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    • I'm confused. Is this just a misunderstanding?
    • More and more often, our committees are (by email) listing things that need to be done, folks pick out some task, email back taking charge of it, then emailing back when it was done.   I hope that is not what we're talking about here.   Then too, I advise against "Death by Powerpoint" at RoundTable....  ** "I hope you won't mind a short announcement" (from the back of the room, in unison "NO , WE DON"T MIND A SHORT announcement")  .We have a signal when the overly detailed announcement is overtime... Someone will start edging onto the stage and slllloooowwwwwly edge the speaker off the stage.... 
    • Simple.  One CO , one COR.    Check and see what your Unit signed on with. THAT is your CO.    Three units with one CO (my home Pack/Troop/Crew), one CO.   Yes, we had to correct that misperception some years back (Pack registered with a Different CO than the Troop and Crew. Council never questioned it), it was easy.   Now, however, the present COR (fine, interested in Scouting man), is over 80, in declining health, and wants to resign.  The Pastor of the church (the fabled "IH"), is having a problem finding a church member who is Scout Positive and will serve....   
    • Hey.40AET  do not be bullied into signing off.  Many of the folks on these feeds try to push others into their narrative.  We are all here to express our feelings and opinions.  No one opinion is right.  That is why it is an opinion.  It is neither right or wrong.  To walk away and not express it punishes all others on this page from having an additional opinion to consider.  @ CalicoPenn, I have followed you for some time and agree with a significant amount of your feelings but shame on you for putting down another member's opinion.  I am sure I can go back and find someone doing the same thing to you that you have taken and exception to.  Just my $ 0.02.
    •   My apologies. The bottom of the quote was from a news feed, not me. I am not calling them dishonest. Again, I'm sorry and will stay out of this. Today appears to be a bad day. I'm logging off. Best of luck to you and everyone else.
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