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  1. Yes, this is what I remember from when I was TC Secretary for three years prior to being CC...plan is presented to TC for approval staffing-and-budget-and-safety-wise. I will ask the SM to prepare the plan in a readable format to have SPLs present at the next TC meeting.
  2. THANK YOU. I think part of the issue is we have two brand new SM, so they are learning the ropes, as I am. AM
  3. (I am a new CC as of March '22.) Our units had their annual program planning weekend this last weekend. Sounds like they did a great job! I am trying to learn what is my role and the Troop Committee (TC) role as to approving the program plan? I guess I need your advice as to "what comes next?" The leaders and Scouts planned out the entire year, so do they create a document for TC approval or is there more TC input required? Thanks for helping out a newbie who is also doing re-charter for the first time - that's a story for another post! AM
  4. One of our adult leaders was by told by Council via letter in February to step away from scouting activities pending an investigation of "bullying" and "behavior not in keeping with the Scout Oath and Law." (Yes, vague) Four months later, this leader received a second letter stating, basically, 'no longer welcome in BSA." Never received details of complaints. Council never interviewed anyone in our unit or on our committee, except for the two toxic families I have written about elsewhere who likely filed complaints. This leader is appealing the decision, which brings me here to ask advic
  5. Over 30 letters sent in. Council CEO asked this person about things from 2015 & 2016 but was never specific with complaints or allegations, they were general and vague. no documentation at any level was provided. No one from our Unit/Committee was interviewed. Even if an appeal is successful, I am not sure this person would want to be affiliated or volunteer with BSA. It’s been both a hot mess and a farce…more Importantly, extremely hard on our troop.
  6. Sorry for my delayed reply. YES - appeal in process, but terribly handled by local council. More of a witch hunt/vendetta than anything else. The person never received details about so-called investigation, allegations, process, etc. Got one letter saying "you are on hiatus," got another letter months later saying "you are out."
  7. We just TODAY got our new charter with the local YMCA - I would look into them as CO option.
  8. Toxic negative critical families. Tearing down leadership nonstop. Made allegations against a leader that got that person removed from BSA.
  9. Reading back over old posts and found this thread. It was useful for me as I find myself in a similar situation. It’s hard.
  10. I think the Y would definitely be open to such as they are all about positive opps for youth. Thanks
  11. This did give me pause... Posted March 10, 2021 I know this is a pretty old topic, but I feel I should contribute to your knowledge about this organization. The principles BPSA-US is founded on are pretty sound. They draw material directly from the original organization and writings of Robert Baden-Powell. I love their current handbooks; they are practical and straight to the point. Even if you didn't join BPSA-US, there's a lot to get out of the handbooks. I joined them April last year, excited to do Rover scouting be
  12. That is what I am reading. Sigh. The path forward in some form of scouting is narrowing.
  13. I won't be much help, but wanted to say OBDURACY is such a great adjective and sadly, so apt for many council/district interactions.
  14. Thanks - I had not seen that one yet.
  15. Wondering about others' experiences with Outdoor Service Guides as an alternative to BSA? Thanks-
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