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  1. Someone else's so I don't have to keep up with one!
  2. "The Scout's Outdoor Cookbook" is my all-time favorite resource. We began using it as Juniors (4th & 5th grade). Three years later, the girls will pick it up and easily plan their meals along with other standbys like walking tacos and foil dinners. http://www.amazon.com/Scouts-Outdoor-Cookbook-Falcon-Guide/dp/0762740671
  3. Check out the Kelty's that sell at Target. Similar to Coleman but with rain flys that extend all the way to the ground. Online the 4-person is 129.
  4. SquareUp has dropped the +$0.15 so now it is just 2.75% if you swipe. We have the same profit margin as Nike. Forgoing incentives we make $0.60 on a $3.50 box. Looked into it for the troop and actually set it up for the past weekend for someone buying over 4 boxes - girls chose that. But then everyone just got cash back before they came out of the store so we didn't get to try it :-) Actually were able to have a good discussion on how cards aren't free for anyone - there's always a fee that either the cardholder and/or merchant pays. That was eye opening for them. Wouldn't do this with element
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions! Wetsuits are a definite. Crystal River Water Sports located near the Day's Inn is taking us snorkling. They were chosen for the sole reason that the Girl Scout Council in West Central Florida uses them, something that makes my troop trip approval go much easier. Kudo - that Rainbow River Drift Dive looks awesome and could definitely be a trip in our future - nice bit of progression, too!
  6. Our troop is heading down to Crystal River, FL over President's Day weekend. The plan includes snorkling with manatees, the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, and the Crystal River Archeological State Park. We'll only be there 2 days...anything else we should try to squeeze in or comments/advice on the proposed plan? TIA
  7. I find myself using bowline knots for something at least once a month. They continually amaze people. A taut line hitch secures our Christmas tree each year thanks to the dd who will crawl under the tree to the corner where the hook is.
  8. Our GS Cadette troop is planning a trip to snorkel with the manatees in Crystal River, FL over President's Day weekend. Besides snorkeling, they want to visit the Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park. Any reviews on that? Other things they should check out? We'll be down there two full days. Thanks!
  9. Left the lid lifter @ home by accident and used a masonry hammer that happened to be in the back of the min-van (don't ask!). It actually worked better since it was more snug under the holder and had a long flat part instead of a claw.
  10. kinda random - just shot clays for the first time last week at a corporate outing @ Cabin Bluff, SC. They have a shooting clay course. It was a blast and I can totally see where teenage boys would think this would be an awesome outing. They had me use a 20 gauge and the men use 12 gauge shotguns. Yes, I got the "sissy pad". Two bullets were loaded at a time but I can see where you'd only want a teenager to load one! ps be kind to calipers....
  11. Welcome, Suzi! I'm in SC also.
  12. Our GSUSA troop has a fair amount of camping gear (15 tents! from modern to ancient round-up ones) that has been collected over the years. It is associated with a local UMC that also charters a BSA troop, both of which have been around many moons. The gear is all targeted towards car camping: tents, cook sets, etc. Asking at a leader get together last night, there have been a few girls over the years interested in backpacking but never enough at one time to run trips. Something to think about though as I'd be willing to take a smaller patrol out if they wanted.
  13. Just got word that my troop received front section FAN passes for the Carrie Underwood concert on the TODAY show next Friday! NBC was wonderful to extend them to the whole troop. I'm too excited to tell the girls and debating how long to keep them in suspense!!! If you happen to be watching next week, maybe they'll be on TV. Too excited!!
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