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    Is the campaign hat still relevant?

    Back in the mid 1980's, we had a good relationship with a couple that ran a military surplus store out of Elmira, NY. The used to give us awesome deals on items that did not sell. So they gave us about 65 campaign hats for $20. Most were for small heads (boys) and they thought that our troop could use them. Some were in poor shape which were for camp outs and the nice ones were kept for special ocassions. So everybody in the troop got a couple hats. Other troops got some as well. We had a parade and most of the people that marched was wearing a Campaign Hat. We looked sharp! RD
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    When we were on a campout back in the 1990's, one of the scouts in my troop brought out a porno book. One of the leaders confiscated it and used a black Elmarko marker to "Censor" it. He complained that we ruined his personal property. We then told him to complain to his parents and see where it would get him. So we did not have any more problems like this happen again. The troop leadership did not make a big deal over it. Was it wrong? Yes. Did it happen again? No? So back to a scout is "Clean". RD
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    pig at summer camp...

    Infectious Disease Merit Badge??? Sound like a good idea for a new Merit Badge Game. The badge would have a green boarder, an orange background, and the black "biological hazard" symbol. But that is another topic to be posted. RD
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    Snipe Hunting

    I PM'ed someone this story, but I though I would share a laugh with everyone with the story. When I just joined the National Guard, I was sent to supply to get a shelf stretcher for our equipment room. I went and asked for one. My cousin happened to be working that day. She told me that there wasn't any such thing as a shelf stretcher. I winked and said, "It is shelf stretcher duty or latrine duty." "Oh, it's in the motor pool! I'll go get it right now." So I spent all morning looking for it. I would be instructed to go to another location and upon leaving the room everyone would laugh. After lunch we had formation and the master seargent asked me if I found it yet. I said "no, but I wasn't going to let him down." Everybody had smiles on at that point. A guy in my squad told me that it was a joke and I looked like a complete idiot. I replied saying that I needed help to find it and to carry it back since it took two men to carry it. I then winked. I asked one of our squad leaders if Al could help me. So he went along with me looking for it. I saw my platoon leader go into the CO's office for a meeting with the CO and other NCO's. Al said, "Don't do it." but I did it anyways. I busted into the meeting and was crawling under the CO's desk looking for the thing. When I left, I heard them laughing saying, "Who's idiot does he belong to?" My platoon leader said, "He's mine and he knows exactly what he's doing." Private Horton is an Eagle Scout and he is fully aware of what a snipe hunt is. He came out of the meeting looking for me. Al and I waved at him as we drove out of the parking lot driving a Duce and a half. We drove to several hardware stores to look for one. We drove to a local mall and went to Sears. The guy at Sears made some phone calls and located one for us. After that we spent some time looking at the girls until we knew we had to be back in time for formation. So Al and I ended up all day getting out of crap details. At formation, the Master Sergeant asked us if we found it yet? My answer was, "No, but we bought some polka-dot paint at Sears." Everyone in my unit got some laughs. Even the CO thought it was funny that I had the audacity to crawl between their legs looking for the thing. The following week, we had out troop committee meeting. The committee chair was the CO of HQ for my battalion. He mentioned that the incident got back to him and he asked for the name of the new recruit. He laughed when he heard it was me. He put in a good word to my CO, so things went well for me after that. I hope you liked the story. RD
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    Homegrown Troop Awards

    In my old troop we awarded the "Wooden Knife Award" to one of the scouts. He had the habit of cutting himself with his knife quite often. He even cut himself teaching the younger scouts the toten-chip class. When we was awarded the "Wooden Knife" award he accepted it, but he pulled his hand back and did not say "Thank you". He ended up getting a sliver in his finger in front of the entire troop. It even drew blood. That just made if even funnier. RD
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    When is it to cold to tent camp?

    I don't think it woul be a wise idea to have two naked boys in the same sleeping bad. Even if the second scout volunteered. Sounds like a lawsuit ready to happen. Oh I understand the skin on skin contact and agree it is one of the best ways to warm up someone. I would think a lot of warm liquids to be drank, a warm building close to a stove, and dry clothes or if the boy is not real bad, in his underwear close to the wire or stove. One polar bear we got woke up about 6 am to a scout that was sitting up in his underwear wearing an Army wool blanket. He was muttering stuff about being a POW and that the Nazi's would not get any information out of him. So he had disrobed, got out of his sleeping bad, and shivered for who knows how long. The boy was more than old enough to be prepared. Anyways at the next CM, the dad was asked to babysit him for any more campouts. The boy? We set him by the fire and let him warm up along with hot cocoa. We were leaving the camp in two hours, so we packed up as usual and left. By the time the parents showed up, we was still cold, but in good condition. The parents did a shakedown of all the Nazi literature in his bedroom. RD
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    Troop bank for scout funds at camp

    Out troop had some issues back years ago where scouts were accussing other scouts of "stealing" money when we were on a trip to Gettyburg. We as leaders saw that certain boys that got their money "stolen" also bought several items as well. So we figured that they money had not been stolen to begin with, but rather spent unwisely on soveneirs and ice cream. Anyways, we had the SPL hold a quick meeting and the boys decided that an adult collects everybody's money and acts as the banker. So my brother acted as the banker and each scout asked what he wanted to be removed from his funds for each day. It quieted a lot of arguements. So we had the boys keep a sheet on how much the put in, took out, and had as a balance. So I guess it was teaching them to keep track of their money. So we did this a couple of years for our big trips and it worked well. The boys eventually matured a little and the bank was retired. Oh, the boys for the most part were right out of Webalos and this was the first time they had money to spend in the absence of their parents. RD
  8. The president is still the president. You should hold the man up in prayer if you like him or not. He is still "THE MAN." I seem to remember that it is up to the people to take care of themselves, not the government. It is up to people to take care of their neighbors as well. Even if the man was prefect in every way, he can't fix the mess we are in. It took years to get here and it will take years to get out of it. scoutldr is correct. Keep your debt down, pay off your bills and credit cards. Invest into something secure, like farmland so you can at least feed your family. Plant a victory garden. Sell off your stuff you don't need and get free from consumerism and materialism. Spend more time with your family. The Lords return is soon, so get ready for it. The end time are now. RD
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    Is Eagle possible

    I forgot all about being on a summer camp staff. At some camps, you can take a few merit badges each week as well as work at camp on staff. You could take the aquatics - swimming, lifesaving, canoeing, and rowing. You could take campcrafts - camping, pioneering, cooking, and orienteering. Field sports - Rifle, Blackpowder, Archery, and Shotgun. You get the idea - take one from each area each week. If camp runs 4 weeks, you may be able to earn 4-8 MB's. Don't forget to enjoy yourself. RD
  10. roguedawg

    Is Eagle possible

    Glad to see you are back into scouts. Being 16 years old, you should be able to rip through many badges. You have a lot of ground to make up, but it is doable. Just make sure that you are having fun as well as completing your MB's. Good luck. RD
  11. roguedawg

    New epaulets and numbers on old shirt?

    If the silk screen patch wears out like you say it might, then national would just have to have a patch made up to cover the silk screen patch. RD
  12. We had a family in my troop that repeatedly kept threatening to sue the troop leaders, sponsoring organization, and the council. After a few years of this, they were asked to leave the troop by ALL of the leaders and parents. I was a scout at the time, but I knew something was going on. All I knew was that the troop ran better without them and they were not missed. I think there were butt prints left on the door as well. I also knew of one leader that constantly yelled at the boys. Nobody could stand the man. He made the mistake of yelling at me once and never did it again. So I guess being verbally abusive is on the list for removal. I know of another leader that was out of scouting for about 10 years. He ended up being arrested for making kiddie porn movies with his own kids as the stars. I did not know the man that well, but something about him made me not want to be around him. I don't think the BSA would approve of him getting back into scouts. I heard rumor of a woman that attended camp outs and was giving the scouts hot oil massages to the scouts as well as the leaders. It supposed to have occurred in a tent and the scouts were wearing nothing but towels. It sounded like it was inappropriate to me. Also with the rumor that she was a generous donor to the troop and council and that is why she was not removed. As I stated, "A rumor" so I am not sure of its validity. The guy telling me the story was mad since he did not get a massage. I think the guy was just pulling my leg. RD
  13. roguedawg

    Which way should a tent opening face?

    We used tarps for years, so I have not idea what direction is best. We had our tents facing all sorts of directions, mostly towards the campfire. When I was on camp staff, one of the kitchen workers would wiz in front of his buddy's tent. His buddy would get up, barefoot, and roll up his tent flaps. He would often mention that the "dew was really heavy that night." RD
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    Older Boys In Leadership.

    J-dawg168, We had some scouts in my troop that were in the same situation. Being put back into a patrol was like being demoted. We put them in the Leadership Corp and let them take on specialized leadership details. They would take on a detail and plan it out as their schedule fits. When I was in the LC, we ended up helping out smaller troops train up their scouts. They usually had a SM, a ASM and perhaps 7-10 scouts. If the boys were young and inexperienced, they needed an older scout to show how a patrol/troop should be run. Consider yourself a "leader on loan" to another troop. Most of the SM were more than glad to have an older scout help out. We had a troop about the same size as yours. If a troop is run right, you end up with a surplus of trained scouts. If you don't let them lead, they will disappear. As an adult leader, I don't want to put 10 years or so into a scout and have their leadership squandered. There is a place for you in the troop, but me not being in your troop, I can not comment where you belong though. You mentioned that your SM was very experienced. Talk with him a little bit more and try to find out why he is opposed to a JASM position. Pick his brain a little. I am in agreement with Eagledad on this. Are you in OA? Can you help out the lodge? On camp outs, we used to send the older scouts to help out at a camp out station under another troops leadership. They would learn another troops style of leadership. A few times we had the older scouts take equipment to camp leaving the adults to deal with the scouts. When the troop arrived at camp, we had set up the leadership tents, had a nice fire going, and hot coffee ready to drink. You can drive equipment, but not scouts. Helping out a committee member on a project sounds good to me. How about community service projects? I don't think that you would have to look far to find a nice project to do. Go to a local town meeting in your uniform and tell them that you need something to do. It will put your troop in good relations with the community. I hope this has helped you out. Signed - The other Dawg, RD
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    Smoking During Campouts

    I can't believe there is an issue here. As a leader, you are teaching the boys to smoke or not to smoke by your actions. I had a few smokers in my outpost. I asked them what they loved more, the boys or the habit. They quit smoking. I did not mandate for them to quit, since they have to make that decision on their own. The same goes for drinking, drugs, swearing, over-eating and a entire list of bad habits. Does one need to smoke? I was told by a wise man this, "If a person needs a smoke, a drink, a fancy car to feel cool or have an ego lift, where is their ego to begin with?" There is a deeper issue at hand than the habit. How does that go...."to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight" We as leaders (SM, ASM, CM, etc.) have to have a higher standard than other people since we role models to the boys. Being less than this is totally irresponsible. Its all about the boys isn't it? An Eagle Scout drinking? Back 20 years ago, I was an ASM. I got in with the wrong crowd at work. I stopped by a bar for a drink and an hour later I went to the scout meeting. Out in the parking lot, one of the parents smelled the beer on me and asked me "What kind of a Eagle Scout was I." It was a slap in the face! I left the meeting and went home. I thought about it all week. At the following committee meeting he started to bring up what happened. I stopped him and said that it was the first and last time it would happen. The man said to me in private that he was going to be watching me. I told him, "Good idea and thanks." I never did that again. I have not been in a bar since, except to retrieve someone with a drinking problem. There is too much at stake here. It is better to NOT start a habit that to break a bad one. I would be sad to hear from a scout that "he learned to smoke in scouts."
  16. roguedawg

    Somebody start the fire...

    Buffalo Skipper, Google "Crazy Crow". They have flint and steel kits for sale. I have the Conrail Railroad tracks across from my house. I went over and grabbed some ballast. I am not sure if it is flint or dark quartz, but they produce a spark for my char cloth. Check out you local RR tracks for ballast. I use an old file for the striker. You can pick them up at rummage sales or flea markets for pennies. Nobody wants the rusted and plugged up ones. BSA hot spark kits? - I still use mine that I got as a cub scout. It is about 33 years old and still striking. RD
  17. I have a stupid question and don't mind showing my ignorance. How do you build a pyramid tower? I see pictures of them in the field book, but what oder do you do the lashings so it does not look like Bizarro built it? Thanks. RD
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    Match Race

    I snarfed my drink when I read about the ear wax suggestion and could not let a good story go to waste. A true story I have to share that occurred when I was on staff at Camp Brule' in 1984. Our summer camp tradition was that every Wednesday night, we had our water carnival. The parents would come, have a chicken dinner, and watch the competitions. We had about 12 troops gathered for a match race. They had to take a match, run around the lake passing it between non-swimmer runners, they would hand it to canoers, they would paddle out to a row boat, they would row to a swimmer, he would swim to the class B swimmer, he would swim and pass it to a class C swimmer, and he would run it to shore and light the match on a stone. My brother and I were giving the directions to the scouts. We gave them a hint of coating the match with ear wax first and when they do the water areas, to place the match inside their mouth to keep it from getting wet. (Don't touch it with your tongue). All of the scouts just laughed. One troop with all new tenderfoots said that they would never win anything since they were all 11-12 year olds going against older boys. We told them to do what they were told. So the race started and one by one the older scouts came in and had wet mush matches. The last troop to come in was that tenderfoot troop. What happened? You guessed it. Their match lit. So they came in last, but won! They listened and put it into action. So it paid off to have a teachable spirit. Of course we HAD to rub it in to the older scouts in front of all of the parents. Later on at the campfire program it was brought up again. So most of the older boys were humbled that day. I hope you liked the story. RD So if any younger scouts out there reading this, just remember to listen to your leaders. Sometimes us adults seem like we are speaking in tongues and are a little on the crazy side, but we tell you things to make your life easier.
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    Match Race

    You place the match head just inside of the mouth and pinch it with your teeth and lips. Yes, the match is waxed before it is put into the race. I guess your own ear wax isn't as bad as someone elses. HA! RD
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    Somebody start the fire...

    I ditto one the Altoids tins and making char cloth. That is what I taught my outpost and at adult LTA camp-out. Everyone has to make one on Friday night for the next days fire building class. Put that in a bird nest and you got fire very soon. I cut up old jeans to use as the cloth. I like to get my moneys worth out of stuff. RD I still can't do the "Fire by Fiction" method. Yes "fiction" because I never saw anybody make fire this way during demonstrations. I have on Youtube though.
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    How to build a pyramid tower

    Thank you so much for the links. I really like the Girl Scout tower. Having an image to look at is nice. Thanks again. I guess we have a project for this coming spring. RD
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    Somebody start the fire...

    I tried the brake fluid and chlorine, but I could not get it to work. Another set of chemicals are Magnesium Permanganate and Glycerol. I tried to find a source for some MP since it is used in sewer plants, but I have not found it anywhere. You can shine the bottom of a soda can with peanut butter or tooth paste and use it as a lens. You can use a #10 can, a piece of plastic, and a rubber band. You slip the plastic over the #10 can and hold it with the rubber band. You pour in water and allow it to freeze. You remove the plastic, polish it with your hands and form an ice lens. It is neat to show at a polar bear or winter camp. You can buy book lens at Barnes and Noble for about $2.50. They are light, flat and fit into a military ammo pouch. I use the ammo pouch to hold all my fire starting gear. You can light leaves, steel wool, gun powder, dried out wet matches, etc. An old spent bic lighter works good too. You tear off the metal covering, scrape the igniter, collect the scrapings on paper, and when you get a small pile, ignite them with a spark from the lighter. This will ignite the paper under it and get your fire going. You can also use an old file and a stone with quartz in it. I had a scout run out to the church parking lot to fetch a white stone. He came back and on one strike each, I ignited lint, steel wool, and gun powder. My ASM laughed since the entire presentation was flawless with all fires being made on first strikes. We had a saying in my troop, "When you get into leadership, you do everything...perfect!" The boys usually reply, "I can't wait until I get into leadership!" When I was on staff at Camp Brule' in 1984 we started the council fire using water and pure sodium. The MC asked if anyone had a canteen with them. One tenderfoot came forward and gave it to him. He drank some and spitted the rest it on the wood. It dripped down to the sodium and it caught fire which spread to the rest of the wood. The next week we used an entire steel wool pad with gun powder mixed in it. The signal was given and the electric was connected. Fooom! and the fire was lit. Oh the sounds of "ohhs and ahhs." I have another idea but you will have to wait and see if I get permission. I think it would even impress Les Stroud. Enjoy. RD
  23. roguedawg

    How to build a pyramid tower

    Well sort of. I can build a tripdo. I mean the tower that has a lower tripod and an upper inverted tripod. There are diagonal lashings on the legs. On the upper tripod, there is a deck to stand on. I never saw how to build one before. Close, but no cigar. Thanks. RD
  24. roguedawg

    Merit Badge Game

    I was wondering if scouter would be up to a merit badge game? There are some rules, but it is really fun. Basically, a person comes up with a fictional merit badge name and everybody submits the requirements for that badge. After a period of time, the merit badge is closed and the members vote for the best requirements. The winner gets the most votes. Any takers? RD
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    Merit Badge Game

    SSScout, I declare that you are the first winner in the Merit Badge Hall of Fame. You have the honor of picking out the next Merit Badge idea and being the moderator. Good luck. I will be waiting for the next MB idea to come out. RD