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  1. That's how my troop handles it, leave out the leading council legacy number off our troop unit patch.
  2. Your TM admin (probably your CC) will need to give you membership update permission before you can add/edit scout profiles.
  3. That's reasonable. Good to know I can keep it simple still. Thanks everyone for the feedbacks.
  4. I hope I posted in the correct section. I'd like your input on the 2-year apart rule for tenting. If Scout A says I'm 12 and Scout B says I'm 14. I take that as these two scouts are okay to tent together as it falls within the rule. I was asked recently what if the scouts are a newly turned 12yo and a 14-1/2yo. Can they tent together as they are technically 2.5 years apart? My instinct says yes - it'd be a logistics burden to go through all the age calculations at each campout. But I guess compliance comes first. How does the rule apply here? TIA
  5. Our troop uses Troopkit for event signups, calendar and communications.
  6. Although li +1 Linked troops are two separate units; tracking their financials on different accounts make sense. Our committee opened an additional checking account under our main bank account for the girl troop - with its own treasurer to manage the books. The girl troop will have separate budget, outings expenses, fundraising, etc.
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