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I have not posted in long time - since my son dropped out of Scouts a year or so ago.


However I know that there are many pray-ers here and so I am asking that you say a prayer for my son Cooper, 13, who was diagnosed with brain cancer last month.


After several weeks of headaches and vomiting last fall, an MRI was done and a tumor found.

Surgery in mid-December removed 85-90%. It was then we were told it was cancerous - anaplastic ependymoma. He is now receiving chemo treatments and then will undergo radiation beginning next month.


All prayers and positive energy appreciated.


Yours in brotherhood,



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Heartfelt prayers sent your way.


Not only do I have two sons the same age as yours, but my step-daughter went through the whole brain tumor thing several years back. I know it's very difficult. My family will be praying for yours. Please keep us posted.



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There is prayer in Sayre over Cooper and your family. I found your posting to be upsetting after I put myself in your shoes. It could be my son as well. I will tell my outpost to pray for you all at our next meeting. Keep us informed. God bless. RD

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