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  1. Our son wanted to go but with another troop b/c he is afraid of his dad. DHS told me not to let him go b/c of pending investigations. BSA has been aware of this problem. So far, 3 divorces b/c of his behavior. One troop has kicked him and GF out. I tried to transfer our son to another troop, but that leader didn't want his father involved with his troop b/c he had concerns about his behavior also. I have a child who wants to be in scouts. If BSA had done their job and investigated him when the complaints were made, it would have been resolved a very long time ago. Our son wants t
  2. thanks. I will let my sister know. So far nothing that we know of has happened, but she doesn't want anything to. The guy is taking a risk b/c if she claims something did happen, it's his reputation and marriage that are at stake. I tried to explain to her that as a volunteer leader, she could run into trouble if she doesn't do something and looked the other way and there was an issue.
  3. Thanks Schiff. Should I do this as a parent, get other parents to complain to police??? Our scoutmaster would love to do it, but he is seeing the heck the councils are putting me through b/c I opened my mouth about his affairs and his physical abuse of our son. My son's jamboree account (which the ex had control of) is also missing.
  4. Here's a different twist on this question: My divorce decree clearly provides that my ex (whom I divorced due to physical abuse of our son and "inappropriate relationships" with other married female leaders) is not allowed to take our daughter on overnight scouting trips. Very clear in black and white. Less than a month later, he violated it by taking her to a 3 day, 2 night scouting event in another state. Not only did he violate it, but he drove her to the camp along with another married female leader with whom he was having an inappropraite relationship (please do not lecture me on
  5. The bottom line is that the school cannot endorse any group that restricts membership based on religion. Our school has before and after hours groups that are religious. The groups are not allowed to exclude anyone who does not match their religious beliefs and they must welcome anyone who wants to sit in on their meetings. This is the same thing as a school not being allowed to endorse or appear to endorse any group that restricts membership based on any protected criteria - race being a prime example. If a group doesn't allow blacks to join it cannot meet at school. If a group doe
  6. My son was signed up for jamboree by my ex without my consent. Ex was scoutmaster and his GF was asst. The reasons for divorce were his physical abuse of our son and his affairs with other married scout leaders (including current GF). On the advice of the dept. of human services who investigated the abuse (the bsa's failure to abide by the two deep rule was very concerning since his father had gotten out of line with him at past scouting events), I pulled my son out of jamboree and explained my reasons to him the local council and the Omaha council. I also asked that the money that he had
  7. My sister is a parent volunteer leader with venturing. There is also a 16 year old female in the group. She realizes that she is necessary b/c all of the other kids are male, as is the leader. She recently went on a camping trip and the male leader rode in one car with the 16 year old female (they had a scientific theory? that they wanted to discuss) with no one else present and she rode in another vehicle with the 3 boys of the group. The married male leader and 16 year old female would get up early to go jogging together before anyone else is up. She said that they often work out toget
  8. My disclaimer - I am an attorney and used to defend a fortune 100 company in harassment/discimination and other employment related matters. BSA wouldn't want to turn over the files b/c it may show that they didn't do the follow up they should have. It's info about other people etc. The files are relevant for a plaintiff to show a pattern and practice of the BSA regarding abuse allegations. BSA claims that they have rules and that they follow them. So the plaintiff needs these files to show that BSA doesn't or didn't in the relevant time frame follow them. Will the plaintiff be ab
  9. This is currently an issue in my son's troop. The ex-committee chair and ex-asst scoutmaster quit the troop under very nasty terms. He was upset that the scoutmaster and other leaders were no longer covering up his affair with the unit commissioner. He has refused to return any property belonging to the troop. He still has the troop's computer program and all of the boys' medical and health ins. forms. He has repeatedly refused to return them. The scoutmaster has gone to our local council - their solution is that they will help get new forms created. The troop still had to purchase a ne
  10. Thank you so much! His scoutmaster is making a list for me so I know what the troop has and what he needs to get. I did not realize that many of the stores had scout discounts. I have also been looking at craigslist etc to try and find things and didn't think about freecycle. I did some checking at the omaha area thrift stores last week but didn't have much luck. As an aside, to thank all of those wonderful leaders who are helping him and are following the Scout oath, I have signed up once again as a merit badge counselor and made a point to look for areas that had no counselor for t
  11. My ex-husband took all of our son's boy scout camping gear when he moved out (despite a court order that said the kids' belongings remain in the home where they are living) and has refused to give it back so our son can use it. What is really upsetting, is that most of this gear is the stuff he received from Canfields after all of his camping supplies were destroyed in the Little Sioux tornado. So he has an emotional tie to it as well as a need for it. I now face the expensive task of having to completely re-outfit my son with all of his camping supplies. At this point, I have asked
  12. The kids really need some type of education. People need to stop being afraid to teach kids. we teach them not to go with strangers, but they need more. My daughter is in Rainbow Girls and at a recent convention, one of the breakout sessions was on abuse. It's focus was on abuse in the dating environment, such as the warning signs that your boyfriend is getting controlling, if he hurts you etc etc and what to do if it happens. I was thrilled that they taught this to girls. It wasn't a birds and the bees lesson, but a lesson in real life situations. It also covered safety with adults. W
  13. maybe just a meeting of those parents who had the complaints about the rubbing etc to let them know that it was addressed (don't need to go into any details) and is taken seriously and to tell them to report it if it happens again? I was just thinking that maybe if they don't know what happened, they may think it is not taken seriously and leave the troop. Hate for families to leave due to miscommunication. As for the "definition" --- he wouldn't be touching and rubbing if he didn't get something out of it!!!! Maybe not a disorder or something like that, but I'm sure he has a reason
  14. Thank you for your comments. child abuse registry is different from sex offender registry. A person is placed on the sex offender registry after conviction. A person is placed on the child abuse registry if the state dept. of social services places a report that is determined to be founded/confirmed that the individual has abused or neglected a child in his/her care. The standard of proof is different. I do have sole custody at this point. I tried for protection orders during the proceedings, but was not able to get one since the abuse was not "recent enough". It is easy to hide ab
  15. A woman's point of view: there are backrubs and then there are backrubs. Us women can tell by body language which is innocent and which is not. But describing it in writing is kinda tough. By reading the original post I can visualize exactly what this guy was doing. and it wasn't right. this day and age, any man with a job has learned what types of backrubs and touching are innappropriate. As far as some of the women not saying anything - well, scouting is still a guy's world and women who are "intruding" have learned not to rock the boat or canoe. If we say anything, we're a whin
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