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  1. I had a thought awhile back...I was gonna Build a Chuck box on a Small Trailer..Getting to old to Carry one..Plus I seem to have enough stuff for 10 Chuckboxes.Troop Trailers are being frowned upon...and To Bulky...I thought why not have a Small Trailer which could be dropped in Camp..And No Unloading and reloading stuff..Seems I am behind the Times. I found a Forum that people talk about converting and Building trailers similar to the Aussie outback Trailers...Some cool Trailers there .. http://tventuring.com/trailerforum What do yall think about these type of trailers? for units who do more stationary type camping of course
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    Sad Day At Philmont

    Condolences to the Family and Friends of the Scout Lost News Release - 6/27/2015 This is a very difficult time for our entire Scouting family. During the early morning hours of Saturday, June 27, Philmont Scout Ranch was hit with significant rainfall that resulted in elevating stream levels and some flooding in areas across the property. The health and safety of our youth members is our top priority and our staff immediately began making contact with all crews and participants throughout the backcountry to offer assistance and assure the safety of all participants. During that process, our staff was unable to account for one youth participant, who we have since confirmed passed away. We have notified the family and are supporting them in any way we can. We are also mindful of the Scouts and adult volunteer leaders present on the trek, and we are also working to support those affected by this tragic incident. All other participants have been accounted for and there are no additional injuries. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and we are supporting them in any way that we can. Philmont Scout Ranch is comprised of 214 square miles in New Mexico. Each year, around 20,000 Scouts visit Philmont for backpacking treks and training and service programs. At Philmont we strive to provide a safe and inspiring setting for Scouts to experience the natural environment of northern New Mexico and seek to protect both Scouts and wildlife. Please keep the family and those involved in your thoughts and prayers. URL: http://www.philmontscoutranch.org/~/link.aspx?_id=829043D2C6F54040B330C6D8D1FE4C6B&_z=z
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    What does the OA cost?

    After Ordeal Around here 95% just pay the yearly Dues...Sash and Dash is where the Money is....
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    Forced out of Scouting

    Best of Luck
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    As we say goodbye

    Condolences on your loss
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    Looking forward to Conclave

    And 1 other Adult
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    Please Pray

    Sorry for the Late Condolences. Don't swing by the Forums every single day.
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    Have had just about enough!

    my lodge has never had chapters
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    1 outing multiple requirements?

  10. jpstodwftexas

    Philmont: South Range

    The South Route offers a Cantina where you can sit around sipping Root Beers and Sarsaparillas. No matter what route you take, you will love it.... Philmont needs a 30 Day Adventure...Travel at your Leisure pace.
  11. They will have fun until someone points out that Boys and Girls can't play well together and starts handing out Guides to Safe Outdoorsmanship
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    The PLC Has Decided: Mixed Aged Patrols in May

    You would have owed me some money Being a Country Boy I knew how to Camp prior to Boy Scoutsand more importantly how to cook.. I was taught by my Great Grandmother. After my First Camp out..I was the permanent Troop Cook... After My first Council Camporee..I was the "Unofficial" Staff Cook...staff always came to our campsite to eat I was known for Steaks, Pheasants, Quail, Cornish Hens, Pork Chops, Fried Catfish....Cobblers and Cakes...sometimes even venison, duck and rabbits Breakfast always had Pancakes, Bacon, Hot Links, Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage, Fresh Biscuits, Peppered Gravy, Hot Oat Meal, Grits and Scrambled Eggs and sometimes Breakfast Burritos... I literally need a Chuckwagon...for flour, sugar, baking Powder, baking soda, starch, beans, noodles...no mixes in my box
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    The PLC Has Decided: Mixed Aged Patrols in May

    I can tell the Majority of yall were or are involved in Big Troops.... Said this Before..I Grew up in a Troop where we were lucky to have 8-12 Scouts at the Max and usually had around 8 at the Most at any given time... Our ages ran from 11 to 18 at any given time. We were a Troop and a Patrol at the same time...When we competed at Council events I don't think we ever had to worry about a Patrol Size limit causing us to be split up.
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    Merit Badge Sashes ... Who qualifies to wear one?

    There is no Mandatory Rule... However if your troop Does "uniform" inspections ....You would lose 5 Points in the Insignia Section because you were not wearing a Sash. A Boy Scout could toss Merit Badges in the trash right away if they wanted to after receiving it..or tell troop save ya money. There is no "Law" that you have to have a Boy Scout Collection of Memorabilia to pass down when you die. Some things are just tradition...Such as Wearing the First 6 Merit Badges on the right sleeve. Just off the Cuff...and the 7th and beyond on a Sash.. Now Days with so Many "earned" every Merit Badge but retain no knowledge Days I am surprised they have not gone to a Digital Sash..or made special Eagles to fit all the Palms
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    Man ! ! How Active are your Lodges? Troop Activities Vs Lodge Activities... These days around here it is 2 OA Activities..Winter Ordeal and Summer Ordeal... Same Scouts go to Philmont and Jambo...as NOAC..most are all in OA.. Every OA Fundraisers last few years Boy Lead .... Canceled The Other Major Fundraiser is Adults due to what we did...Haul Water Tanks on Trailers for a Major National Bike Ride... They Canceled the Adult driven "Super Bowl Ribs" due to several issues.
  16. Were they there as paid Medical Staff? If not they were not performing life saving actions in the line of Duty. Sorry to hear that the efforts were unsucessful
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    Girls Just Wanna Be Cub Scouts

    WeBelos....Stands for WE BE LOYAL SCOUTS
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    Girls Just Wanna Be Cub Scouts

    I missed that in the Constitution...can you point me in the right direction to finding it.
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    Have had just about enough!

    I believe we did it right... Our Ordeals went something like this.. Friday Night Check in 7 pm check in Candidates...Sunset Pre Ordeal Ceremony.. Stake out.. Friday Night Cracker Barrel....for members Spades and Dominoes Tournaments (Youth and Adults)....and Vigil Ordeal Saturday 5 am Candidate Breakfast ( Raw Egg, 2 Slices pint of Milk, 1 Match and a sheet of Tin Foil)/ Vigil Ceremony 6am Saturday Steak Vigil Breakfast 7am Everyone else Breakfast 8 am Work Project 12 Noon Lunch Candidates first ( 2 Slices of Bread and a Slice of Baloney...Water only) everyone else nice lunch. 1 pm Work Details.. 5 Pm Dinner Candidates first ( 2 Slices of Bread and a Slice of Baloney...Water Only)....everyone Else nice Dinner 6 pm-Sunset ...candidate Meditation/lodge Orientation (History of OA and Lodge, ..Lodge Members free time Spades and Dominoes. Brotherhood Candidates review and testing . Sunset Candidates Stake out again...Brotherhood Ceremony...Free Time for Non eligible Members Sunday 5 am Candidate Breakfast ( Same as Saturday) 6am Vigil and New Brotherhood Steak breakfast 7 am Everyone Else Breakfast 8 am Church 9 am Work projects 12 Noon Lunch Candidates first..(4 Slices of Bread 2 Slices of Baloney)..everyone else nice Lunch 1 PM Work projects... 4 pm Work Stop ...Everyone...(Open Swim in Summer for an Hour)...followed By Showers >>>EVERYONE 5 Pm Ordeal Ceremony 7ish...Dinner New Ordeal Members first....( 2 Baloney Sandwiches for Show)...Steak Dinner for New Members (including Baked Potatoes, Red Beans, Salad, Iced Tea, and Cherry Cobbler and Ice Cream and a mess of other Goodies) ..seconds of New Members... 8ish...Lodge Business...New Vigils announced, New Brotherhood Announced, New Ordeals Announced and received lodge Flap. Awards for Spades and Dominoes....lodge Elections were done at Winter Ordeal since it got Darker sooner..so times were adjusted for earlier Sunset, 9ish Cleaning up and Went home We had a fellowship once a month..Be it a Camp out, Movie, Pizza Party..or Work Projects...Lodge Dancers made every Campfire in Regalia and Closing Camp Fire at all Council events We averaged 50 Youth at every activity....And about as many Adults. We never read from Books Our Lodge Flap was a 1 in Lifetime
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    Have had just about enough!

    No Matter how Hard you try.... these days just don't compare to the old days... Hard to tell where it went wrong... When I left the Lodge..We had a Great Dance team..We had Tepees..We built Arbors for the Drummers and Singers. ...Guide would lead the Visitors along a Trail to the far end of Camp through the Woods...to be Challenged by Spirt Warriors along the Path...in the distance Drums and singers could be heard...They would be welcome to the Circle..Scouts sat in a Half moon on the Ground...Elders and Siblings sat on log Benches. Chief would welcome everyone...Medicine man would offer a prayer....Dance team would perform....just before sunset Medicine man would offer a blessing to the Spirits to welcome new members...Fire would magically light... Dancers would be out in the Scouts...and On Drum Beat...Candidate would be swooshed out of Crowd and Tapped out...Receive a Block of Wood and a willow wreath...To Bring Back to ordeal ( to be burned...Block of Wood was to be carved into an Arrow..) At Ordeal if you Violated silence you got a Notch...3 you were out of Ordeal.. We had Pre-ordeal memorized. We had Ordeal Memorized, We had Brotherhood, Memorized Vigil...We had Regalia. As Soon as a Ceremonies team member made the Next Level they started learning the Next Ceremony to step in...We knew all Parts... When I came Back..everything was gone..No Dancers, No Regalia, No Tepees, No Arbor...not even a Tap Call out ring anymore They were not escort from Closing Camp fire before Call out Ceremony any more..Now They Danced for a few minutes...Then Called out the Candidates..No Swoosh..just called out. Given No Wood no willow wreaths And the Worst Part...They were reading everything... And then the same thing at the Ordeal....and Flash lights to read by... Ordeal went from Friday Night to Sunday Evening to Saturday Night to Sunday Morning.. :( :( And it was allowed because OA is Boy Lead...
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    People Who Don't Know Beans

    Around here....Soaked over night in Cold water...Rinsed Twice and then Get slow Cooked with..Ham Hock/Salt pork, A Dash of Sea Salt, Coarse Ground Black Pepper, Spanish Paprika, A Dash of Chili Powder and Cumin, A Whole Large Diced Sweet Onion and a Healthy Heaping of fresh Sliced Jalapeno (seeds included) and some fresh Diced Garlic
  22. jpstodwftexas

    Taking boys "Jeepin".

    I got a Simple rule about Activities..If you have to ask if something was prohibited or think it would conflict with BSA rules don't do it as a Scout Activity...When I was a Youth...at one point my Whole troop were also members of Red River Renegades...We shot Muzzleloaders, We carried Bowie Knives, We Threw Axes and Tomahawks...And when it came to Camporee time Everyone in the Council was always amazed that we stomped all the other troops so badly in the Mountain Man events. I am surprised that some rules lawyers have not jumped on how that would violate the "Leave No Trace" rules.
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    Leader Training

    Wanna make sure 100% get trained 100%, pay 100% of the Cost for them.. I don't pay to volunteer
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    Non-Uniform Pants, a new discussion

    As an Adult I wore the 5:11 Tacts also..Much better than the Official Pants...and unless you point it out 99% of the Scouters around you will never Know....The pants are close enough in color. I had an Official Pair of Scout pants..lasted 2 Months.. I found the 5.11 more comfortable than the BSA Pants... I hate any Switchback style Pants.. . Bit of an Irony...I was approached by several youth....Who in years never wore anything but Blue Jeans to scouts...asked were I got them and after they got a pair they started wearing them. Seems they felt they were no longer ashamed of the Scouting Uniforms. Something else I have Noticed around here at least...the vast Majority of troops do not do Uniform inspections anymore...Scouts in the last troop with all the parents on Committee did not show up in Uniform for a Board of Review and did not have a Scout Handbook. Yet they never were turned away or turned down, And the Board of reviews were held each week. On a walk in basis. I remember when I was growing up, you had to schedule a BOR and had to be 100% Uniform and have your Handbook...I remember my first BOR in my troop. I had no Pants..I was asked why I was not in Uniform...I told them My Mom could not afford a complete Uniform. I was told to reschedule when I had a pair of pants...I was about to quit on the spot. My family did not have a lot of money after my dad died..The Reviewers asked me if I was a hard worker..I said yes..I got jobs offers to mow their Lawns...For 3 weeks I mowed Lawns...I got 4 pairs of pants and past my rescheduled my BOR a month later....Only worn at Meetings and Worn to and from Camp...Immediately after Flag ceremonies each day...they were taken off, replaced with Blue Jeans and Hung up in a "suit" bag to keep them clean I Grew up In Texas...Never wore shorts as a youth....Blue Jeans every day...Went to Philmont twice..Wore Blue Jeans everyday on the Trails and cowboy boots...Only wore BSA Pants to and from during travel...Still Never wear shorts...Each person has their own style.. Cotton is Rotten??? Not around here....Someone has drank kool aide