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    Welcome to the virtual camp fire!!!
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    Welcome to the campfire!!!!!
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    Welcome to the campfire!!!
  4. This is one of the most profound things I have read in a very long time.
  5. No doubt. Not sure what the changes will be, but I bet things will change. I also bet the rate of change will be much more rapid.
  6. I have been wondering this since the vote.
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    LDS leaving BSA?

    https://www.lds.org/youth/childrenandyouth/joint-church-bsa-statement?lang=eng Looks like Dec 31, 2019 is when the split will occur, according to this release
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    New Volunteers vs the Old Guard

    Run, do not walk, to the nearest exit!
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    New member with issue

    ^^^^^THIS^^^^^ Another important part of this is that while you may have only seen bullying with your boy, there may be a pattern of it that you don't see. It will be important for the scout executive to be aware of your boy's situation so that he can check to see if this has happened before in the pack. Also, should it happen again to another boy, there would be documentation of this case.
  10. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof
  11. Alas, I doubt that the BSA will change its direction based on public opinion.
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    Welcome to the virtual camp fire!
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    Girl Scout Survey - BSA Questions

    Hanlon's Razor: Never attribute to malice that which can adequately be explained by ignorance or stupidity
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    Girl Scout Survey - BSA Questions

    I am in my 50s. From my way of thinking, bigoted is a bit of a strong word for this situation. But I agree that the language of their survey could (and should) have been more neutral, given the changing make up of families and roles. The question as asked would have been fine many years ago.
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    Welcome to the forums!!!
  16. 1) Pioneering- first merit badge where I sat down and worked to master the material. Gained a sense of accomplishment from that! 2) First Aid- Counselor was a former scout who was really into first aid. He made us think!!!
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    Best Merit Badge Classes in the US

    Hawken, I've been trying to get my troop there for a while! Good to hear it is a good program! One of my scouts attended Fingerprinting/Crime prevention at the Indiana State Police museum on the East Side of Indianapolis. They were pretty happy with it! Prof
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    Rifle Shooting MB, target clarification

    @JamesWalker Welcome to the forum!!!
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    Back in scouting

    Welcome to the virtual campfire! Glad you're here!
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    Welcome Aboard! Glad to have you with us!!!!!
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    Job opening at National

    Also, given their financial situation, I wonder if they should be hiring at all.
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    Job opening at National

    I wonder if they already have the person in mind who they want to hire. They ask candidates to note if they are INTERNAL. They might just be doing this search to say they did an open search for the job for HR purposes. I will be interested in learning who gets the job.
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    Welcome to the virtual camp fire!