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    • That is an excellent question. I think you are asking if the Chartered Organization can over-rule the unit leaders. Yes, it can.
    • We have mixed dens now,   we have mixed troops now.  not some where in the future, not in a few years,  now.   Only a few but no one doubts that there  are going to be more and more of them until they are the norm. If you really think that our CEO will be surprised by this,  I have a bridge to sell you.  No checks please, cash and in small bills     
    • Can the CM do whatever he or she wants t? It’s a chartered organization. She doesn’t own it. There is a committee. And a company that sponsors the Pack. With that being said, in any instance of any ingrievance anyone has, does she truly have the authority to make decisions that affect the Pack on her own without committee approval?
    • I have never been under the false illusion that virtue sells better than sin. Violence and sex are popular and profitable themes in Hollywood movies.  If the Disney studio decides to take the course of greatest profitability, my guess is that is this is the direction they will be going.
    • Thanks for responding and for these insights on Star Wars. I do agree with your take on what the BSA should be. I appreciate that you're a Star Wars super fan and apparently an ardent supporter of the new Star Wars movies  launched under Kathleen Kennedy. I myself am definitely no super fan of Star Wars  (of any generation) by any means.   I think you're mistaken though, if you think that the Star Wars "juggernaut" will continue given it's current trajectory.  The  Last Jedi made a lot of money because people went to see it in good faith, expecting that it would be a good movie. Instead what they got was a bad movie laced with overt gender politics and leftist social agendas. If you enjoyed it, that's great. I'm glad you did, but most people were very put off by the movie. Yes, artistic differences are subjective and can be open to interpretation, but box office returns, budgets and financial figures are matters of fact. Disney, and Ms. Kennedy, injected feminism and their 'progressive' views into the Star Wars universe and for The Last Jedi, they upped the dosage  and that's now backfiring on them. Plain and simple. You can ignore that if you want to, but the reality is the reality. People just want to see Star Wars. They don't want Kathleen Kennedy's "The Force is Female" take on Star Wars. Bear in mind that Disney is all about profit and right now Solo is not nearly profiting to the tune that they would like it to, since the majority of fans who turned out for The Last Jedi chose not to waste their hard earned money on Solo. It wasn't the marketing, it wasn't the Memorial Day weekend opening, it was the fact that people simply did not want to pay to be force fed (no pun intended) a lesson from Kathleen Kennedy and Disney on gender politics. They learned their lesson after The Last Jedi and weren't going to fall for that twice. Only time will tell, but I would venture to guess that Disney's pursuit of $ will drive some changes in the way that they approach Star Wars. Yes, a movie franchise and an organization for boys are distinctly different but to my original point, both chose to alienate their bases of longstanding supporters and proponents by embracing a feminist agenda and, I think it's safe to say that sadly neither the BSA or Star Wars are flourishing right now...can these trends be reversed and what will it take to do that? I personally do believe that Star Wars, in pursuit of $ will change its course, eventually, but I don't believe the BSA has any plans to deviate from their current heading.
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