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  1. Did anyone camp at resica falls this summer? If you did let me know your personal opinion of the following Camp Program Areas (Be specific) Staff (By Area) Food Lake Program Pool Program Your Answers will help in planning for 2007 season of the aquatics and other programs. -Chris Lake Director 06 Resica Falls
  2. I personally suggest Resica Falls Scout Reservation in Marshalls Creek, PA. Great camp on 4600 acres. Staff is great, food is great, brand new pool/showerhouse, great program.. resicafalls.com (email me with questions as i am on staff and can help) Also, Treasure Island Scout Reservation in Pennsylvania. Col-bsa.org
  3. Hey Jo, Saw your post and thought that i would do a review on Resica Falls Scout Reservation for you. It might be bias because i am the lake director but I am very truthful and have been in the same position as you looking for camps for my troop. When we came to Resica i fell in love with it and went back on staff for 5 weeks in 05 and a full summer this year. I hope this helps and if you have any questions my email is clunden@grangerclassic.com... feel free to email me Enthusiam of staff - Very high. This past summer we ran a great program for over 500 scouts one week. Our staf
  4. I am putting together a CIT training program for this summer and i need some help with it. Does anyone out there have a CIT training manual they could email over to me so i have something to go off of? let me know and i will send you my email address.
  5. Camp Big Springs - Resica Falls Scout Reservation - Marshalls Creek PA Cradle of Liberty Council, Eastern Zone Reasons: The camp is amazing. Not only is the program put together really well, but the staff is awsome. Last year was my first year going to the camp and i fell in love with it. There is so much besides merit badges that the scouts can do with their time. Swimming down by the river, boating, etc. Also, they just built a brand new pool and shower house which is huge. Individual showers with private changing areas. Out of all of the camps i have been to, this one is the b
  6. This summer i am going to be lake director at a boy scout camp. Just trying to rework the lake program and put fun games and activites into the program. Does anyone have and fun ideas to do at the lake such as games, activites, or anything else? Thanks -251scout
  7. Hello all, I need some help with this one. I was an SPL who ran everything. Did everyones job for them. I did all the campouts, youth training, ceremony's, meetings, parties, etc. and now that i am JASM i feel like i have no active leadership role. Its kind of just a place my scoutmaster throws you when you have no where else to go. I was wondering what do you other scoutmasters have your jasm do to keep him busy and if you have a set job description. Any input would be greatly appreciated as i have a meeting with my scoutmaster to discuss my role as JASM. Thanks,
  8. So where is everyone going for camp in 2006?? i know its early but trying to get an idea.. Anyone heading to Resica falls, Ockanickon, treasure island KMSR?? or anywhere?? Ill be at Resica (Pool staff) but my troops going to ockanickon...
  9. Try Resica Falls Scout Reservation in Marshalls Creek, PA.. not sure how far that is from you... its a good camp.. if you have any questions let me know... im on staff so i can answer them
  10. To all who are looking for a new summer camp location... I highly recomend Resica Falls Scout Reservation part of Cradle of liberty council. They have an amazing program run by excellent staff. Next year they will be offering a new pool, 2 new showerhouses, an even better program and so much more. After camping there the first week of their camping season, i had such a great time that i went back on staff and it truley is an amazing camp. The program director and reservation director are great people to deal with. The camp also offers a few high adventure programs like
  11. Thank you for all of your ideas.. they will help is in planning... I am going to attempt to make this a district event to... i like to plan things on a large scale! Anyone know of the procedure for getting things to be a district or council event?? -251
  12. Hops, Im not from your area so i dont know any off hand but we found the camp we went to this year by word of mouth and i checked it using http://www.scoutcamp.org/ That site and under the heading where it says WELCOME TO SCOUTCAMP.ORG you click on camp database link. You can search by state and it gives peoples reviews of the camp.. i usually look for ones with a lot of reviews then look into them more closely, Just trying to help another scout out YIS, 251 Scout Spl
  13. Thanks for your posts! Good points bob... thanks again for your imput... your always there to help!:-)
  14. Hello All, As senior patrol leader i have been nominated to put together a campout for webelo's 1st and 2nd years. We would appreciate any plans you may be able to share with us.. please pm me if you have any plans and i will send you my email address Thanks, 251scout
  15. The camp is located in the poconos.. in marshalls creek. They have some 4000 + acres to explore on bikes and such.. a couple of nice swimming holes which all of the scouts love.. Is your son going to big springs?
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