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White gas needed for Philmont trek #14?

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I have 2 crews going to Philmont trek #14 in early August. I have an MSR Whisperlite Intntl, and 3 other adults have similar stoves. Thought 2/crew would be sufficient.


At issue is how many fuel bottles we should take? Given that I don't have a lot of experience with my stove nor its consumption rate (and certainly not at higher elevations), I'm reluctant to simply guess how many we should take. My read of this year's "TREKS 2004 Itinerary Guide", page 8, is that white gas is not available at any of the posts we'll be passing while on trek 14. Therefore, it seems as if we'd have to load up with white gas @ HQ before heading out on the trail, in order to ensure we have enough fuel for the ENTIRE trek.


What insight can you provide about trek 14 and fuel use, or just fuel use (guides) in general at Philmont?


Thanks in advance.


Craig Hall

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Although you plan to carry two stoves per crew, you will really only use them one at a time. The second stove is only a backup. I am not familiar with itinerary 14 and am surprised that Philmont is not making fuel available at the commissaries that supply the route. For a ten day trek I would think three bottles would be sufficient for a single stove.


The last time I was at Philmont we carried two bottles, and never used more than 1 1/2 bottles before refueling.


One thing you might consider is deferring this decision until you get to Philmont. They sell fuel bottles in the tradiing post at the base camp. Upon arrival, I would talk to the ranger assigned to the crew and to the operations office about this question. If you want to be safe you could carry three bottles with you there and leave one bottle behind in your locker when you hit the trail.

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Eisely - many thanks for your reply. Waiting until we get to HQ is probably the best solution. I too was surprised to read that trek 14 does not pass ANY locations where we might be able to refuel.


John Sned - If Philmont offers white gas for sale at HQ, as well as other locations on the reservation (as indicated in this year's "TREKS" guide), I'm assuming it's OK to use there.

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