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  1. To be honest..I would find another Troop. This coming form a parent whose son was in 3 troops before he found the troop that fit him. Not all the Troops are the same...I think you may have to find one that is a better fit for your son and you.
  2. IN this situation...there is NO other underlying health issues. He is simply a small framed boy...just as my Eagle Scout Son is. That is why my friend asked me for advice as she knew my son was also small frame. Her son has ALWAYS been able to carry his own pack. Just as my son has been able to do. My son is underweight based on the chart. He is 5'6 and 106 lbs. He went on Philmont Trek 2 years ago..he was 6 4 and 95 lbs...well under what the chart gives. The concern is..that with this new chart and the Dr reading it as..in order to do some of these things you need to weigh
  3. I do not think skinny and weak is the issue in this situation. A person can be skinny and handle their pack. I would say that maybe the child you mention has other health issues that account for his weakness. I have a daughter who has hypotonia it is low muscle tone and compared to her peers she is way weaker then they are...we know her limits...and even though she is in an active Camp Fire Club, she does not go on the longer hiking trips and she can not even begin to carry anything more then day pack. My friends son...has never had to have anyone carry his back pack. He has been on ma
  4. Thank for the suggestions..on what route she needs to take. I looked at the chart on the new form and even my string bean..Now 19 year old Eagle Scout would have been underweight...by about 20 lbs when he went on the Philmont Trek. Her son is quite active in all aspects, he is active with baseball and track. He eats healthy. I did specifically ask if there was ANY other reason the Dr gave other then him being underweight and she told me no. Other then that he is in great shape. I will pass on the suggestions of the route she needs to take. Right now she is not overly
  5. Has anyone had this happen? I am asking for a friend. My DS is a bean pole of a boy and has always been on the skinny side. He has never had his DR not clear him for activities..based on the weight chart that is on they physical form. My friend emailed me...frustrated as her sons doctor will not clear him for, back country treks and climbing/repelling because he did not "make weight" ie he is underweight. He is also built very much like my son..the bean pole kid. That is the only reason the Dr will not clear it..is he is under the standard for the min. IS the Dr interpreting
  6. In typing and retyping I now have read over what I typed and realized I left out a sentence...oops..I had it there orginally. My husband and I feel there was really nothing to these and she over reacted to what is common slang words and not curse words. We think the over reaction was in threatening to send the home and humiliating them in front of the larger group vs just speaking to them about thier word usage and apologizing to those that were present. Yes my son's friend states he felt humilated by this ASM. Maybe it is just a matter of youth masculine pride. As to th
  7. We have currently only had our son's version of what happened. We have a mom who is a ASM, she was there the first part of summer camp. There were three things that occured with the boys and in my opinion (based on DS's version) an over reaction on her part to the initial situations. She did threaten to send the boys home and had them sign a behavior contract that lists out about 15 or so rules. Apprently it was printed up and handed out before camp and we the parents were to have seen it and signed also. Niether my husband or I remember seeing it and being that she made them sign it dur
  8. At our pack we award each boy with a little certificate and a "title win" for his car. Last year this took a very long time. This year I told them I would be willing to do it and bring a list with me...they were surprised that I would bring in a list a head of time...the person who did it last year was wishing he had thought of that. So I would like some help in coming up with the list we ahve about 35-40 boys in the pack and I would like more then there are cars... Examples as to what I am talking about: Most Unique..etc Best use of Legos, BLue, etc... Thank You Kristy
  9. jemek


    I was able to sample the CampMasters Microwave....sorry but it was gross..it seemed stale to me. I would love to know TE prices for this year. I have last years TE prices. COmpared to the CM prices for this year CM is more expensive.
  10. I really enjoyed ready though these. Our boys last troop the SM closed every meeting with one. That is one thing we miss about the old troop we were in.
  11. Our council also is making the switch. I heard it was becasue of cost. But when I checked with a friend of mine in another area. They are still doing Trail's End and the prices are the same. They did add a Chocolate Lovers at the higher end. But the smaller tims are still $7. I also heard the quality is not as great. I know the prices have gone up some...but the amount has stayed the same. My fear is that we won't get the repeat customers. We have people who look so forward to the Trails End Popcorn. I love the fact that TE has the internet order process as I may end up ordering som
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