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  1. I just had a parent tell me Suprise! my boy who came to 3 meetings the last 12 months is deserving of his AOL! Suprise he is crossing over! I told her show me the documentation and she got quiet...boy never even got his webeloe 1 yet! What to do now?
  2. Shows how good more guns laws would work! Lets get more restrictions on buying gas as well, he did start a fire.
  3. Gun restriction will work- look at the NY fireman shooter. He was not allowed to own guns legally did not stop him. Oh and lets have tighter gasoline regulations so folks dont burn down things! Same thing just a different weapon of mass destruction!
  4. Emotion over Logic. Emotion will win everytime. Slow down folks, why do the air marshals have guns? Why cant we have them too?
  5. Sorry Beave- I carry a gun cause a cop is too heavy!
  6. "Laws dont work"? Maybe if they are enforced. So if we tax, liscence ect... that have stopped this tragedy? They had money and lots of it so they would have paid your fees without any problems. Thugs, would they pay those fees? I hope you are joking...
  7. Responsiblities? Why any different for him. If he causes problems he should go. If he or the parents dont like it well its only $1 to tranfer to the yes troop...
  8. Enforce the laws!24 yr olds are dropping rocks onto traffic on the interstate facing 42 years, ect... They got 3 months house arrest and probation- meanwhile a income tax evader gets 5 years? Wow-now there is justice. Enforce the laws!
  9. So we the legal law abiding should not own the same type of weapons as the bad guys to defend ourselves? Mmm- Sorry but I want to protect my butt and those around me. Schools are gunfree zones- bad guys follow the law dont they. The media/public figures/movie stars do not want us to have protection but their body gaurd can. What 'all for me and none for thee..."
  10. At our local BSA camp there is a town of cut split firewood on camp, the OA helps do that. Now when I was another council's camp you had to scrounge the woods. Myself I like the kids had to get it themselves. They had to work together.
  11. Kimble, do what you can. Selling the church is out of your hands. 7 scouts is a great start. If you go somewhere else will all the others come? In our pack of 12 the rest would not come with us. Personally I would not count on council's help but that is my own opinion & experience. Ask the Chartered rep what do these changes mean to the pack. Find a new Charter organization if needed. Mine just provides us with a meeting place, they are comfortable with that and so am I. Remember Kimble, you are doing this for the boys not for council nor the church.
  12. Qwazse, forgot about the zipper thing but the Amish will sew whatever you want. When I left the business world almost had all my suits&ties made into a rug by the Amish. Should've done that. Velcro sounds like a good idea as well.
  13. Amish- they do a lot of sewing and like to make money too...I saw you live in Ohio and thought you may have some amish near ya.
  14. thanks to all. Women make fine leaders as well. We picked up a few more wolves so our pack is 1/2 wolves and a new leader to boot. The drop and go kid will be joining us as well.
  15. Scoutnut- I appreciate your input. I've met with the parents, that is why we have so few- the rest quit! I have no men, they are all at home playing videogames. Lastly I have begged council for help and got the answer- Hang in there! it'll get better. The mix is 5 cubs and 4 webeloes. Largest den has 3 wolves. To put it into perspective I have 2 webeloes II. The football folks have all of the 5th grade boys but 2. That is what Im up against and If I allow drop n Go from the beginning I doubt they will be much of a help later...
  16. Thanks for all of the advice but I am the only leader that stays as it is. I need other parents to stay ust for the 2 deep leadership requirement. We are only 9 boys and 5 families, I did not want another parent just drop&go and yes they did leave before when I required it from them. I would love to find babysitters for my kids at only $15 per year!
  17. Parent wants son to sign up and asks if she has to stay. I say I dont know the kid so call me back after I speak with the den leader. She tells me he is "just a energetic 10 yr old". We are a pack of 10 in a school of less than 100 boys so new blood would be nice.But I'm not a babysitter and they left our group years ago cause I told the parent such. So what does the scouters say?
  18. Real life is that our pack is a one man show but I can imagine a great meeting all the same. What makes a pack meeting great? Entertainment, projects, competitions? Please let us know.
  19. We had someone that could sew make us up a bunch out of denim. Look great and work well. A scout could make their own, use dental floss and those stiches wont go anywhere!
  20. I say do what you can- even if you impact 1 child it is well worth it.
  21. I appreciate all of your answers! Will wear, loud and proud!
  22. Is it ok to wear flap as a cub leader if member of OA? tanks
  23. Why hold on to his gear? Have the parent sign off they have all of his gear and Donate the gear to the troop! Donate the clothes, boots sleeping bag to the womens shelter. My favorite is have a burn the unclaimed crap ceromony. Just heard of that but thought I'd share it.
  24. We march in a parade as well. Exposure if nothing else. Our council had a fishing derby in May. Handed out 3500 flyers in school. Had 9 kids show up including mine. I try to wear a camp shirt and have recuited from that as well. All you need is few and you never know when and where they will come from!
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