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  1. John-in-KC, if memory serves me correctly, a boy joining as a Tiger Cub will be in Cub Scouts 4 1/2 -5 years depending on how long it takes them to earn AOL and cross over.
  2. You can not start work on the next rank until the boy is promoted to the next grade in school. For most this will be in late May or June. It's not secret stuff. http://scouting.org/scoutsource/CubScouts/Awards/Boys/advancement,-d-,b.aspx The following is straight from the BSA site, Scouting.org If a boy completes the Wolf badge early, may he begin working on the Bear badge? No. In the Cub Scout program, all boys in a den work toward a badge that is geared to their level of development. If the Wolf badge is completed before the end of the program year, a boy may work on electives
  3. Be careful not to step on toes by wanting to dictate what your den leaders can and can not do. Our Cub master lets us leaders run our dens. As long as boys are having fun and advancing we are a go without rules and regulations set forth by him. I have charged monthly den dues since I started in 2004. I use it for snacks and supplies. As far as Pack finances we sell Popcorn in fall and then do our own fundraiser in spring, these carry us for the year without charging Pack dues. As far as expecting leaders to pay out of pocket some of the time, that is a dangerous thing to do. Now I have been
  4. I have heard the same except the last line was this... Rhyme it with soul.
  5. Please someone end this debate, but please provide reference... How do you pronounce Powell rhymes with towel or soul? Thank you in advance! Carol
  6. I agree with you Basementdweller. And like I said I have walked in those shoes.
  7. Narraticong states "I have made many mistakes in my life. I am grateful that I am not made to remember them and pay for them every minute of every day." We are talking about the girl becoming a parent not getting a speeding ticket. You are a parent every minute of every day, whether or not you are 17 or 30. Her priorities are now shifted from herself to her child. Oops did I say her child, yes she will be the parent of a CHILD. It is time for her to grow up! Now if she wanted to give the child up for adoption (and that is a wonderful thing to do because so many people are not capable of having
  8. 'They are simply young, stupid, think they are invincible, and that things like that only happen to other people.' I take offense at the stupid part Scoutnut. I was one of those 'stupid' girls. You can say I used poor judgement, heck I will even say "yes it was a mistake", but stupid I am not. I did know what I had done to cause it. Now having said that, I realized like Basementdweller stated, my youth was over and adult life had started. I personally did not attempt to do youth activities. I was a parent now and I acted like it. We are in a council which supports the troop leaders
  9. Just remember on the 'Whittlin' Chip' card for Bears, that is still optional. The boy can earn Bear and that not be one of the requirements done. Some boys will not be ready in 3rd grade either!
  10. When will we stop rushing our kids into growing up? There is absolutely nothing wrong with holding out till 1st or 2nd grade to start boys in Scouting. And all this about well we start sports etc. in Kindergarten and 1st grade, so what, those things last 2 or 3 months tops (at a time). Scouting is a year long program. Your darn right kids (and parents) get burned out. And if we are competing with these other programs for a time slot in a busy families life then those that truly value Scouting will make time (as long as the leaders put together a well run program). So come on people and let th
  11. I do not envy you at all. I am working on my second go round as Web. den leader with my 2nd son. I have done it all twice! I do not see how one (actually three or more adults if you follow adult to child ratio) can have all age groups at one time. The attention spans, level of understanding, need for adult participation for Tigers, etc. My hands are full with 5 boys.
  12. The aunt/guardian of one of my Daisies told me a story of what the little girl said the other day. She said the girls little brother was having trouble opening the car door one day, she said the girl got out, went around and opened the door for him. The aunt told her she didn't have to do that, that she (the aunt) would have gotten it, the girl told her "I'm a Girl Scout and we are supposed to help others". Sniff-sniff. This is coming from a little girl whose mother abandoned her and her two brothers and is now being raised by her aunt and uncle. Her aunt says she has really has blossomed
  13. Aquaticeagle, you are the one assuming now when it comes to popcorn selling being the norm for most units. We didn't do popcorn for several years. And were bullied into by our council the last couple of years. But that's a story for a different time. But I don't have 20+ years experience either so maybe that's my handicap. But for the last 6 years I have been involved with both my son's as den leader, committee member, married to the CM, on Round table staff, Activity Director at Day camp, nurse at Day camp for last several years, etc. Also serve on our Pinewood derby committee. Whew maybe
  14. Not meaning to sound like a smarta#@ but why don't you just buy the boys. You know what I mean, pay the parents the $50 and I bet you'll get more boys then you know what to do with! Heck, give me $50 and I'll transfer my 2 sons registrations to your pack. Woo-hoo I'll have $100!!
  15. I don't know about anyone else's Little League but here in our town if we as parents want our kids to have a trophy (or medals, etc.) we have to fork over extra money. Does it seem fair? Not to my pocketbook, but hey, I want my kid to get a trophy (or medal, etc.) Should I expect someone else to pay for my share? No! This isn't welfare, I signed my child up and I was made aware of the potential cost. Same goes for Scouting. If this is the way it is and I was made aware of it then I will pay, after all I signed my child up. As for our pack, we as a unit get free advancement for attending t
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