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  1. Hi @skeptic -- not sure what printed piece you're referring to?
  2. The SCOUTER.com virtual campfire has been lighting our community now for more than 25 years. It's hard for me to imagine that so much time has passed, and the thousands of Scouts and Scouters around the world that have learned and shared together. These are obviously incredibly trying times for Scouting and enormous transition for the organization. But I have always believed that the very best of Scouting was at the grassroots, found in the mentoring relationship of a leader and young Scout, honed on cold winter campouts and sharpened by the lessons of leadership and service. And these fo
  3. Sorry about that folks... we had some gremlins running wild in the server... should be resolved, and I will try to monitor more closely!
  4. Hi folks! Please welcome @desertrat77 and @MattR as the newest members of the moderator team at SCOUTER.com! As a reminder, these moderators are volunteering their cheerful service for a quality experience around our virtual campfire. They aren't forfeiting their roles as members of the forum, they are just stepping up to help keep the area clean, and remind us all to remain Scoutlike in our interactions. Be kind, be friendly... and thankful to the full team!
  5. Forums were upgraded today, and errors were during the upgrade time. Problems should be resolved now, or in the next couple of hours.
  6. The new mobile interface is generally much easier to navigate. However, if you prefer to view standard web page interface while on your mobile device, you can achieve by "requesting desktop version" as a setting in your browser (this is a standard checkbox in the settings of Chrome and most browsers).
  7. Hi folks! Today, we have upgraded the forum software from the outdated version to the latest stable release. Unlike the old forum version, this new version is feature-rich, security hardened with automated anti-spam, more professional, with the ability to integrate numerous add-ons/services, and is built on the contemporary HTML5/CSS3 framework. It is also fully responsive to media devices (PC/Tablet/Mobile). Please be patient, but explore the new software and let us know how you like (or dislike) new features. Some of these things may just take some getting used to, ot
  8. Folks... (and really this is directed at just two or three of you)... Give it a rest on the moderators. They are all volunteers, and they make this place better for us all. They also aren't immune to their own opinions and passions, nor did they volunteer to give up their ability to participate in the forums. I picked a balanced team of very reasonable, moderate folks and begged them to provide this cheerful service. It's unseemly to whine about them. They are doing the job I've asked them to do. If you have concerns, feel free to PM me directly, but please stop complaining publicly about wh
  9. @@MattR, fair enough... Though my comment was meant more to align with the wonderful news that soon all families will be able to find or start a Scout troop and join the Movement. This here little website may have been around since November of 1995 (20 year celebration needs to start planning soon!), but folks can easily walk across the Internet tubes and launch their own. Happy weekend to y'all.
  10. The volunteer moderators of this forum do cheerful service, usually just keeping SCOUTER.com organized and enjoyable. The policy and standard of decorum for participation here has always included (1) acting Scoutlike and (2) behaving as you would standing around a campfire where Scouts and Scouters could gather. The Issues and Politics Forum have always had greater leeway, because important and interesting issues deserved to be discussed. The expected change in policy by BSA is a major inflection point (one long overdue in my opinion, though I respect that some may disagree based
  11. Happy 100th Anniversary to the Order of the Arrow! July 15, 1915 on Treasure Island I had the honor of living, traveling and working with William "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt when I was young. I met Bill Hillcourt much the way countless other kids did: I waited in a long line at the National Jamboree to get a handbook signed (as a gift for my Scoutmaster back home). But then, in the lead up to the 75th anniversary NOAC the next year, I reached out to Bill and asked if he wouldn't mind sharing his memories of Urner Goodman for the NOAC newspaper. He agreed, and the back and forth around the
  12. Newsletter - Recent Topics body,div,dl,dt,dd,ul,ol,li,h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,pre,form,fieldset,input,textarea,p,blockquote,th,td { margin:0; padding:0; } table { border-collapse:collapse; border-spacing:0; } fieldset,img { border:0; } address,caption,cite,code,dfn,th,var { font-style:normal; font-weight:normal; } ol,ul { list-style:none; } caption,th { text-align:left; } h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 { font-size:100%; font-weight:normal; } q:before,q:after { content:''; } abbr,acronym { border:0; } address{ display: inline; } html, body { background-color: #d8dde8; color: #5a5a
  13. Latest Topics 2015 National Disability Services Newsletter http://scouter.com/index.php/topic/27127-may-2015-national-disability-se... Crisis Of Faith I'm having a sort of crisis of faith in the BSA right now. It just seems like the BSA is continually moving away from the adventure of outdoors and trying to just disallow anything that MIGHT ha... Scout Led/run Vs: Scouters Teaching This has been hashed over and over I know, but I'm still struggling with the last campout campfire. I know that's criptic so allow me to give a thumbnail sketch.
  14. Please try the email request again... we've updated to repair (hopefully).
  15. As we work to remove known bugs and enable features, let's use this thread to track issues and requests. Known Issues: - Some users are having trouble seeing threads when logged in (blank page), but not after logging out.
  16. Ken... please monitor... This may have been temporary issue...
  17. BTW, it was Carson and Martha Buck... and yes, Bill (and me, for a while) lived in a basement apartment of their farm house (after decades at Schiff). It was great to talk with you tonight LeCastor, and walk down fond memories of Bill Hillcourt. Looking forward to continuing the discussion in person in the coming weeks!
  18. It is with sadness that I convey to all of you that John Arno, known to all of us as OldGreyEagle, has passed away. John's son Ryan shared details with me this morning of his dad's sudden passing while on a trip to Colorado. John was an exceptional man, and wonderful contributor to this virtual campfire for a decade. Much of that time John spent as our moderator, and his cheerful voice, service and thoughts often came when needed most. This forum, and many of us personally, are better because we had the chance to know John. I only met John in person one time. He was traveling through
  19. Hopefully you've seen several of the improvements and bug fixes that you've been reporting over the past couple of days. After our first major software upgrade in more than 10 years, there's been a few bumps, and I appreciate your patience. This thread is being created as a single, public forum where I encourage you to post any remaining issues or suggestions you want us to address, or helpful usability advice you can share with others based on your experience so far. Even if you've previously suggested something.... if it doesn't yet appear to be fixed, please post it again here. And if
  20. The point is, ALL families, regardless of how they define good character, will now be able to find that in Scouting. Simple, fair and honest.
  21. I just published my thoughts on Scouting's policy change to Forbes.com: http://bit.ly/VNAETb'>http://bit.ly/VNAETb I've maintained SCOUTER.com since 1994, and for many years it has been my remaining connection to a life that once had room for little more than Scouting. I haven't shown a heavy hand on this controversial issue, instead preferring to let good Scouters gather around this online roundtable to voice their own opinions. There have been many times when I felt my lack of public force on this issue wasn't courageous enough. But for more than a decade, this forum was one of
  22. Hi folks... thanks for all the suggestions! Here's the scoop... This site was first put on the Internet during the dark ages... way back in November 1995... hard to believe it's older than most of the Scouts in your troop! I agree that the code for the Forums (and many other parts of the site, which includes about 200,000 pages of non-Forum content) is dated. A few weeks ago, I took some rare downtime, and started a project to deploy a completely updated version of SCOUTER.com... replacement code for the Forums and the entire site. Fifteen years ago, working on the code for thi
  23. You're right, MooseTracker... we want someone that can summarize the forums in a interesting and positive way to share with people that might not be reading them thoroughly. The right candidate(s) will be helping me behind the scenes, though, and not necessarily known to the public.
  24. Are you addicted to reading SCOUTER.com forums? Could you summarize the discussions and resources here in a weekly blog post of a few paragraphs? Would you like to earn a few extra bucks each month for helping produce a compelling summary? There are dozens of great discussions and contributions to the forum going on, and sometimes it can be hard to quickly find the best stuff. And -- believe it or not -- not everyone sits on the site 14 hours a day scouring Scouting stuff. So, we're looking for a talented editor that can craft compelling content to highlight new topics, point
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