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  1. haha lol ok ya i talked to my advancement chair and he said he'd check to see if i ever recieved them, but i wanted to just buy them on my own to save other people the trouble... thanks 4 ur help guys i'l ask my scoutmaster 2mrow
  2. evmori what do u mean by "how real the original post is"? what's unreal about it? and no, if anyone was wondering, i wouldn't try to just buy merit badges i haven't earned, cuz then they wouldn't sho up on my records anyway...
  3. I am working on my Eagle Scout rank for boy scouts. I have earned 22 merit badges, 12 of them required eagle ones. However, i don't have the actual badge for 4 of them, though i have the little green merit badge card.... Where can i buy the merit badges? I need basketry, small boat sailing, engineering, and environmental science. I heard that you don't have to have the actual badge if you have the green or blue card, but i want them to look good for my BOR and w/e. so, anyone know wherei can get these, especially ANYWHERE ONLINE!?!?!?!