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  1. Well said, I am one of those lurkers who doesn't post much, but gathers a lot of good info from the forum. I am thrilled BSA is finally going to follow the Scout Law. Thanks SCOUTER-Terry!
  2. I got rid of cable all together. I have high speed internet access and over the air HD. More than enough entertainment with just that, and only ~$40 a month!
  3. I just don't understand how people have time for this kind of stuff in a volunteer organization! Very unScout-like and it just seems like a lot of work for no reason.
  4. I want to second my support for Alps Mountaineering and Scout direct. Awesome stuff, reasonable prices, great people. Can't beat it and they really support Scouting. http://scoutdirect.com/ http://www.alpsmountaineering.com/
  5. This is probably the most insightful thing I have read on this board. Thank you for posting this, something I thought for quite some time. I continue to feel that if we (adults) all just do a "little" together, let the boys do the rest, and spend quality time with our families and other activities it is for the better.
  6. I think we can all agree that there are both good/bad male/female leaders. That isn't the point or question in this thread. The question is around female leadership in Boy Scouts. I assume this excludes Cubs, Explorers, Venture, etc. since those are different branches. I agree with Mr. Boyce, there are times when young men need role models who are male. This is what Boy Scouts serves to do (at least IMHO). Women are leaders in every other aspect of a young mans life, why can't there be one place where men lead young men? And no, I am not that old, Boy Scouts proper just allowed
  7. Thank you Narraticong (Ken), you eloquently expressed what I tried and failed to do. I agree with you 100%, excellent insight!
  8. Lisabob : "Jsummerlin, your argument would have the practical effect of excluding women leaders until the BSA changes its membership policy. While you may be right about the consistency angle, you would effectively shut out women for the foreseeable future. I imagine you can see where that might be problematic. " Exactly! Which is why I would push this ASAP. Covering our ears is not going to change it. If we are going to change, then change. Address the membership policy and be done with it. Join Scouting as the rest of the world does. Right now we send mixed messages, moms can join
  9. Eagle92: "JS, females as MEMEBERS of troops, may be headed our way in the near future." This is all I ask for, consistency. If we go co-ed, that is fine, but you cannot do it half way. Be consistent in your policy, female leaders, female members. Don't do it half way. gwd-scouter, I don't speak for anyone else but myself. I am not speaking for the "old guard" or the cub scout leaders of the past or present. I am simply pointing out the BOY Scouts of America is inconsitent in their co-ed policy. Nothing you have said to this point has addressed that. Again, I applaud your tr
  10. NJCubScouter, I understand Explorers, Venture Scouts, etc. I was in many co-ed Explorer Posts, had a lot of fun and learned a lot. The title of this thread is "Female Leadership in Boy Scouting", so my assumption is that we are talking about Boy Scouts, not Cubs, Venture, or Explorers. My question is still unanswered though. If we allow female adult leadership, why not allow female scouts? I just see it as inconsistent. gwd-scouter, no doubt you are a fine leader. Can my daughter join your troop?
  11. Thanks for the clarification shortridge, so as adult leaders we are not members of the Boy Scouts of America? Interesting, I did not know that. What organization do we belong to when we apply and pay our fee?
  12. Wow Scoutfish, talk about mangling and misinterpreting my words. I am not a racist nor a sexist person. Do not try to paint me as such. I simply state the name of the organization "Boy Scouts of America". If we need to change that, then do it all the way. It is odd that we allow women leaders and not women members. Why don't we allow women members? Because it is the BOY Scouts of America! There was a debate on another thread a while back around wearing another countries flag on your uniform. Should we do that? Well, no, because we are the Boy Scouts of AMERICA. Other c
  13. Ok, I will jump in with what is an against the grain opinion. This is the "Boy Scouts of America" correct? If we allow women leaders, do we allow women members? I always thought that was a bit odd, why one but not the other? I am from the "older crowd" when there were no women in scouting. It was odd for me to see women as leaders, and even stranger women in OA. I'm not suggesting I am right, but those are my honest feelings. I see Boy Scouts as training boys to be men, and that should come from men leaders IMO.
  14. It has been a long time since my Eagle app/BOR, but I remember on the application there is a place for faith and a signature is required correct? And in my district BOR I was specifically asked about faith. I'm not sure how you can get through this without any faith at all.
  15. What Eagle92 said, you just have to say "no" sometimes. Scouting can get overwhelming, fun, but overwhelming. Skip a campout, or two, or three. Delegate tasks. You don't have to go to every cub meeting, every troop event, every OA event (I have kids in all those). Keep it simple, it benefits you, your family, and the scouts. Balance is the key.
  16. Can someone point me to a site or resource that provides proper pronunciations? I have always wondered how things are pronounced and assumed most were getting them wrong.
  17. Got my son the new uniform, and he loves it. He never liked the bright red accents on the old uniform. New material is great. Shirt looks really good and functional, not like the old one that looks (and is) more of a formal wear shirt. ++ for the new uniform from a scout. ++ from a scouter. BTW, also love the new green accented patches. Yeah no more red!
  18. He is the President of the United States. Respect the position, doesn't matter what side of the aisle you are on. As Scouts, we should at least do that.
  19. Way to go OldGreyEagle! This is great news, keep it going. It won't be easy, but well worth it for sure. You are setting a great example!
  20. Consume less and exercise more, your body will adjust. If you start to eat good foods, your body will hate you anytime you eat junk food or soda. Do the opposite, and your body will adjust and crave those junk foods. It is personal choice, scouts should lead by example. I always admired Pres. Bush for his level of fitness. He inspired me to get fit, and it works. He is exceptionally fit and healthy for his age.
  21. I grew up on military bases, we always addressed our leaders by their military rank. Col. ___, LT. ___, SGT. ___
  22. ChaiAdventure, that is the best explanation I have seen, including my own. Coming from a military/scouting family I thank you for your service to our country, both in the military and scouting. Well put!
  23. I agree with the burnout comments. Tigers is to early, they should get rid of it before adding another program. My older son was a Tiger and burned out on Scouting at about second class. He is just starting up again after about a year off, but he was really tired of it. Couldn't blame him. With my 7 year old I am not making the same mistake. He is joining cubs this year (2nd grade) as a Wolf, and is excited. I cannot imagine this being his *3rd* year in cubs???
  24. MissingArrow, good post, thanks for the information, but this doesn't change anything for me. $400K salary? That is the explanation? How many boys could we send to summer camp with that "deferred" compensation? How many camp facilities could be upgraded for this money and the rest of the "deferred" compensation due the new CSE? A Scout is thrifty.
  25. That is fair, John-in-KC, I hear you on the emotional energy front. The problem is I cannot, in an honest way, ask boys to fund raise to support this. Disgraceful I say. This is why I will only support local units and boys directly. Let's send the kids to summer camp, not a huge CEO salary!
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