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  1. Any Scout who has worked on Camp Staff as an instructor or has the required experience level/expertise to instruct the MB is ok with me. For example, I've had Scouts that were highly ranked athletes in Wrestling and Cross Country/Track and Field where they placed high in their sport at the State High School Tournament/Meet level....Those guys were very qualified to instruct Physical Fitness MB. I also had Scout that was a highly ranked amateur Bicycle Racer. Who better than this kid to instruct Cycling MB? I like to ride and run, but these kids were phenomenal, gifted athletes...None worke
  2. I serve as a Troop Eagle Coordinator and run the EBOR. I always select EBOR members from the community, usually military Eagle Scouts and of course our District Rep(retired military officer). Early in my tenure I dealt with a very difficult EBOR. Young man was brought back into the troop by the SM. Young man had a few issues, trouble at school, family issues, moved to CA for 10months then moved back to NC with Stepmom where he rejoined the troop. SM brought him back into the troop on a few conditions which I heard spelled out to young man by the SM. In my mind as the EBOR Chairman, the y
  3. I've been the Eagle Coordinator in two troops for the past 3 years. I think it's a great job! I'm military and my wife and kids live to far away to go home to every night, but that's where my eldest got his Eagle, and my other son will earn his Eagle this fall. I get to a few troop meeting and campouts a year with that Troop. Going to Philmont with them this year. My Troop at Ft. Bragg gets me Monday through Thursday but seldom for campouts. Both troops come together at Ft Bragg for two combined campouts in Dec and Jan....SO I get to have fun with two Scout Troops and work with older boy
  4. Twice a year our troop will hold non-traditional car camping trips that families or friends can attend. One is to a lake with sailboats/motorboats/tubing in May. Nice campfire in the evening, usually group/troop cookout for the meals....In August before school starts back in session we go white water rafting in the Great Smokies. Saturday is spent tubing in the Deep Creek campground, part of the Great Smokies National Park. Sunday we all head to the Natahala for a white water raft trip. Again family and friends are invited. Both tend to be well attended, especially the white water trip,
  5. I had one, purchased in 1971 and it sucked. Broke apart often and was a waste of money. I quickly moved, at my Aunts suggestion, to Kelty. Have been a loyal Kelty fan ever since buying my first Kelty in 1973. My wife bought a High Country in the early 80's and used it for several camping trips and overnighters. We still have it down in the barn with the other camping gear; it only sees the light of day if it's blocking a piece of equipment that's fallen behind the High Country....or a really, really desperate Scout needs a pack for a weekend....
  6. A medium Army/Marine ALICE is a great day pack. Big enough to carry more than what you need for a day hike/overnighter. 3 nice external pockets, one internal small pocket and top flap/map pocket.... On the other hand my favorite commerical day ruck is the North Face Kletter. Huge internal pocket, ont top flap pocket, two external cargo loops....Great Ruck!
  7. Hammocks and trails don't mix for me. Great for a nap or short lounging session, but to sleep, I'm on the ground on my side or belly. As a kid on a 50miler along the Appalachian Trail in 1975 I took a hammock and after trying to get good sleep for 2-3 nights I gave up on the hammock and went back to the ground. I will not carry one, although my fellow SM and ASM in our troop both carry a tarp and hammock and like them, cold weather and all. They will not be taking them to Philmont with us this summer, but want to....
  8. I like Red Ledge gear. I stay nice and dry and it doesn't break the bank account. Goretex is ok unless it's a steady downpour that lasts more than 2 hours....Campmor is my store of choice for much of my gear. REI is also pretty good but alot more expensive....
  9. I'm a huge fan of the North Face Cat's Meow 20 degree bag and or the Mountain Hardware Switch 20 bag. Great for 3 seasons, I've had my Cat's Meow down into the low teens numerous times and been comfortable, but that was really pushing the limits. Anything above 20 it was great....
  10. Kelty, Kelty, oh and did I say Kelty? I love Kelty packs, still using the one I bought new in 1973, a BB5 with the extended frame. My son has a Kelty Super Tioga. I also have a Kelty Internal Frame El Capitan circa 1982, and a smaller Kelty Internal Frame Tornado since about 2001. I've used them all extensively, but still keep coming back to the BB5 External Frame. That's what I'm carrying at Philmont this summer. My son will be carrying his Super Tioga. Kelty offers lifetime warranty's on bag and frames. I've had to return the BB5 to Kelty a couple of times for repairs, always comes b
  11. We just bought a pair of Vasque Wasatch GTX for our Philmont Trek this summer for my son. I on the other hand wear a pair of Asolo Goretex lined boots. I don't remember the model #, but Uncle Sam issued them to me while I was in Afghanistan and they are great. I've been wear Vasque for years and also had good luck with Raichele, but it has been a few years since I replaced boots. For what your description of general camping and camporees makes it sound like...Go with the Wasatch. Medium weight, good support, quick to break in. A good boot overall.
  12. I've been camping/hiking/climbing seriously since the early 70's. I've owned and used both down and synthetic bags multiple times. I keep returning to synthetic, especially when dealing with younger Scouts. Down = moisture = cold, wet and miserable! I've been in all kinds of weather, at elevation, harsh desert, no tropics, but just about everything else and I own one down bag, a North Face that I found in a yard sale that was in great condition. My favorite bags are Synthetic and I never carry down on any trips. My first bag of Choice is the North Face Cat's Meow. My second choice bag f
  13. My favorite Day Pack is a North Face Kletter. Had mine for about 7 years and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. It's a great, huge, single compartment ruck with a top pocket flap. Plenty of tie down points, two ice axe/trekking pole loops, nice padded shoulder pads, unpadded waist belt, chest strap. Indestructable ruck! Lots and lots of trail miles, used during bike hikes, climbing, spent a year in Korea wearing it daily. I'll be very upset whenit finally wears out or has tobe retired.
  14. Now that I've stopped laughing at GernBlansten earlier post about Speedos....I too am not as young and skinny as I was when I earned my Scout Lifeguard in 1973, I also got ARC about the same time, then WSI as a College PE class....I always thought YMCA lifesaving was a joke. The kids and adults I worked with just didn't quit stack up. After earning Scout Lifeguard I spent 6 summers on Camp Staff as a Waterfront guy. Instructed, Rowing and Lifesaving, oversaw the Lifeguard program. As others have stated, having ARC and WSI truly helped with college funding and pool lifeguarding employment
  15. Thanks all for your information and support. Our Crew got the trek we reqeusted, #32! We're all pretty stoked and ready to go. We are flying out of Charlotte, NC directly to Denver. In Denver we got a great deal on two minivans for our crew of 12. Nobody will be crunched together with Scouts and rucksacks for the 5 hour drive to Philmont. We're spending two days at the US Air Force Academy, then another night at Trinidad State Park before driving into Philmont. We've conducted one major equipment shakedown, are taking all our own Crew gear, with exception of food strainer, bear bag
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