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    • Maybe a bit off-topic, but I think the question has been answered adequately already.  My observation over time has been that the Den Chief position is very valuable. Every Scout that I have known who has taken up that responsibility has found it rewarding and fun.  It creates a very strong bond and bridge between the Pack and Troop.  I have seen several times an entire Den complete Cubs/Webelos and cross over to the Troop and be very successful in the Troop because of the influence of a good Den Chief.   
      I may be over-stating my case a bit, but I really feel that the Den Chief is as important to Pack as the the adults.
    • There are (sadly) some circumstances when that is a quite rational response, actually.  Let's say you have a Brownie troop with exactly 12 girls.  You only need two adults  for going on a field trip.  (Two adults can supervise up to 12 Brownies on an outing,  and you can fit 12 girls into two minivans.)   Add one more girl, and you will need a third adult any time you leave your regular meeting place.   If the troop leaders have been having trouble finding additional volunteers, I could certainly see troop leaders in that situation not wanting a 13th girl unless her mom (or dad) volunteered to come on every single field trip.  
    • That is a very telling quote.  And from a Girl Scouts Vice President. It matches what I have seen in the types of program materials that the GS national office has been putting out during the years my daughter has been in scouts. Girl Scouts is a very broad organization.   It has lots of long-term members, more or less active as volunteers,  who have strong opinions, not all the same.   Some have been tugging hard in an outdoor direction (not necessarily successfully).   Others volunteers are perfectly happy with the more modern approach the GSUSA has been taking.     In particular the summer camp programs,  which are run by councils (not by national), and which are completely separate from the troop program,  are a bright light within Girl Scouting for those girls who want to do things outdoors.    And girls can attend these even if they are the only girls in the troops who want to go to camp (or even if they are not a member of a troop at all.) Will the outdoor focussed Girl Scouts gain more traction in their attempts to influence the direction of the national organization, now that Boy Scouting is a competitor?  Or will the modernizers be happy if those old-fashioned Girl Scouts leave and join The Other Scouting Organization and stop badgering the modernizers? (It might not even affect GS adult membership numbers too much, because many of the most opinionated are likely lifetime members.)  
    • John-in KC, good to see you around again.   Ideally, WB is supposed to MODEL the Patrol Method (did BP really use that term?).  As a Scout Leader and Sub Teacher I continue to be surprised and disappointed when I see kids that have to be practically knocked up side the head to work together and plan and make decisions AS A PATROL.....   Most of our kids seem to be unable to think for themselves in the lower and middle grades. They have been so browbeat into WAITING for instruction, to be told what to do....  The idea of a Scout deciding , with his/her buds to go somewhere, do something as a team is foreign to them.   WB should, if it doesn't usually, encourage the adult leader to permit the Scout to think and make mistakes (and deal with the results) themselves.    
    • Help! My daughter's numerals on her Cub Scout uniform are mis-matched. All her numerals were upcycled from previous uniforms. Two of the three numbers have the kind of shimmery style red background, and one (the numeral 1) is the plain matte background.  Does anybody have a shimmery background red #1 patch they would be willing to part with for a reasonable cost? I have a few random things I could trade, including some other red numbers (not sure which ones, I know I have some 5s to spare). 
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