent? I was thinking soaking it in bleach or paling it in a n industrial size washer and dryer. Any help appreciated.
  12. What I've given in the past is a copy of the 1910 BSA Handbook. Everyone gets a kick out of it. On a different note, the nicest and most appreciated "Thank You" gift I got from an eagle was a copy of the BSA handbook I got my Eagle under as my book went for a little swim.
  13. Welcome Aboard. Once uniform, always uniform. Except for Sea Scouts, but I aint going there. Seriously if the Scout is uncomfortable, definitely get another pair. Or you can get the newer Switchbacks that are pants that zip off into shorts.
  14. GA HB, As someone who's been an OA member for 19 years and active for 15, IT'S BEEN AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!!!! Like anything there can be problems. I was not initially active because my chapter was not active: no meetings, no newsletters, nothing. It was only when I went back to summercamp and ran into an old HS friend that I found out what's going on and and got active. I have never regretted it. The purpose of the Order of the Arrow is fourfold: * To recognize those Scout campers who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives * To develop and main
  15. I was told that the new sheets will be out in September, same time as the Insignia Control Guide. here is link that may help http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/images/pdfs/2008UniformGuide.pdf A Scout is HELPFUL
  16. Eagle92


    Emb021, I hear ya. I was referring to my expereince only. In retrospect I think the age factor played a major part. After all I was 22, and looked a little younger. In my situation after about 6 months of being in my job, those who didn't know me either did know me or have heard about me. Still it got interesting a few times that I showed up with the OA ceremony team to do an AOL/Crossover Ceremony and introduced myself as the adviser to a CM (This message has been edited by Eagle92)
  17. Ok some clarification. 1) Brother is a Vigil form another lodge. So he's been there, done that got the triangle. i thought it would be nice to include him. One bit of complication I just discovered. Brother may not be currenly registered in OA and possibly scouting. Brother in college and may not have kept up to date with registration. we'll see. eagle 92
  18. Eagle92


    Ok my $.02 worth. Knots are important because they do show youth, parents, and other scouters how involved you are and some of your accomplishments Should one try and go after everyone knot available, NO, go after the ones that relate to your duties. And definately don't wear knots you didn't earn. Now do some Scouters wear knots for the wrong reasons, absolutely, and I've been just as guilty as the next person. I intially wore only my Eagle, AOL, and youth religious knots. However once I got on the district committee as a 22 yo OA Chapter Adviser, those who didn't know me questi
  19. Dean, The G2SS is not something to play around with. Yes you can go beyond G2SS in safety, and I recommend that, but the G2SS is the MINIMUM safety requirements. Failure to follow that can land you in some serious trouble should an accident occur. In reference to the original question, what I was told is that ANY pioneering structure over 6 feet in height, whether at a council, district, or unit event, MUST be inspected by a NCS certified COPE Director. grant you that was back when COPE directors were still certified for doing climbing as well, but that is what I was told at NCS a
  20. In reference to why my lodge doesn't issue Ordeal flaps. The original reasons why the lodge did not want issue Ordeal flaps was the following 1)gives an incentive to new members to get Brotherhood, 2) gives incentive to new members to go to Conclave as we issue a conclave delegate flap. Now there's a third reason: it gives incentive for new Arrowmen to earn lodge's First Year Arrowman Award Flap (a restricted 1 per lifetime flap for those who earn it). There may be a possible fourth reason now: it would be considered a new issue flap and therefor we would have to discontinue issuing the B
  21. I would have to agree with the Load Snoring bear, find out why he wants to wear it as there may be a reason for it. My current lodge does not issue Ordeal flaps, only Brotherhood and Vigil, and flaps are restricted in that you have to do 7 hours of cheerful service to a council camp. So we have lots of folks wearing NOAC fundraiser flaps, older lodge flaps, and conclave flaps they didn't attend etc. I know about national doing away with the individual honors, but our SE said it's ok to continue with the practice until the current supply of flaps is exhausted. Between just restocking befo
  22. it can be challenging for a new scouter, especially if the youth still view him as such. I had that problem with some of my challenging scouts. One thing i've seen done in other scouting associations is that once you age out, you need to join another unit to prevent that conflict. As for the immature new scouter, he needs a wake up call and fast. I had to report a YPT issue to my boss because a young scouter, turned 18 the week before the incident,did something at summercamp like he was just one of the guys. While I do not know what happened to the young man, the possibility of criminal
  23. talk to OA as well as they now have a Scoutreach prgram. more later
  24. I don't know about the new programs that BSA uses, but once upon a time they kept you listed as a youth. I filled out the paperwork to be a scouter and was listed on the charter as such. A friend of mine the same age, was accidentally left on the charter as a youth for 2 more years. Plus I can give you a few other examples of aged out youth's being left on charters.
  25. I ask because although I've been around my current lodge a while, I'm still learning how they do things. And I don't want to upset some of my folks. Also I emailed my lodge contact about inviting the candidate's Vigil brother from out of state since the candidate served as his younger brother's elangomat way back when, but have not gotten a response yet. I definitely think the brother would come since he showed up to his nephew's crossover.(This message has been edited by Eagle92)
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