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  1. Welcome and Scout Greetings from a brother Scout from Austria. It is great that you stay active in your Troop and that you volunteer and in this way you give back what you experienced. It was similar in my Scout group with my Rover Crew (our Senior Scout programme for 16-20 years old). Nearly all of my friends from our Crew volunteered and now serve as leaders or on the Scout Group Committee. We old Rovers (Once a Rover always a Rover) are all looking forward to the Summer Camp of our Group with all age sections from Cub Scouts to the Rovers on a farm on a lake in July. In Austria
  2. Welcome, hope you get good ideas for your boys here on the forums.
  3. Welcome back in Scouting and on the virtual campfire, thanks for Volunteering and Scout Greetings from Austria. Scouts from three nations nad two continents posted here, great. :-)
  4. Welcome back in Scouting and on the virtual campfire, thanks for Volunteering and Scout Greetings from Austria.
  5. Welcome back, Good Luck and the best wisches for your new troop. Scout Greetings from Austria
  6. Welcome and Scout Greetings from Austria
  7. phips


    Welcome back in Scouting and to this forum! Enjoy the adventure.
  8. Welcome. My girlfriend is a Swiss Scoutleader, my father, mother and sister were all active in Scouting since their youth.
  9. Welcome. And the best wishes for your new role an d the new troop. YIS phips
  10. phips


    Welcome, thanks for volunteering. Greetings from Austria from a brother Scout
  11. Welcome to the virtual campfire.
  12. shortridge isr right. Each National Scout Organization has its own rules. But for the 22nd World Scout Jamboree there is an online-course on Youth protection for all adults taking part in the Jamboree as Scout Leaders, as members of the International Service Team or Contingent Management Team. It can be found under: http://safefromharm.se/ If there is an international event in Europe with Scout groups from different National Scout Organization you talk about the national rules before and design the rules for the event so that everyone feels comfortable. As a guideline you ca
  13. Welcome and scout Greetings from Tyrol/Austria. Yours in Scouting phips
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