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  1. After Ordeal Around here 95% just pay the yearly Dues...Sash and Dash is where the Money is....
  2. Sorry for the Late Condolences. Don't swing by the Forums every single day.
  3. The South Route offers a Cantina where you can sit around sipping Root Beers and Sarsaparillas. No matter what route you take, you will love it.... Philmont needs a 30 Day Adventure...Travel at your Leisure pace.
  4. They will have fun until someone points out that Boys and Girls can't play well together and starts handing out Guides to Safe Outdoorsmanship
  5. You would have owed me some money Being a Country Boy I knew how to Camp prior to Boy Scoutsand more importantly how to cook.. I was taught by my Great Grandmother. After my First Camp out..I was the permanent Troop Cook... After My first Council Camporee..I was the "Unofficial" Staff Cook...staff always came to our campsite to eat I was known for Steaks, Pheasants, Quail, Cornish Hens, Pork Chops, Fried Catfish....Cobblers and Cakes...sometimes even venison, duck and rabbits Breakfast always had Pancakes, Bacon, Hot Links, Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage, Fresh Biscuits, Peppered Gravy, Hot Oat
  6. I can tell the Majority of yall were or are involved in Big Troops.... Said this Before..I Grew up in a Troop where we were lucky to have 8-12 Scouts at the Max and usually had around 8 at the Most at any given time... Our ages ran from 11 to 18 at any given time. We were a Troop and a Patrol at the same time...When we competed at Council events I don't think we ever had to worry about a Patrol Size limit causing us to be split up.
  7. There is no Mandatory Rule... However if your troop Does "uniform" inspections ....You would lose 5 Points in the Insignia Section because you were not wearing a Sash. A Boy Scout could toss Merit Badges in the trash right away if they wanted to after receiving it..or tell troop save ya money. There is no "Law" that you have to have a Boy Scout Collection of Memorabilia to pass down when you die. Some things are just tradition...Such as Wearing the First 6 Merit Badges on the right sleeve. Just off the Cuff...and the 7th and beyond on a Sash.. Now Days with so Many "earned" every M
  8. Man ! ! How Active are your Lodges? Troop Activities Vs Lodge Activities... These days around here it is 2 OA Activities..Winter Ordeal and Summer Ordeal... Same Scouts go to Philmont and Jambo...as NOAC..most are all in OA.. Every OA Fundraisers last few years Boy Lead .... Canceled The Other Major Fundraiser is Adults due to what we did...Haul Water Tanks on Trailers for a Major National Bike Ride... They Canceled the Adult driven "Super Bowl Ribs" due to several issues.
  9. Were they there as paid Medical Staff? If not they were not performing life saving actions in the line of Duty. Sorry to hear that the efforts were unsucessful
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