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    • @ThenNow  From my understanding, there were many professionals who felt that something constructive should result from the information in the IVF.  After seeing the ones that were publicly released, the paucity of information, especially for older cases, would tend to negate any useful study.  My understanding is that legal counsel and PR were rather emphatic to keep everything behind lock and key.   So feel better that efforts have been made.  I feel that examining the files and consulting with experts could have provided enhanced warnings and some keys.     The 1960’s and early 1970’s was a time when people tended to deny that such things were occurring, though the BSA and other organizations knew that it was.  Hard to remember the attitude of the time but it might have required convincing.     In your case, it is obvious to me that there was concealment.  Not sure that applies to all cases.     Many mistakes were made that had tragic effects.  
    • Hugely agree.  When my dad was a kid, they played cowboys and indians.  Gabby Hayes and John Wayne were in the theaters.  My friends and I played Hogans Heroes as kids.  We watched re-runs of Gilligans Island.  This generation has been online their whole lives playing Minecraft and drowning in politically correct messages. The OA scripts are old and out of place.  Much of the script can be salvaged. ... Time for something simple and authentic. 
    • I am just back from my third summer camp as an adult. I was a Scout in the 1970’s.  So I am constantly trying to reconcile memory with current observation. The first summer camp that I participated in as an adult we had one Scout called out for OA. I believe that was the last OA election the Troop had. The fellow that was chosen declined the honor. . The next years no elections.  I watched our Scouts during the OA ceremony at summer camp and I was pretty sure there would be no interest in OA nominations going forward. Dutifully eavesdropping after the ceremony this year, I heard a couple of Scouts call the proceedings “cringy”. The crazy script, 1950’s western movie delivery with the mismatched costuming, I totally understand why these kids found it off putting. It seems more Mardi Gras than honor society. We have a number of adults serving in our troop who were in OA as youth. Our most recent SM is in OA. My father was in OA as an adult. None of us are discouraging participation but kids are different than when I was a kid. They aren’t buying this package. We aren’t pressing. Maybe it is time to reevaluate the presentation.  
    • Cut and pasted directly from the pamphlet on scouting.org. I think that the OP is refering to the note at the bottom of page 204. (l) Using a .22 caliber rimfire rifle and shooting from a benchrest or supported prone position at 50 feet, fire five groups (three shots per group) that can be covered by a quarter. Using these targets, explain how to adjust sights to zero a rifle. (m)Adjust sights to center the group on the target* and fire five groups (five shots per group). According to the target used, each shot in the group must meet the following minimum score: (1) A-32 targets—9; (2) A-17 or TQ-1 targets—7; (3) A-36 targets—5 *NOTE: It is not always practical to adjust the sights (i.e., when using a borrowed fixed-sight rifle). For requirement 2(l), you may demonstrate your ability to use the shooting fundamentals by shooting five shot groups (five shots per group) in which all shots can be covered by or touch a quarter and then explain how to adjust the sights to zero the rifle used.
    • What new exception? What is the exact wording from the pamphlet?
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