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  1. A quick question. Back in the late 70's early 80's the BSA Scout Shops sold a brand of backpack called High Country. I was wondering whatever happened to that brand of pack or was it another brand of pack and the BSA put their brand/name (High Country) on it. At the time I was in Boy Scouts I sure wanted one of those but had to settle for something else. Just a little curious. Thanks in advance.
  2. cubscoutmatt

    Renewing an Old Backpack

    Thanks Kenk for the reply. My desire is not for my son to use the pack. I just thought that if I could find a new pack to mount on the old frame it could find some new service if it still fits me. I am going to have a limited amount of time to hike with the troop and am not ready to buy a new one for myself. I just thought if my son wante dto use it while he decides which pack is best for him it would serve its purpose. My son is a Webelos I currently. I think that the newer packs are far superior to my antiques.
  3. cubscoutmatt

    Renewing an Old Backpack

    Thank you Pack Saddle! The pack saw me through a Philmont Trek and through 3 1/2 years of scouts. After some poor storage while I was off to college, it has a lot of mildew and it is generally in poor shape. I thought if I could replace the pack my son could use it as he starts into Boy Scouts in the next year or so. That will give us time to shop around while we find just the perfect pack for him. Also, I spend some time with the boys and I may use it for short treks. You are so correct the memories from that pack are immeasurable.
  4. I have an old external frame backpack. The pack, shoulder straps and waist belt are in poor shape. I was trying to find a source for a replacement pack to mount to the frame. The frame is in very good shape. I have a source for new shoulder straps and belts. I would be using this pack on a very limited basis until I find or decide on a new one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.