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We're backpacking the I & M Canal Trail. Part of the America Discovery Trail. 50 Miler over Spring Break. "Do you know where your teenagers are?" If they're with me, they'll be asleep by 8:00 pm.



I submitted a Philmont application the minute they took them electronically and ended up 472 on the list. Next Spring we've scheduled backpacking the River to River Trail instead. We'll be on our own through The Shawnee. Anybody want to go with?




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My troop is going to Philmont this summer. Currently I am not part of the group going, though I would certainly love to. It is quite likely that one guy may drop because of a trip to Europe, and another because of a broken leg. That could open up a slot, but unfortunately I will have to make alternative plans well before I am ever asked to go to with the troop.


So I am now trying to make my own plans for the summer. I currently am looking at these posibilities:

summer camp staff

OA Trail Crew

OA Wilderness Voyage

Philmont staff

NOAC contingent

NOAC staff


I think I could do any of those things without a problem, so it is really just an issue of making a choice and sending in application(S) before it is too late.

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Our Troop *HAT* for 2004 is a return trip (2002) to NOC @Wesser, N.C. in the Nantahala N.F. and just outside the Great Smoky Mtns. N.P.  Scouts really enjoyed the whitewater rafting in 2002 and voted overwhemingly to return in 2004.  We'll take an instructional 1 day course in whitewater kayaking this year along w/ rafting the Nantahala River (2 times) and the fun-filled (hold on tight)Ocoee River .  Our trip out to NOC will detour slightly for a 5 hour cave tour(60 degree coolness) at Mammoth Cave NP (to work off some road stress and July humidity).   NOC has great barebones cabins and kitchen facilities for Scout groups, as well as awesome w/w trips.  It also offers group meals @ their river-side restaurants, equipment rentals such as mtn.bikes, and backpacks for the tons of nearby trails and tracks (AT goes right thru NOC's facilities). 

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Well OK, as long as everyone is talking about the whole summer.


Additionally, we will be running our Troop members through our Guide Training Course for my Whitewater rafting company along with the new guides in May. The Troop will then head out on its annual whitewater run on the Snake River over the Memorial Day weekend. There the Scouts can practice their boatman skills while running our own rafts, which we do.

Here one of our boats run by one of our Scouts:


We are currently applying for private permits for other rivers including the Colorado through Westwater Canyon, and will do several rock climbs and a backpack trip as well.



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We're heading for a short 3 1/2 trip today to do some dog sledding and snowshoeing around Lake Superior, though I don't count it as a high adventure, it's a taste of high adventure and we'll have a lot of younger boys along.



Over spring break we'll do some houseboating in Missouri and either canoeing the Buffalo river or some backpacking on the Ozark trail. The boys will be finalizing the details very soon.



This summer we have a trip to the Rocky Mountains for backpacking, rafting, and mountain biking. Late July.



We also have a trip to Hawaii planned for June. Details are still being debated.



Cliff Golden

Scoutmaster Troop 33

DeKalb, Illinois

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We found out that Double H High Adventure - 2 hours south of Albe N.M. - this is the first year for this program - had some opening due to cancelation. We submitted our three dates for the start of the trek

and took a open date starting just one day off from the one requested Start July 22, 2004 and end July 28, 2004.


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Each time we get information for Double H they enclose a note that are still open dates for treks for double H.  Double H is being run by the Philmont staff but Double H is two hours south-southwest of Albuquerque. Their note is 2004 Opening Available There are still opening available for Double H. If you know of any crews that would like to attend, please have them contact the Double H -- 505-376-2281 doubleH@philomostscoutranch.org.

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Our winter high adventure for 2004 takes place next weekend.

We are going camp near Fraiser British Columbia to attend the 2004 Frostbite Challenge

a international camp with scouts/leaders from northern Canada and southeast Alaska


Our summer adventure is still in the early planning stages more details to follow




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The troop I am involved with has mostly younger scouts so our"high adventure trip" will be based in a county park with daily trips to surrounding high adventure spots for a high ropes/cope course, rock climbing at a state park, hiking at a national monument with effigy mounds and perhaps some canoeing. The main intent is to provide advancement oppertunities for the young guys and something differant for the adults and older scouts who have been alternating BWCA and a trek to Colorado that included a overnite on a mountain. We found we had alot of things in our own backyard that we had been overlooking.

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Glad to hear good things about High Knoll, we have reservations for summer of 2005.


Good luck in NH. I've been in New England for thirty years now and have made at least 6 attempts to climb Mt. Washington. Every time I've been turned back by weather near the summit. Mt. Washington is notorious for having some of the worst weather on the continent. Wind speeds have been recorded over 200mph. I'll admit I've never tried in mid-summer though. Hope your ready for a challenge.





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Make sure your scouts know how to tie up bear bags. I can't remember if we did High Knoll or something else...it was a 50 miler. I know there are two different high adventure programs at Camp Powhatan. We did the one where every day we hiked to a different outpost where there was an activity waiting for us. Another program was more of a historic hike. I'm having a mind block of the name of ours... Which one are you going on?


Yea, I have heard the weather is wild up on Mt. Washigton. I hope I'm ready for the challenge as well! Going to start training and getting into shape this month, look forward to a good time though.


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HI guys


Well, this discussion section has lasted for nearly a year. In only a month, on Memorial Day

our Troop is running their now annual Troop 136 Memorial Day Family Whitewater Snake Trip.


We have found one of the few places near Jackson to camp for free, on the Hoback River.

We are using this raft trip as a lure to get new members. I am looking forward to

camping with the families this time and let the ASMs run the Troop camp. The older

Scouts will take all our whitewater boats for themselves to run with the new kids and

make all us oldsters go in the oldest boat anyway, so let them camp by themselves.


Anyway it will be good to start the 136 rafting season with a big bang. Look for our photos

on the net!



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