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    • Spinning off from the Major Changes Announced thread, was hoping we could focus on just one idea to come up. That of the 'sacred cows' , in other words, those things which have been unreasonably held to be off-limits for review or reform. Or as @sentinel947  offered, "an idea, custom, or institution held, especially unreasonably, to be above criticism".  Healthy reform requires us to be able to say everything is on the table, so we can really identify what is core and what is not. Which services are really necessary, and which are there simply 'because we have always done them that way'.  What long-held practice or idea needs to go? What needs to stay? Not just because of nostalgia, but as essential to what Scouting is?  I think one obvious sacred cow is recharter. It makes no sense with the technology we have, to revise our lists of volunteers and scouts once a year, rather than on a real-time rolling basis. Attached to that is the way we register adults - no reason to fill out the application more than once, even when you add positions, and no reason to require it to be on paper/pdf rather than directly online.  But I wonder about program - what about something like the Order of the Arrow? Is it a sacred cow or something important and essential? I've seen several posts about the drop in membership alongside the loosening of requirements. Perhaps the question is, does it still make sense in the way it is organized, perceived, and conducted? Could it evolve into this proposed volunteer corps for 18+ young adults, should it be more like the national honor society where it is just a kind of recognition instead of an active group, or should it combine with venturing to become the program for high school youth, or something else entirely?  Everything can be discussed. That's the whole point of saying 'no sacred cows'. But just allowing discussion does not mean we are taking them to the chopping block. We have to be able to discuss even Eagle Scout Award, even if we know there's no BSA without it. It can still be discussed.  So, what are the sacred cows?  
    • I hate to say it, but I think Sea Scouts, the second oldest program in the BSA ( since 1912) may be one of the "sacred cows" that will be sacrificed. Between cutting off program at 18 and doing away with area and regions, I got a real bad feeling about this. The only way I could see it being saved is if they allow the area volunteers these events. And as good a program as Sea Scouting is, I would hate to lose it. But someone either here or elsewhere, said that BSA could possible hand it over the the USCGA to run since it is their official youth program. Don't kill the messenger. I was an Ordinary Sea Scout. Sea Scouting kept active for a while after turning 18.
    • I agree.  It is not a just remedy, but it is the only remedy they have.  The plaintiffs cannot sue to have the BSA executives removed from their positions.  They cannot sue to have BSA reorganized and returned to greatness.  I wish they could.  Our system doesn't allow for this.  It only allows the plaintiffs to sue for money.  That's it.  There is no other remedy. Like you, I don't like to see the sins of past generations visited upon todays youth.  But I also dislike the idea of having the victims left with no remedy at all.   I am left with the hope that the approaching financial disaster will do more than just wipe out BSA.  I hope that it will fertilize the ground for a new scouting organization to take its place, and provide a better scouting experience for many future generations of boys.
    • In Sea Scouting, there is a lot of Area and Region activity for units.  This is primarily because there are so few units and the kids are older so they have multiple events that they work together for the youth.
    • Sorry Tahawk; check the date.  That headline on Fox was fully 2 weeks ago.  That Fox outrage is partially responsible for the changes that enabled all of us to plant the flags that were allowed. Not that those underground would or could care.
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