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  1. Job opening at National

    Also, given their financial situation, I wonder if they should be hiring at all.
  2. Job opening at National

    I wonder if they already have the person in mind who they want to hire. They ask candidates to note if they are INTERNAL. They might just be doing this search to say they did an open search for the job for HR purposes. I will be interested in learning who gets the job.
  3. I'm New Here

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  4. Unresponsive MBC

    I think this would be my approach as well!
  5. Howdy

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  6. Watching this thread. I agree. I hope BSA does something to commemorate and reintroduce the program!
  7. Hello!

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  8. Happy New Year

    Exactly. The sash is not a girl scout sash, but rather a sash for the LDS girls youth organization of that time. Girls would get badges based on learning skills, scripture mastery, service, etc. They no longer use the sash.
  9. Hello and thanks :)

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  10. Nice cards!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!
  11. I second this motion! I think we have wandered a bit from the title of the thread!
  12. Had to buy a new uniform

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  13. New Assistant Chief Scout Executive and new Division Directors? I am glad they are hiring people to oversee the changes, But I hate to see new levels of administration added, when resources could be spent closer to the boys!
  14. New around here

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  15. Scouts and Fixed Blades; New viewpoint

    The good old days!
  16. Scouts and Fixed Blades; New viewpoint

    I hope that they bring back the Kit Carson Kit. It had a leather sheath in which on put a fixed blade knife AND a small hatchet. I thought those were the coolest thing in the scout catalog when I was a kid!
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  18. Hello, from an old District Commissioner

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  19. Thank You!

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  20. POR review

    A fellow committee member has suggested a plan to monitor how boys are doing with their positions of responsibilities. He has suggested a monthly formal meeting between the boy and the mentor. A scorecard would be used. My guess is that it would take about 20 minutes per boy to complete. Each mentor (SM or ASM) works with 3 boys, so this is about an hour per month, plus time needed to prepare, plus time reviewing the scorecards with the committee. Another approach is much less formal. The mentor works with the boy, encourages him, coaches him along the way. If at the end of his term, the boy has done okay, then the mentor signs off in his book. The mentor lets the boy and the committee know if there are major problems that may require the boy to be replaced if not corrected. In general, feedback between the mentor and boy is ongoing, but not formal unless that is what is needed. I would be interested in what you do in your troops. How formal is the interaction between mentor and boy? Does anyone use scorecards for this?
  21. POR review

    All, Thanks so much for your replies! My troop is in a bit of a rebuilding period. I kinda figured how to proceed, but as a courtesy to the other committee members, thought I would ask your opinions in case I was missing something (which I often do!) So again, my thanks! Fred, Thanks for those links!! Very useful! Prof!
  22. Hello from Wisconsin!

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  23. Welcome to the virtual campfire!!!!!
  24. How would the ideal scout poll work?

    I can see this point of view as well. It reminded me of a thread, about 10 years ago, entitled "Manscouts and WB"
  25. Excited to join this forum

    Welcome aboard!!!!