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Firewood transport

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    - Has your unit been greatly inconvenienced by rules in your area on firewood transport?

    No we don't travel far

    - Do you traditionally bring firewood to a campouts, or use what's available at the site?
    Well for Campfires we scrounge Wood..Wood Burns no different when it comes to just watching and as a light source

    For Use with the BBQ Trailer I bring good woods for cooking...Of Course being in Texas I have an abundance of Mesquite but I also once in awhile buy Hickory, Apple, and Oak...I prefer Seasoned wood for Heat Source and a Green wood for Smoking


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      In Missouri I've never not been able to have a fire due to not being able to find downed wood within 100 yards.
      On the other hand, I have seen Troops from outside the area bringing in trailer loads of wood which they don't even consume 1/4 of, and then leave the remnant (and any ash borers they brought with them) there with a base of operations to live in until they could get to the resident trees.
      If you are coming to Missouri to camp PLEASE don't bring your wood with you unless you can certify it's ash borer free - there's plenty of downed wood here.


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        Follow up. Per my friend at the Missouri Department of Conservation regarding hauling wood around.
        "There are regulations. Firewood cannot be carried across state lines and cannot be carried out of the counties that have had emerald ash borer positively identified under penalty of law. The MDC requests that no fire wood ever cross county lines as a precaution."