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  1. My mother went to Randolph Macon, a female only school, which is now going coed. There is a need for certain things to remain separate.
  2. Since the Scouts are not flush with funds and states like Texas wanting a new application each year. Do anyone have any suggestions to how the costs can minimized etc.
  3. Do I have it right. the slots units are applying for this year, 2006, are for two years hence 2998.
  4. It looks like here in texas There are 25,000 headed this way in Dallas Fort Worht There are a lot who came in cars etc. earlier/ Most of the school district are admitting those who have been displaced from New Orlear, the gulf coast of Mississippi and Alabma. Some of those here have cars but not jobs. Nay there be increased recuitmnet of youth, scouting does produce survial skills in the mist of adversity.
  5. Can we get information from Philmont on the web based reservation for 2007 treks and what reservations are available for 2006 treks at double H.
  6. Record keeping for Ranks, participation etc. is one of one thanksless jobs in scouting. I would like to thank all those who I have known that kept the records straight. Definitely we need more folks to keep records. And we need to recognize more those who keep the records. Scouts should be encouraged more to keep their own advancement.
  7. NESA and Other Aspects of Scouting are great. I have just complete the NESA application and it is truly a quesitonaire slanted toward encouraging the person filling it out to participate in Scouting. These applications then go to national. Is this information shared with the councils, district etc.
  8. In the past I have been a dues paying member of the Eagle Association. Do any of you have any suggestion on how there might be more public recognition of those who hve obtained the rank of Eage. What is your understanding of what the objectives of the Nastional Eagle Association? How can the NESA be of service to Scouting?
  9. Mr Smith said that he pleaded quilty to spare the Boy Scouts the embarraseement of public trial. As to how he recieved child porography he said some one sent it to him self. Jesus says "flee the sin" = hit the delete key. He is facing a sentence in either June or July of 5 to 20 years.
  10. As far as I know youth protection has protected a lot of young scouts. Mr Smith probably did a lot of good for Scouting and had a responsible job with the Boy Scouts. The police caught him and earlier they caught a priest in Grand Parrie which is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Scouting is amazing the countless hours that Adults vounteer teaching cooking, knots etc. Taking time out to go the round tables etc. Somehow in seeming mist, there is something good that comes out of it. Scouting has changed lives for the good.
  11. The local station said He pleaded quilty here in Fort Worth, Texas-- Federal Cout and faces 5 - 20 sentence without parole. He pleaded quilty to the distribution of child porn.
  12. The ideals of scouting are still intact. The youth protection program was a put togehter by a volunteers who wanted protection for the scouts. But it hurts when you see some one with 39 years of sevice with the BSA, A Eagle Scout, OA get overcome by things in conflict with Scouting Ideals.
  13. The professional, Douglas Smith is scheduled for trial at 9:00 here in Federal Court. For me this is a strong wake call to be on guard since this stuff ponograph is appealing. For a man with 30 years of sevice with scouting to be overcome is a wakeup call. The YPT program does take in account that things are not always what it seems on the surface. May we all communicate to parents the safe guards inherent in Youth Protection.
  14. The weight limits are greated than the perfect weights - for life insurance exams. Does Philmost have a medical advisory committe who establish the procedures for the waving weight limits.
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