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  1. Many boys that are in band at school have no choice to miss scout meetings, because band events are a grade. Some of them sure, could be avoided. But sports are by choice. I think the boys are looking for a place to fit in and feel that sense of belonging.
  2. I agree with Liz on this one also. The scout law is our pledge to be physically strong. It doesn't necessary say physically fit. I think there are scouter out there that might be overweight, but are physically fit enough to do the same outdoor stuff. It really depends on the person, and everyone's body is different. So not everybody is going to be thin, but at least we are striving to be strong.
  3. I think just because there may be females around, that doesn't mean that all guys have to watch how they are. I mean, it's still a boy scout campout, and the females don't change that. They were the ones that decided to be there. Therefore, they are choosing to be one of the guys. They shouldn't be treated any different, unless it's like sleeping issues. But volenteers and good staffers are needed, and everyone is just as capabile to be a great asset in the scouting program.
  4. Or maybe you can get a jeopardy board going, if weather is bad, and have different catagories with all types of scouting knowledge. Like uses for knots, maybe worst case weather scenarios, proper ways for handling wood tools, etc. That might be a fun game for them to interact and gain some knowledge.
  5. You could do something fun like tent races. Have them competing in who can set up their tent the fastest. Or if you go with the fire starting competition, make it more challenging. Sometimes you'll have to build a fire after it rains. And don't give them matches or lighters. Use a flint only to start a spark.
  6. Ha. That response gave me a laugh!!!
  7. Actually, we have our own leaders division. We will be getting judged on the speed, but also there is an award for show. Thank you for all of your help and I'll let you know how it goes this weekend!!!
  8. I will definately be praying for your son and your family. I had an 8 year old friend that had cancer also. Keep strong in the lord and turn it into something positive. God Bless!
  9. Hello! Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum. I see you are from the Blackhawk Area Council. I went to that summer camp this past year. Nice place.
  10. Okay, I am actually part of the boy scouts, but our cub scout pack invited our troop and leaders to participate in the derby. I have never built a car before and I am kinda on my own. I only have til friday to finish. SO here are my questions: Do you have to prime the car before you paint it? You glue weights on it after you paint, right? The wheels go last? I just want to be sure I am doing everything right. Right now I already sawed into my shape, and I am sanding at the moment. Any advice???
  11. Do any of you find it odd that an 18 yr old ASM is considered an adult within the scouting program, but then would be denied access to the OA because then she would be a youth? Some of you have mentioned the fact that there are no facilities to accomidate youth females. But technically, in the boy scouts of america, once you are 18 you are an adult. So would it be such a big deal to share those female facilities with the 18-20 yr olds. Because normally, they are considered adult women through BSA and in the country, just not in the OA. I am not trying to create arguments, I am trying to unders
  12. So what are your opinions then about allowing all BSA registered leaders join the OA reguardless of sex or age? For example, many of you were talking about the possibility of females from venturing crews, but what about female boy scouts leaders between the age of 18-20? Because then, they would be considered youth in the OA. It is true that those females cannot be a part of the OA before they are 21?
  13. Is it also true that venturers can be part of the OA? I might of heard some rumors about men and women from a venture crew in the OA as youth?
  14. Sorry I actually already typed this in another section, but I thought it might get answered if I started its own thread. Thanks in advance! I have a question for all you guys in the OA. I am not in it yet, but I had a question reguarding being in it. I heard that with the OA you are a youth member until you are 21. So I was wondering, do the females that get into the OA have to have the same requirements as well as the guys? For example, can a female leader from a boyscout troop who is between the age of 18-20 be in the OA? Because technically that would make them a youth in the OA but a
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