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  1. A few months ago I searched for wooden storage box plans, and was able to find a few sets of plans. A recent search hasn't yielded any. Can anyone point me in the right direction of some sets of plans to build some good dutch oven boxes??
  2. I didn't include in my original post, but the ONLY reason I'll be taking my laptop, is because I'm unemployed and deep in the midst of my job search. Don't want to be 'disconnected' for the week, and potentially miss an opportunity. On the upside, I'll have the privilege of Scouting with my Scouts.
  3. First, I get the irony of starting this thread in a Scouting forum, given that the 1st point of the Scout Law is Trustworthy. Nonetheless, I'm interested to hear ideas of how you have secured your laptop while @ summer camp. I won't have the use of a footlocker. Other than carrying it with me in a daypack at all times, I haven't come up with anything else.
  4. I'm having some trouble finding a supplier for new neckerchiefs for my troop. I need a company that can: provide small quantities (< 25), can embrioder my design, and can source the material and hem the edges. Does anyone in this forum have suggestions for companies, or individuals, to contact? I'm in the Del-Mar-Va Council (in the US, I'm based in Delaware). We've reached the point where we've now run out, and we have some newly crossed-over Scouts who don't have one. (Note to self: better planning, so your next 'first impression' is a better one.) Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
  5. Back in the '70s, when I was a Scout, my District (Caesar Rodney, in the DEL-MAR-VA Council {Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia}), had an annual event (late spring, I think), that was a Scout Olympics-style patrol competition. As I was considering trying to revive this tradition in my current District (Three Rivers, also in the DEL-MAR-VA Council), I was hoping some readers of the scouter.com forums might recall the event from the Three Rivers District and be able to jog my memory as to some of the activities that took place during the event. Alternatively, if you have participated in the past,
  6. Does anyone know of an internet resource for plans for a wooden camp bench, like the kind you see around the dining hall tables at summer camp?
  7. I'm looking for some simple, seasonal (i.e. spring, summer, fall, and winter) Scouting clipart that I can use for a Scout project I'm working on for my troop. Would like to find images that depict the specific season, possibly including tents, backpacks, boots, cabins, canoes, and any other good outdoorsy stuff. Any suggestions on where to look? The "Clipart" section of scouter.com doesn't have what I need. Many thanks.
  8. I'm sure there must be previous threads about this topic. Can someone point me in the right direction here at Scouter.com? Thanks!
  9. I'm looking for some suggestions for storage containers to transport my troop's (i.e. each patrol's) camping equipment & gear for weekend trips. We have been using some large HD plastic containers which are available in the large home improvement stores, Walmart, etc. I think we might do better with a container that has 2 'real' handles (to assist with carrying by 2 Scouts), as well as enough capacity for a patrol's cook kit, utensils, foodstuffs, cleaning supplies, spices, etc. Tents would continue to either be carried by hand or attached to Scouts' backpacks. Dutch ovens? Well, we haven'
  10. You may also find the web site - http://www.usscouts.org/usscouts/mb/framesindex.html - to be useful for determining revision dates, etc. for merit badges. I haven't read each site extensively enough, but both seem to carry good info about the merit badge program, with its frequently changing requirements. I've (previously, ~ 1 week ago) posed the question to my Council's Adv Chair, as to if there is a BSA national-sanctioned web site which outlines what their most current versions of each merit badge pamphlet are, with the hope of having to avoid travel to either the Council HQ or a loca
  11. [NOTE: I originally posted this request on the "Working with Kids" forum. In the interest of trying to reach (much more directly) the Crew Advisors that attended the same Crew Advisors' meeting I did on Sunday, Aug 8, I'm posting my query here, too.)] After recently returning from a spectacular Philmont trek (808-A1), I've taken some time to look back. I have come across something that I didn't write down at the time I heard it, and of course ... . At the Crew Advisors' meeting on Aug 8, a Scouter, Gene Schnell, talked for a bit, and mentioned the above '10 Things' list (from a survey tha
  12. After recently returning from a spectacular Philmont trek (808-A1), I've taken some time to look back. I have come across something that I didn't write down at the time I heard it, and of course ... At the Crew Advisors' meeting on Aug 8, a national Scouter (I believe his name was Gene) talked for a bit, and mentioned the above '10 Things' list (from a survey that had been conducted?). I was intrigued by the list, never having heard of it before in my many years of Scouting, and thought it would be worthwhile to share with the other Scouters in my troop. So, 1) were you at the same (or another
  13. While never having been to Philmont before, and in anticipation of our August trek, our crews are wondering about the 10-tent peg/person requirement. Without knowing exactly what type tents are issued, 10 pegs/person seems like overkill (assuming the tents are supplied with pegs to begin with, even though they're not specifically identified in the "Crew Equipment issued at Philmont" list in the "2004 Philmont Guidebook to Adventure" booklet). I'll assume Philmont staff must have a good reason, however, for suggesting this in their printed materials, but I thought I'd try to get some insight fr
  14. Eisely - many thanks for your reply. Waiting until we get to HQ is probably the best solution. I too was surprised to read that trek 14 does not pass ANY locations where we might be able to refuel. John Sned - If Philmont offers white gas for sale at HQ, as well as other locations on the reservation (as indicated in this year's "TREKS" guide), I'm assuming it's OK to use there.
  15. I have 2 crews going to Philmont trek #14 in early August. I have an MSR Whisperlite Intntl, and 3 other adults have similar stoves. Thought 2/crew would be sufficient. At issue is how many fuel bottles we should take? Given that I don't have a lot of experience with my stove nor its consumption rate (and certainly not at higher elevations), I'm reluctant to simply guess how many we should take. My read of this year's "TREKS 2004 Itinerary Guide", page 8, is that white gas is not available at any of the posts we'll be passing while on trek 14. Therefore, it seems as if we'd have to load u
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