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  1. and herein lies the problem. It is only stated in the tiger book. At least that I've found. It is the bear and wolf leader against this. It is the webelo 1 leader wanting to do it. So, does it only apply to tigers or to all? It does not state only for tigers but rather prohibits any ceremony in which this takes place. Help me out please!
  2. Thank you all for your support and help. Our pack has many issues. I have tried and tried to get things "right". I am told not to be so black and white. There is, I'm told, a lot of gray in the Guide to safe scouting and leader book. I was also told to back off or I would be voted out. Our den leaders make up the committee. OUr cubmasters wife is the committee chair (imagine how far we get w/ anything). We need serious help and I have NO ONE TO turn to. I'm hoping someone in cyber space will no someone else in cyberspace etc. As far as bobcat, everyone knows the rules. Fact is, people
  3. Our pack has an annual fundraiser so each boy can raise the money for his pack dues. Pack dues are $40.00 a year. If a boy does not raise this, his summertime activities, awards, etc. are not paid for by the pack. We require our boys to ride 10 miles and get donations per mile. Each boy has to get a minium of $40.00. The boys do get prizes for the amount of money they bring in. Any amount of money they bring in over $40.00 does NOT transfer to next year. I am told it is a treasures nightmare to keep up w/ this. Parents are complaining that this is a non for profit organization and we shou
  4. Our tiger cubs are walking in our local parade. Do their adult partners have to walk with them? And do all participating scouts need permission slips?
  5. I am a Bear leader (3rd year). I was until this year pack trainer. (to much gray area for me). I have a boy in my den w/ a brother who is totally disabled. His mom approached me about family camping. She can only come if she can bring their r.v. to keep the 4 year old in. Our cubmaster says we don't need all the tour permits etc. 'cause it's family camping and parents are there and that covers everything. Yet, they have a problem w/ this parent coming w/ r.v. to bring youngest child who is 100% disabled. this child is wheelchair bound. Can not hold his head up, feed himself and is ext
  6. I agree, but it doesn't change the fact they will still do it. I need to know what I can do to make sure it will NEVER be an issue again. Especially if my d.e. doesn't care. We've gone to him and gotten no where. Where can you go after that. I've been told, be quiet or you will be gone. I love my scouts and 2 dens. I have 12 active boys. I don't want to loose that. Our pack master and a few others could care less as long as it suits them. But myself and 3 others have come aboard and are rocking the boat and following the letter of the law. However, we are hitting walls. For the fir
  7. we have boys receiving bobcat @ next pack mtg. Some boys were told of old tradition of being turned upside down. Several leaders are against this because it is against B.S.A. REGULATIONS now. However, our committee and u.c. and d.e. don't seem to mind. Our committee meeting is coming up and any thoughts, help or suggestions would be much appreciated. We feel it is inappropriate to bend the rules to carry on old traditions. Some feel this should not even be an issue nor should new members have been told about it.
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