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    • Yeah, Scouting and grad school can be challenging. I had to miss some fun stuff due to school and other obligations the first time around.Second time around was a lot easier as I was just involved in the OA.
    • I'd guess you could register with a unit in some capacity in the "north", which would put you in that council/lodge.  I don't think that would require you to drop your current troop membership.  However, if memory serves, you can only be in on OA lodge at a time.  So you wouldn't be able to register with the lodge your current troop is associated with.
    • Actually up to circa 2012, Patrols could camp on their own WITHOUT (emphasis) adults. I am going to assume that is what Mike Rowe meant.   Still in there.  Page 92 has this Note: Pioneering projects, such as monkey bridges, have a maximum height of 6 feet. Close supervision should be followed when Scouts are building or using pioneering projects.
    • One of our post-docs and a male friend of hers lead a GS/USA troop. But, I agree that some points in life require one to take a break. I did while I was halfway through college until Son #1 turned 6. However, my biggest regret was when during that "break time" an Italian young lady asked if we could start a scout troop in the town where she was studying. I could have at least asked around as at that point I was conversant with quite a few locals.
    • Congrats.  Councils are definitely excited about this change. @hawkins and I also are leaders at early adopter Packs.... so there are a few of us in the Scouter.com waters 😀 To summarize this thread.  There is an early adopter FB page and the National Director for Cub Scouts released a video that mentioned any Pack that adds girls must have a female Cubmaster or Assistant Cubmaster  AND every girls den must have a female ADL or DL.   Both are changes to requirements from the Early Adopter program (which is fine).  Outside of the video the official Cub Scout material/rules have only mentioned the DL/ADL requirement.  It appears G2SS was updated and that may point to having ACM/CM female lead requirement or that may be covered by the DL/ADL requirement.  I’m still waiting to hear official word. My Pack ends up following both of these “requirements” but I’m definitely not a fan of a requirement on the CM/ACM.  It’s tough enough to find good leaders let alone adding gender requirements (especially female as the majority of our volunteers are male). Also frustrated that rules are not clear (if ACM/CM requirement is real) < 1 month away from full go live.  
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