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    • I'm catching up but I noticed that you posted that comment and then photos of Scouts and adults.  I'm also assuming that these are not all your family.  If that's the case I believe they should be removed from this forum.  Unless releases were signed or there was express consent that photos taken during a Scouting event would be shared with a larger audience I suspect those pictured and their parents believed this was for private and not public use.  If It was my child I'd ask that you use photos he wasn't in to make your case. All of that said, I hope you will be as aggressive as you believe is warranted in addressing your YP concerns.  When it comes to youth safety, mental or physical, there's no excuse not to be zealous. 
    • To conclude my son’s were wronged by this Troop and its organization. They agree that it is ok for grown men to bully kids. This council has wronged them by not listening to their story and choosing to turn a blind eye… not to question.  The organization rep wants to NOW meet with me and too little too late. We are moving to another troop. Going to get them through their eagle as soon as possible. Sad that 9+ years in the pack/troop and  working with multiple SM only to realize that it was for not. 
    • The scoutmaster would not have brought it to the committee since he was the issue. I called the CC to inform her of what the scoutmaster was doing so the CC could try and fix the situation. The CC did not the camp masters and camp staff stepped in and corrected the SM.   Then the CC with out the Organization Representative/Exectutive held a meeting with select parents and committee who were not involved to vote on the situation with only the SM/ASM story. Not how its supposed to be done as per National. Conclusion they retaliated against me and booted me out of the committee and blocked me from the web page and Troop FB page with no notice and backdated my membership to the date of the incident not the date of their vote.  All wrong. 
    • Short answer: Apparently not.    Long answer: I haven't seen this in writing but that shouldn't be taken to mean that it isn't important or could be part of new YP measures.  I think all parties (TCC and SWG) were focused on creating a structural mechanism for ongoing evaluation and changes.  This was the right tact to take.  If the non-monetary demands were too granular then there would have been an excellent chance that any "laundry list" would have had omissions AND not able to address needed changes in the future.  So, the non-monetary agreements are for a YP Executive and Youth Protection Committee along with a third-party entity that will ALL be responsible for YP evaluation and changes now AND in the future.  Can a non-retaliation policy be put in place then if it's brought to the attention of the YPE and YPC?  Absolutely.
    • Albright Scout Reservation   Heart of Virginia   The new owner is not allowed to develop as of yet. He's a big contractor in this area. He plans to build his dream house and offer parcels to any family member who wants to build there. I know this, as a friend of mine attended a Silver Beaver Dinner over the weekend at our council camp, and he spoke with our CE after the dinner. There are so many negative things I could say. I am not happy. Everything was nontransparent, etc....................................................... Hey, but life goes on. It is what it is. sst3rd
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