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  1. Lisabob said, There are times when you have to take a step back from the question of "should they do this?" and instead, ask the question "how should we respond to this?" --- Those two questions are very closely relatedJ For me the should they answer was what I needed to know so I could determine how to respond. We have no plans to make a big stink, appeal or blow it out of proportion (never did). As far as our son is concerned its over and done. However, as a leader in this troop I do need to consider our process. Which is why I came here to this forum, to see if I was off-base in
  2. Thanks again for the continued replies! It's interesting to see the varying opinions and I realize now that, as someone mentioned, being on the same page is really the key. This is the first time any of our scouts were failed or not passed or not advanced (I'm so confused about the proper terminology there). We've never dealt with the "what now?" question. Since it's my son I can't make suggestions, but am glad to hear how others would have handled so we'll know next time. This is the first time it's happened, but it most likely won't be the last. We typically hold BORs every
  3. On the question about the plan of action and letter, and being told about the appeals process -- NO to all of those. However, I'm not sure they are really aware that should be done (though our unit commissioner was there present) -- see, it's obvious we need more training!! I'm just glad it was our boy -- we can work through this, there are a boy or two whose mothers would be very vocal and very upset!
  4. Thank you for all of the replies so far. It has certainly given us a lot to think about. And it really helps to see it from other perspectives. Though it is a bit confusing too when some say they would not advance him without his book and others say he shouldn't be pass/fail. Some say the book is there to prove he's met the requirements, but then some say requiring the book is adding to the requirements. Some say the BOR shouldn't be pass or fail, but I'm not sure how that "looks" practically speaking if the boy has met or NOT met the requirements. We do have a lot of learning to do!
  5. I need some unbiased opinions on this please. Sorry it is so long My son recently sat for his BOR for his Star rank. On the way to the review he realized that he did not have his scout handbook. The scoutmaster (his dad) had previously told all of the boys that they should come to the meeting with their book and in uniform. So, our son was quite upset that hed forgotten his. He did have his own personal notebook where he keeps all of his records. So, they get to the meeting and our son doesnt want to get out of the car; hes so upset. His dad tells him that he cant just not show
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