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    • Glad you did not feel bullied. As to getting wrapped on the knuckles,  what are you referring to?  I found no warnings issued to you. I only found a misunderstanding as to why a thread was locked which had nothing to do with you as Sentinel947 explained to you and you acknowledged "Fair enough, thanks". Thanks for the feedback.  -RS @NJCubScouter , @LeCastor
    • Still, we're going to give it a go for my daughter.  
    • I don't feel bullied. I just didn't want to continue trying to get my point across over the next 20 post and get wrapped on the knuckles by the mods for arguing like I did a few weeks ago. I have already decreased the amount of time I spend on these boards to stay clear of the mods. I guess it wasn't enough.
    • I would also think trying to retain youth once they reach the age of 18 would be tough.  Too many go away to college or university, and even if they're still living in the area where the crew is established, school commitments may keep young adults from being able to really participate fully.  Still, we're going to give it a go for my daughter.
    • I don't know. Are there statistics on this? Not in our council, at least. Our council has three camp properties, and one sits mostly unused (even during the summer months). But nothing has gone up for sale (yet).
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