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  1. Sorry that was more of an attendance thing that a quality lodge Idea, but hey....you can't get quality lodge without positive membership growth ehh?
  2. Hey, I have gotten a few Ideas from when I was last a lodge chief, and I have been thinking on this topic for some time. Some of the things you need to do at functions need to be fun things; chalenge your lodge membership to show up. I heard of a good example of this a while back ..... The Lodge chief would chalenge each chapter chief to bring 2 or 3 more members to the next lodge function, and If the chapter chief did, then the chapter chief could put a pie in the face of the lodge chief.... well, I don't know if you would really like that or not but the fun part of it was that the lodge ch
  3. Just imagine....NOAC in 2013......an unlucky number..... Mabee I am just wierd or supersticious.....but I think that they should change after that and skip 2013 and go on and do a NOAC in 2014..... Just a thought......... .............. *scraches his head*
  4. The only problem that I see is that I have only seen youth do ceremonies. I do not think that it is wrong for an adult to do a ceremony, but I think that the ceremony is a role that the youth should play, and therefore giving more emphasis to the cub scouts that the Order of the Arrow is something cool, and that youth are a part of, and not something for "the old guys". I personaly feel that if you want to see more cub scouts move into scouting, and into the Order of the Arrow, then you should use the youth to bridge that gap and not the adults.
  5. Hey, this is the Section Chief of W-5D here, and I am just letting everyone know that the WEST IS THE BEST!!!!! I have A couple of reasons for saying this and I will only say one for now, but we have the best ratio of Quality lodge achievement in the Order of the Arrow currently. Just to let you know....
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