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Council Relations

Discuss issues relating to Scout Councils, districts and working with professionals

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    • I can guarantee that with a few phone calls I could get 2-3 parents and 20 kids together and go camping right now.  I am also quite sure that there are those in every community that could do the same thing.  In my neck of the woods there are several Scouters who are active, skilled, and trustworthy and their units are plugging along. It's tragic that the BSA has suffered through this, but I  still think we can survive.  We must work very hard to restore this broken trust and to restore confidence in the unit leaders.  Parents don't give two spits who the District Executive or the National Commisdioner is.  They do care who the Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, or Den Leaders are.  This is where we need to focus within our communities.  Once 5 or 6 units are on solid ground we can worry about districts or councils and the units are run in communities by members of those communities.    
    • BPSA-US has no units in Ohio or in any other location within 250 miles of me.   In contrast, there were 99 troops and independent patrols in Cleveland and its suburbs before BSA arrived, in 1912 -  based solely on Scouting for Boys.. Now THERE was a workable model.
    • I know I'm a broken record with referring to the BPSA-US, but I truly believe they are the case study that proves that this is all possible. They have been doing exactly this, running a volunteer-led grassroots scouting program, getting some adults together to teach kids traditional scout skills, and doing it with some creativity in finding places to go and camps to use. It is entirely possible, maybe inevitable, certainly proven to be a workable model of scouting.
    • If the parents will allow you to take their kids camping (without a scouting organization), go for it.  I wish you luck.  I know a few families who would let me do that.  They have enough trust in me that they would let me take their children on outings.  Most of the families would not.  It's not that they have misgivings about me.  That's not it.  They don't allow anyone to have that kind of access to their children.  Not anymore. So I agree with you that we can carry on without BSA.  But I wouldn't expect a lot of families to carry on with us.  I think the vast majority of families would give up on scouting and find some other activities to do.
    • I'm with the folks who believe we can carry on!  Nobody knows what is going to come out of this but Scouting can survive.  The national office may lock their doors, large and valuable pieces of property may be sold, the entire professional staff may be abolished and there is not one little thing that I can do about it.   What I  can do is get a couple of adults together and take a bunch of kids camping. I can teach lashing, firebuilding, cooking, and other grand "outdorsey" things.  I can teach and demonstrate good citizenship, leadership and honesty.  That sounds like Scouting to me.  I may not be able to get to New Mexico or West Viirginia but I bet farmer Jones will let us camp out in his field!  It just depends on how hard the dedicated grass root Scouters are willing to work in order to survive.  And I do believe it will be up to us and not a corps of professionals who will be standing when this whole situation fades away.
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