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Someday soon, all families may once again associate Scouting with good character

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    Your question deserves a response even if it isn't spun out. I think you did well with your answer - you have nothing to say at this time, and I love the part of inviting them out to the winter campout (though the flip side is it give a reporter exposure to Scouts they can ask the "what do you think about" question to).

    If it were me, I would tell them that we would have nothing to say on the matter until we had discussions with our chartered organization to find out their views, and that even then, we may have nothing to say on the matter as it's between the Troop and the Chartering Organization, then refer them to the COR.


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      "RE: Someday soon, all families may once again associate Scouting with good character"

      Really? They are going to do a 180 degree change from the current direction? (Or at least the probable direction as noted in PR releases.)

      Pardon me but I doubt it.


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        Woapalanne, I think you and Terry may be defining "good character" a bit differently.


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          The point is, ALL families, regardless of how they define good character, will now be able to find that in Scouting. Simple, fair and honest.


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            Help! Lost in new forum!! I didn't see how to post a new topic, just post to old topic.. Since this was a topic started by Scouter-Terry, I decided to come here to scream.. Help! lost in new forum!!!

            I got the topics, At that level I can read all comments as they are entered in a mish-mash of all topics.. I can see selection of forums.. Hit one, sorted by first topic ever posted (like back to 2001).. See latest, click that, a little better, for that topic..

            Any way to select "All topics", latest posts, (then preferable I then sorted those by date of last post, so the threads were sorted by the latest post and I could see when someone made a new comment to a thread I was following..) but if can't get that sort, I will live..

            Then how do you start a new thread???

            Otherwise Terry, excited about the new forum, If only I can learn to navagate it.


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                Tampa Turtle, around here the model I would use to answer your question is the churches (which would be the CO in some cases). They are loosely known as 'community' churches (as opposed to one conventional flavor or another) or, if they ARE a conventional flavor, they're called 'welcoming congregations'. Both of these designations seem to be code for churches which truly welcome all people including those who are openly gay. So perhaps the modifiers, 'community' or 'welcoming' might be attached to the unit.


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                  That's a good sentiment, Scouter Terry, but I think that ship has sailed away forever.

                  If the Great Compromise passes, a substantial portion of families will feel that National gas compromised its core values in the name of political correctness. They will not associate Scouting with good character as they once did.

                  If the Great Compromise passes, the gay pressure organizations that have used the media and big business to pursue their own ends will not be satisfied unless the local option is abolished and every charter organization is required to admit homosexual leaders and scouts. This is based on their own statements. They do not currently associate Scouting with good character and will not do so until all their demands are met.

                  if the Great Compromise does not pass, those who insist on the local option or the GLAAD option will be not happy and those who favor the new view of moral imperatives on the primacy of sexuality in American life that emerged in recent times will not associate Scouting with good character.

                  There is no possible solution to this available anymore. The balkanization of American politics and the intransigence of those on both sides has led us to a point where some issues do not have a solution that wll make everyone happy, so many of us will have to agree to disagree and accept that there will be hurt feelings.


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                    Two Polar Opposite Beliefs Today (and What The BSA Says About Different Beliefs)Respect of Beliefs


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                        okccal: Believe it or not the Bible/Torah/Koran cannot be considered the only sources of truth or morals in our world. As a Catholic, I agree with many of the positions you outlined, but ultimately, I cannot hold you to my strict Catholic standards. I cannot hold all BSA volunteers to my religious rules and traditions. I wouldn't want to. That's freedom of choice right? The Boy Scouts is allowing freedom of choice. You are decrying freedom of choice while not realizing that same freedom of choice allows you to hold the very views you professed in your post. I thought personal freedom was the calling card of modern conservatives. I guess it's only freedom of choice as long as they agree with your views.

                        Yours in Scouting, regardless of what National decides,


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                          Tampa Turtle: I would imagine that local units will be allowed to include a sexual orientation statement in their anti-discrimination policy. So prospective Scout families can ask to see it. Or just ask if the unit allows gay leaders and scouts.

                          The problem is that most people today don't even know that the BSA doesn't allow gay leaders and scouts because it's not published. Many families are often surprised when they find out about the policy.


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                            I wondered because I am involved in 2 Methodist Churches one of which is openingly "welcoming" and the other more "traditional". Both are in the same district of the United Methodist Church so I wonder how the UMC will parse their response. I think there are some doubts about how workable the local option will be.


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                              Well said, okccal