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  1. "We want the BSA to take an Evangelistic Christian bent on membership? On behalf of the Jewish, Muslim, Buddist and other non-Christian scouts No " Way to ****falsely**** restated my position. You fit in well with most of those pushing this leftist agenda. Don't let facts stand in your way. I asked which growth path was preferred? You falsely restated what I said. If you win have fun following the Girl Scouts' trend line.
  2. CalicoPenn You are 100% right. If this happens I won't be around a year from now to have someone ask me about a piece of tape or anything else. The BSA embraced my family's values so my son joined and we volunteered. When they run contrary to traditional values there are other places calling for our family's time. Align with the Girl Scouts' view point and the BSA numbers could follow the direction of GS's numbers. American Heritage Girls is enjoying tremendous growth. Which direction would we like to see BSA numbers move?
  3. My uniform protest. The scouts/scouters in our family be wearing a piece of tape over "Boy Scouts of America" on our uniforms until this bad idea has been discarded as a silent protest. I will write "morally straight" on mine to be clear why I'm not "uniformly" supporting this decision. If BSA adopts a policy such a liberal radical policy we'll leave. Friends of Scouting donations have ceased until those responsible for pushing this forward resign and this proposal is abandoned.
  4. Thanks for the input. I'll go with the consensus and respect the boy's privacy since authorities were already involved and this was something that happened outside of scouting. As the boys are in the process of wrapping up Cub Scouting and moving to Boy Scouting I do think I'll encourage the parents to extend the benefit of the info they shared with me to their son's scoutmaster once that decision is made. Tragic. He's one of the nicest kids we have and plays exceptionally well with the other boys. He's the Webelos II I guess will make Eagle first (just based on positive attitud
  5. The boy's mom wanted me to know as a friend and a den leader. He's going to be a Boy Scout in just a few months. **Not** by anyone in scouts past or present. **Not** by anyone under his roof. Mom said Child protective authorities **ARE** involved. What are my obligations as a scout leader: 1. to the boy(s) there are brothers who were abused by a relative not living with the boy(s)? 2. to the program? As a leader, I want to know this from parents and am glad they trusted me enough to tell me. I imagine that as a boy I would only want those who need to know to be t
  6. Thankfully this is not going on in our council. If it were going on, and some of our better (though perhaps less affluent) volunteers were held back from scout activities without people from our district being afforded an opportunity to "scholarship" them it would **rapidly** become penny-wise and pound-foolish for the council.
  7. I don't know that legislator or that columnist but I hear an abundance of ideological spin from *both* of them in what you posted. As someone with a GS daughter, I am very skeptical of GS given what I perceive as a leftist ideological drift and a drift away from basic scout/life skills. Given both of those drifts, if American Heritage Girls finds someone with a vision and the cash to build an endowment GS could stand a real chance of moving into second place during their second century.
  8. I genuinely despise the United Way for the pressures that the "100% participation goals" of the employer put on people with differing principles and priorities. And, yes, job reviews often are impacted by the lack of bowing to the pressure to give generally to charity because the CEO's (and their wives) are too stupid or lazy to know how to identify some quality charities and give to them specifically. My wife is pressured to do this in her job. She usually designates $10 to the least objectionable United Way organization every year expecting that they reshuffle the money so that the
  9. I actually appreciate the info since I often deal with people I know only a little bit. So no problem with all your titles. I'm bad with names so it helps me remember you. Just tell me in the email which crew/pack/troop/committee this is referencing to be clear. For example: Do you want me to help your Crew 123 or Troop 123 shoot shotguns in April?(This message has been edited by airborneveteran)
  10. Ask the Cub's parents (since they are also Akela for him) if he wants to do the Wolf stuff over the summer with them to earn that rank and be a Bear when school starts. It will be easy to do over the summer with the type of parents you typically find behind a scout capable of skipping a grade. We've had this happen before. Also if you're in a District/council with a District Day/twilight Camp and a Council Cub resident camp it's hard NOT to make rank over the summer for Wolves and Bears attending both camps. In either event since he is by himself now, I'd have him as a Bear on June 1 o
  11. "IMHO, the real question is how to celebrate this scout's achievement before he moves out of town." This. With a couple of adults unhappy but a decision that has been made, try to get the point across that the boat is moving. It's time for everyone else to help row or stay on the shore. Hopefully, the scout is acknowledged with *only* smiles and handshakes before he moves. Adults unable to be a good sport and smile need to quit *now*. Period. They don't stay for awhile and be a PITA only to leave later. It's not about them and it never was.
  12. Be assured that there is almost always turnover when there is growth. Companies, churches, packs, troops all have this common element. You did the right thing. Train your new advancement chair to follow the rules while showing grace and I'm sure things will be fine later down the line. Honestly, once someone threatens to leave it's generally time for them to go. Help them land softly elsewhere if you can. You know you did the right thing in an imperfect world. That's all you've got. That's enough.
  13. LeCastor enjoy your Wood Badge course. There is much useful info to be learned there. Nothing is perfect but it is a good course. Meeting your fellow scouters and sharing the good and the bad of how to make this program work for boys was one of the best things about WB21C. Get contact information from everyone you can while you are there (not just the staffers) and make a note of what they know that's unique. Some of here speak as if they "know it all" but one thing I learned at WB21C is that almost everyone in the course knows at least one thing that you may one day be able to use
  14. Look up the Communist Manifesto and look at the 10 Demands in that document. It seems to me we've already had a bit of a revolution. Most people seem o.k. with it. I'm not o.k. with this "silent revolution" we've had, but I'm older and I agree that U.S. demographics don't favor any active change in our system.
  15. SeattlePioneer I was **not** a Special Operator or anything like that. But I was one of their MI guys for a time (that's why I went to jump school). Those guys are MY heroes. It would suck to be told "no markings" for a mission with them and miss a chance to do my job because of something stupid. Maybe I over-thought things with tattoos but it's better than the alternative.
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