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  1. Boy, its been 2 years since I asked the question and since then I have learned more about the OA. I have found out it is a great program and it is not so secret. However, I have discouraged our troop committee from nonimating me because I do not have the time for another scouting commitment. The position I serve in keeps me at times too committed.
  2. I believe you may join boy scouts at age 11 without earning AOL. They would not necessarily need to wait until June depending on their birthday. If they are 11 cross them over with their den.
  3. I dont think Seatle Pioneer ment to slam Catholics at least I hope not. However, SP should be reminded that the view that all people are sinners and can be forgiven is a Christian view point not just Catholic.
  4. I dont think Seatle Pioneer ment to slam Catholics at least I hope not. However, SP should be reminded that the view that all people are sinners and can be forgiven is a Christian view point not just Catholic.
  5. Check your local property owner's wood lot- most owners would be willing to donated a few poles to the cause. Go cut your own poles from areas of the wood lot that need to be thinned. We use iron wood, but most hard wood species would work.
  6. One of the reasons I think merit badges are important is that they teach the scout how to deal with other adults. That "adult association" thing.
  7. Flowerchild, You are not wrong in your expectations, but you need to give it time. This leadership stuff does not happen over night even after the training course. Also, is your SM keyed into the course? Does he know what was taught? Get a copy of the course outline for him. Your SM also needs to let it happen. If he (SM) is use to taking the lead then your sons training will not be seen. Good luck.
  8. It may help to identify who you are going to approach with this concern. Is it LDS or BSA or both and at what level - Council or higher? It might be good to do some research to see if someone within BSA is looking into this issue and hook on to that persons train. I think your problem statement is looking very good. For number three it might be good to list some of the theories discussed - lack of training, location, age segregation in LDS units ect. I also think it should be a two pronged approach working from the top as well as the bottom. At the unit level the leaders should b
  9. I think training is the answer. Whenever a council, district, or unit has an accident they should do and evaluation of the accident, decide the cause and take steps to prevent the accident from happening in the future. If there is a chronic problem within a CO, then BSA should step in and make strong recommendations. If LDS leaders are pressed into service, then they can be pressed into receiving the proper trainning needed to fulfill their services successfully.
  10. Thank God we have the historical traditions started by BP and that the BSA was founded on. I dont know of any other method that would be as successful as the outdoor method.
  11. I dont have any cool names to add to the list. How about a contest for the boys to name the camp?
  12. cajoncody: The posters hear are right on. I would add a thought. Now its just a thought mind you. The name Twilight Camp sounds like a retirement home. You may consider or test the waters of the possibility of changing the name of the camp to something with a little more action in it.
  13. I have seen several threads which answer the question - how do we recruit more people or how do we retain our scouts? The answer that always pops out of the forum is that if you povide a high quality program the kids (numbers) will be there. Our executives should stop measuring success by numbers and start making sure we have a high quality program.
  14. I have hunch that registration begins at 3PM, It would be poor planning to have a cut off at 3PM. Why not just tell your unit and/or the hosts of the event that you will be arriving as soon as you can after school is out? In any case let the planners of the event know of your situation.
  15. It appears to me that the study cited by the forest service is a bit flawed. For one thing their fires appear to me to be too small to generate enough heat for proper burning. When we burn trash at a camp out it is in a hot fire. Incomplete buring will generate many nasties. If the fire is hot enough, there will be none or very little nasties. Second, as far as there air testing methods in respect to exposure to the smoke by attendies. They were sampling the smoke right down in the fire ring. When completing a study for assessing exposure to toxic chemicals, you must sample the air a
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