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    On a Rim to Rim trek and preparing for the hard slog up to the South Rim, one of our scouts asked..."if I get snakebit will I get a ride up?". The SM replied, "Yep". At which time said Scout stepped off trail and into the brush shouting "Here snake, snake, snake..."
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    I never have understood the LEC obsession with getting the various awards and certifications from National. According to its founder, the OA is supposed to be a thing of the individual and the spirit. In any brotherhood ceremony, I would rather have 10 arrowmen who have taken the admonition to heart, than 100 who just mouthed the words because their SM "encouraged" them to go because the chapter/ lodge needed the numbers. I don't look at anyone wearing an ordeal sash at automatically think "he's not really serious about the Order". If he is a friend to the younger scouts, if he helps with the hard tasks without being prodded, if he looks for ways to serve, then he is in truth one of our brotherhood. The sash is just a sash.
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    Good day to you all (raises non existent hat in greeting)... I'm running Jambowlree again this year, and it would be great to get some more teams involved from the ten pin bowling motherland Jambowlree is the (unofficial) Worldwide Scout Ten Pin Bowling Competition, Dec '19 - May '20. Entries open to all sections from any country. You'll definitely be taking part in an international competition, check out the website under "global" for maps of where teams have entered from. Lots, basically. Premise is simple... Go bowling Enter your scores Wait See if you've won Ok, it's a tiny bit more complicated than that, like there's a small entry fee ($7) for as many teams as you like, but not much. And there's a blanket badge. Of course. http://www.jambowlree.org http://facebook.com/jambowlree http://twitter.com/jambowlree
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    Came across this tale embedded in a business story: ...At the time I was the Scoutmaster of Troop 3, at First Presbyterian Church. On this night I had arranged for a Registered Nurse to come in and teach the first aid merit badge. After we completed the required material, the nurse asked the group if they had any questions. Keep in mind we are talking about a group of 13- and 14-year old boys. These meetings can take on a life of their own at times, so I was prepared. Naturally the scouts’ questions tended to be about anything but first aid. There were questions about everything from car wrecks to riding in the hospital helicopter. As we were winding down, one of the scouts asked about emergency medical procedures that could be done in the field. The nurse thought for a minute and then responded, “I believe a doctor could talk you through a tracheotomy with the crudest of implements … with one very important exception! Unless it is my tracheotomy!” https://www.djournal.com/news/business/david-henson-nurses-boy-scouts-and-the-entrepreneurial-perspective/article_6cf41ad5-00d8-5f5a-a037-5f19778e2189.html Please add your stories.
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    There is no reason to be irked. We promote that we are a character building organization. Scouts and scouters are supposed to be a cut above the rest. Most of them are. Sadly some are not. When that happens, it's a relevant headline in the same way it is to point out that someone accused of arson was a firefighter. It's tragic and ironic.
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    In case anyone is interested.. I go Jan 26 for the first weekend.
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    I agree with Eagle94-A1. Our lodge is pushing hard for Brotherhood conversions. So, our chapter advisor is pushing hard for Brotherhood conversions. These metrics must be met to meet and qualify for several recognitions and/or certifications. Sorry, I've long forgot their names, but these items are incredibly important to the LEC. The chapter advisor was provided with lists of all eligible Ordeal members for the chapter to get in touch with. We had our most recent Service Weekend (formerly the Ordeal Weekend) right after Labor Day weekend. I don't know if goals were met. If unit leaders start pushing Brotherhood this way, there will be backlash. It's human nature. I think scoutmasters should chill and be happy with all of their active scouts. This is the scout's decision sst3rd
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    It should be the top result in this search. https://news.google.com/search?q=revisiting-boy-scouts-of-america-v-dale-and-the-right-to-discriminate&hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US:en This article reminded me of the flap over Susan G. Komen's relationship with Planned Parenthood. In wavering back and forth in an attempt to please everyone, you please no one.
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    Too bad, ussscouts.org is like using a webpage from the mid 1990s. Ugg. Boyscouttrail.com?
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    Nov 22, 2002 here. Yes, the early days were wild and wooly! My greatest sorrow was when Old Grey Eagle (aka OGE) passed away suddenly. I had a special connection when I found out the troop he served was sponsored by the Moravian church my cousin attends in Bethlehem, PA and is located a few blocks from my Grandparents' home she still occupies. Small world. He was always a voice of temperance, reason and wisdom. I miss his wise counsel.