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  1. I agree with Garrison cap above. Homosexual activity is gravely immoral. It's damaging to those who do these things. It's a sign of grave weakness in the organization to even make this announcement: it means the BSA has lost its compass. Scouting loses if the policy changes.
  2. (snort!) One election hardly makes a tide! One election makes nothing permanent in a democracy, where votes can shift like the wind and image is everything. The problem with homosexuality is that its bad for the person practicing it. The problem with homosexual "marriage" (eh, similar to an "married bachelor" in terms of logic)is that it is deeply destructive of genuine marriage, which is designed for building and supporting the next generation. Obama is the luckiest man on earth. He's been given cardboard cutouts to compete against. If you study his political presence in Illinois, y
  3. OK. to some they may have looked goofy and old-fashioned, but the Knee Socks and Garter thing really worked. The real proof is at summer camp: spend a week in the heat and you do need shorts. The socks are protective when you go through the woods.
  4. I liked the collarless shirt. Didn't care for either the garrison hat or beret. Back then, it would have been neat to have had a busted old BP hat.
  5. I got back into scouting because my wife said it was a good program that needed good men. I guess in all this, I'm left scratching my head and wondering "what percentage of the general population is pedophile?" Anyone know?
  6. Perverts who like boys will hang around boy organizations. I don't think the BSA is unique in having this problem. My sense is that in 2012, we have higher standards in this area for two reasons: first, because we CAN have them (computers, better records, better ability to monitor) and second, because we're more alert to the detrimental effects of molestation. It used to be virtually laughed off, or treated as a small matter. I have a tough time, though, using 2012 standards/science in order to condemn those using lousy science and technology and wrong psychology. You may be for
  7. Let's get back to basics, claim it's "freedom" and wear Official Boy Scout Breechclothes. You kiltie fellows might like this even better.
  8. Thanks for the above. I have really been trying to do "due diligence" on these issues, and I cannot find much good substantive evidence disproving the notion that homosexuality is a psychological perversion and that homosexuals are more predatory on youth. I DO see a massive propaganda bandwagon marching to the tune of "dumbing down" any genuine moral concern, and "normalizing" abnormal behavior. (It's tempting to join in: I would like to be a Pepper too! and of course in America it is verboten to say "no" to anyone; God forbid you are "mean").
  9. I've always felt conflicted about the so-called banned books week. To some extent, it's the job of "responsible adults" to keep from wasting money and squandering good efforts---so a library board might well consider NOT subscribing to Penthouse or Hustler, and should very well consider the negative impacts of various materials. The downside of this is that a small percentage of "filth" is actually more valuable than is recognized by people on committees, etc. Weigh and balance the matter. Certainly Holden Caulfield wouldn't want any little kids hurt.
  10. Here's something interesting: http://americansfortruth.com/2012/10/01/catholic-league-homosexuality-implicated-in-boy-scout-child-molestation-files/
  11. The contemporary emphasis on "Making Eagle" is nuts. It's a way to keep membership, etc., gets parents involved. But the real purpose of the advancement system is to generate SELF-MOTIVATION. A kid should pull himself up the rope on his own. This is what builds character, sticking to a goal like this. It's damnable that parents push their kids on the track, and horrible that the scout program has put this up as the Big Goal of it all.
  12. You know this is a tough area in many respects. How many additional youth organizations, sports groups, YMCAs, etc., need to be investigated? I say this, and there's a part of me that recognizes that this kind of thing can easily blow into a witch hunt. Plenty of hysteria is possible. I really pleased with the Youth Protection stuff; it's important we follow it and not slack.
  13. I was a youth when I first heard the national organization had such a file. This was in the 70s. It's pretty clear that the files will not only have whatever bits of local police blotter and newspaper items, but will also have plenty of hearsay malarky and ad hoc stuff. Of course, the chief purpose of this whole deal has been to profit the lawyers. Standards of protection change. I would LOVE to be able to go back in time and sue my local fire department for their "inadequate" protection of my house back in the 1990s. Or sue car manufacturers for the "insufficient" attention to
  14. OP: Doing fundraising, I have actually had the same kind of thing happen SEVERAL times. . . people who are glad the BSA is maintaining its standards. Nothing wrong with that; they're GOOD standards. And organizations such as the BSA should preach and teach them.
  15. Not a golfer, so I really don't care, other than to note that it's okay in my book for women to hang together and do things, and for men to hang together and do things.
  16. This will end in biting them in the but. Good luck in Connecticut!
  17. You know, one reason I got back into scouting was because my wife felt the organization could use some good men! Perverts, creeps (and men who like males), are always going to plague youth organizations. The nice thing about sports is that everything's more visible. But the BSA is always going to have a problem: think Willie Sutton here: when asked why he robbed banks, he said, "that's where the money is." You're a creep, you hang out around schools, sports, etc. I have some animosity here because I hate having to be anxious about this stuff. Much nicer if the danger didn't exis
  18. Anti gay marriage is not anti-gay. Marriage is a social structure, not an individual deal; it is predicated on the development and continuation of families through time, which is a social concern, and should be of serious concern, given current demographics. The gays need to lighten up.
  19. I agree entirely with the above. Useless floof.
  20. As a youth, I enjoyed the fact that the OA and the BSA was male-only. I know women who prefer female-only schools. It gets tedious when the equality idea turns into a bludgeon on every little matter. Life's different. Variety exists.
  21. I'm interested in hearing ideas, suggestions, that you've found producing results.
  22. I may be mistaken, but the columnist's history may be quite wrong. It's possible. For after all, the American founder of scouting was very explicit about the organization not discriminating on the basis of race. The BSA DOES discriminate on the basis of gender!
  23. I'm "incorrect" and likely to be hauled away for "reeducation" for saying this, BUT I really DO feel homosexuality is aberrant behavior and should not be encouraged. I really DO believe the statistics which show that homosexual adults are more likely to commit pedophilia. I really DO believe sex is a matter for adults and not children; the organization should not be in the business of dealing with this issue, which is a real prerogative of parents; a family subject. People can disagree with me all they like. It's okay. People disagree at times.
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