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  1. Air puppies are always out of PETA reach -- choosy about representatives
  2. Beavers are first because they are tasty. Regal Eagle
  3. Once an Eagle Always an Eagle I have heard Eagles complain that anyone with criminal charges should be removed as it tarnishes the whole -- but National does not do this -- only removal at local level.
  4. Are you sure you think this would be a good place for your son? Starting out with problems is not usually a good sign.
  5. After your kind work of sewing the merit badges on -- it is his turn to sew them on the longer sash. Tried all sorts of other ways myself, new longer is the only way it really works. Situation was reversed for myself. Son asked if we should get the longer sash - me being not real bright at that moment said no. The following agreement was reached "if he out grew his sash, I would move and sew the merit badges on it" (He sewed on the MB on the shorter sash). He also waited until he had filled it (about 56) then told me "the sash is too short - I went ahead and picked up a longer one for you Dad"
  6. Currently Risk Control for Construction with fortune 500 company. Training for OSHA and MSHA in english and spanish. in the past -- real life cowboy Coal miner EMT I and EMT I Trainer Mine rescue Production manager Coal Safety Manager for Coal and hardrock mine Advisor of new Crew wife - Currently homeschooler, Mom, professional volunteer and co -advisor of new crew, lifeguard instructor trainer, WSI instructor trainer, married to me past lifeguard and swim instructor reporter Radio DJ Wilderness trainer - white water and mountain rescue Advertising
  7. Eamonn - Wish there were more SM like you but the reality is there isn't. I never needed an Eagle advisor when I was SM. But like you I knew what the boys were doing in and out of scouting -- still do with quite a few who have gone on to college, married etc.... It was about the relationship with the boys -- it all goes back to adult or boy led -- adult led they don't have the time to really get to know the boys they are to busy telling what to do.
  8. shortridge -- the organization/head individual has been open to Eagle Scout projects being done at their facility and has taken the time to understand the process. Unfortunately, in our area many organizations committee and sub committee just the approval of a Scout doing a project, then they committee it to death with approving all the details of project. We have an Eagle Advisor -- this is do to the time constraints (SM doesn't have the time) and the number of boys that are life scouts. The job of the Advisor is to answer questions, make sure project workbook has all parts, make sure th
  9. Merlyn_LeRoy -- plenty of blame to go around. Congress knew of Osama in 1987 -- or rather was informed (they were to busy being cute and humorous for media) of the threat. They ignored it. Clinton's admin. insisted that among the political prisnors in Isr , even those with blood on their hands be released. One named "Muhammed Atta" repayed us with taking out Tower One. All of our Political leaders need to get off self and buddies and concetrate on the country.
  10. This organization does not and never has had the funds to help with Eagle Project costs. Nor have mini grants etc.. ever been a possibility. According to the Scouts communication (invoice), his family paid out the $$. He is not in my troop. My thinking is along the lines of 540Beaver, what amazed me was the response of many of the SM's. Let's hang him out to dry seems to be the current view -- perhaps that will cool after initial shock. I see this as a definite "failure to communicate" on the side of the Eagle Advisor. I know others in this position really stress the need for getting out there
  11. Stick it out for your Eagle -- but also look into a venture crew. They are designed for the teenage busy life style. Also remember you and the other boys can go on the equivilant of a patrol campout (just don't call it a venture patrol) organize all the details and talk to adult leadership about going with you.
  12. Got a call from an individual who has supported Eagle projects for years. He had a scout who did his Eagle project send him a $1000.00 bill (for re embursement). Talk about blow your mind. If his brother wasn't already an Eagle Scout, I might understand he didn't get it -- never heard of this have you all? And how would you handle it?
  13. Congratulations to you and Matt! Your other son can look at other Troops or Venture Crew (if 14) to find one that fits the Scouting model. I know many scouts who have done the same. I never have heard anyone say getting their Eagle was a waste of time or not worth it but I have heard many say they wish they would have gone the distance.
  14. Oh Please Gern must you look for insult in everything. -- there was not any reference or indication that the nine were better than one. Trevorum is proud (as he should be) of the nine boys he worked with and it is a testament to him and to their familys' to have 9 boys who elected to go the distance. Once again CONGRATULATIONS Trevorum you have every right to feel proud and honored. It is great to see they have elected to have a ECOH many in our area do not -- You will have lots of great storie to share about their adventures.
  15. What I saw a cub group do was recruit older Boy Scouts (if the boy did not have an older male role model) - They ended coming up with some new awards: like the cake for the fastest sugar high, cakes of angle (for crooked ones) -- the boys (all of them) had alot of fun. Plus, some of the older scouts really bonded with the cubs and became sort of big brothers.
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