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  1. Although it seems counter-intuitive, "dues" is a good hook. If you charge just the $6 to get you from Sept-Jan, then it is likely you will only have that scout Sept-Jan (remember...Mom & Dad pick the activities at that age...not the scout). If you charge the full-year's dues: $6 BSA (Sept-Jan) + $10 BSA re-charter (Jan-Dec) + $6 Boys Life (Sept-Jan) + $12 Boys Life re-charter (Jan-Dec) + Pack Operating Funds (Sept-Aug) many families will want to get their moneys worth and show up a little longer...then find out they really like scouts. This even work
  2. Question to you vetrans...what is the lightest 3-season synthetic sleeping bag you can think of AND have experiance with? I am looking for one that will last (not too worried about price). My preference would be one with a full length zipper since I typically get hot...but want one rated between 0 and 15 deg. for cold nights. Please help...there are TONS of bags on the internet and I don't know which to choose. (I've been looking at www.campmor.com and www.rei.com)
  3. Unless you are talented with needle and thread, sewing on the sleve pocket for your position patch is darn near impossible. Choice 1 (and the path I took) - Sew thought the sleve...renders pocket useless (it too small to do much anyway) Choice 2 - Sew by hand...try to keep needle from going through the second layer (almost impossible) Choice 3 - Remove the pocket...sew on the patch...reattach the pocket (way over my simple level of sewing)
  4. Does anyone have or can link to a good (and easy to use) Equipment Check-in / Check-Out Spreadsheet? We have lots of leaders borrow equipment and forget to bring it back in a timly manner. We woudl like an electronic tracker to check-in/check-out our equipment. I could, of course, create one...but I am sure the members of this forum have much more tride and true methods...
  5. Sounds like you all are looking for Scouting in Scotland rather than Boy Scouts of America...and yes...a kilt is authorized in the UK! Uniform Requirements: www.138th.info/Uniform_Requirements.doc (this lists the kilt as an option) Scouts in Scotland: www.scouts-scotland.org.uk/default.asp?page=32 UK Online Scout Shop: www.scoutshops.com
  6. That is great news. Do you know when? I would hold off on getting my new plate for that! Web link?
  7. the background of the Kentucky plate is a waterfall on Lake Cumberland.
  8. BW - I know patience is a virtue...but my fall roundups are 8/25 and 9/3. I expect to bring on about 15 new webelos and about 20 new leaders (hence the reason I wanted the patches before round-up). It is unlikely people will re-purchase and re-apply unit numerals once they have already affixed a set to thier uniform. We also don't want to wait until October (6-week lead time) to have Webelos and Leaders properly uniformed. Unfortunate for uniformity across my unit, but it is what it is. :-(
  9. found one frustrating point... Our unit has, for years, ordered the unit patches (the ones with the three digits on the same patch versus using the three individual numbers) We tried to place an order for the new green on Khaki in early July so that we would have them when the new uniforms come in, but apparently BSA national will not allow orders until after 8/16 (despite the 6-week lead time on the order)
  10. This is a fun topic to solicit ideas... I am going to get a new license plate for my car with a nature scene on it and can customize up to 5 characters. This forum is to brain-storm ideas for Scouter License Plates. My initial thought was LVNOTRC but that is 7 digits and I can only have 5. Any ideas?
  11. PACK15NISSAN - I believe you are mistaking "Fask Track" with "Fast Start" training. "Fast Start" is a great online training for new leaders to get them up and running until training is complete. "Fast Track" (They probably could have picked a more unique name!) is a new BSA program somewhat comparable to the "programs helps" booklet that guides a den though the rank requirements from the beginning to the end of the scout year. This thread is about the "Fast Track" program. It is new and only a select few were able to use it last year. Myself and others are trying to learn
  12. Does anyone who used this program last year have a sample from each of the ranks (not just Tiger) so we know what the other ranks look like?
  13. If the green sholder loops are the standard, will that mean that cub scout leaders and webelos need to cut over to green? (I know...questions will be answered once the uniform guide is published). I really wish BSA published the new uniform manual well in advance of the change so units can prepare. Expecially big deal for cub scout units having round-ups (Webelos and leaders)in Mid-August and not knowing what the uniform regulations are in order to tell the parents what to purchase. Last year I brought on ~25 new leaders and ~10 new Webelos (~140 scouts in my program). This will m
  14. The last reply helps if you host using scoutwebservices.com. We are hosted by dotnet.troopmaster.com (the "prefered" ftp site) Guess if we cant work this out, switching to scoutwebservices or another FTP provider may be required. Anyone know how to map the IP to dotnet.troopmaster.com Is it the that was posted earlier?
  15. Using CO's internet access during weekly meetings. This is usually a great time to update info on scouts at our check-in desk (I run a pack of about 150 scouts). At this point, working offline until I return home is the only option.
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