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My 70-yo mother caught Covid back in December, survived it, and then got the first Moderna shot in early February. She had redness, swelling, and arm pain at the site of the injection for a week, and now she's really hesitant about getting the second shot. Having already survived Covid once, she's thinking about skipping the second shot and taking her chances.

On 2/15/2021 at 10:37 PM, denibug72 said:

My oldest had a major reaction to his 6 mo shots, to the point that we stopped all his shots.  Years later we found out that Guillain-Barre Syndrome is a horrible disease to go through.  My oldest son contracted a rare variant of it (Miller-Fischer) as a young teenager.  We still don't know how or why he got it, and probably never will.  So thankful for IVIG plasma treatments, and a neurologist that had a pretty good guess as to what it could be (since the spinal tap & blood workups took weeks to come back).  At the time, the doctors told him never to get a flu shot...

Finally, someone else who went through this! My father had a similar reaction to a flu shot he got back in '99 when he was in his early 50's. What he came down with looked a lot like Guillain-Barre, but in the end wasn't exactly. He ended up having to retire early on disability. I've been very circumspect about getting flu shots ever since.

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No medical professional or researcher would claim that ANY drug or vaccine is "100% SAFE".  All risk is relative.  We have risk factors and comorbidities.  We have personally seen at least 5 friends a

Not everyone who does not want the vaccine is a denier. A lot of folks in the medical field have reservations about the vaccines. One of them stated that they had serious questions about one company's

There are also those of us who have been infected already, and are waiting to see what observation and studies say about extended immunity, and who want to see if any longer-term effects start to show

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My 2nd dose of Pfizer was really rough ... but probably better than getting the virus.

I understand the vaccination hesitancy here, especially with mRNA versions.  I hope most will get a vaccine when more of the public is vaccinated (or more traditional vaccines are approved) and we (hopefully) see limited adverse reactions.  I don't think we need to hit 100% ... 80% would be big win.  I am concerned that if not enough people get the vaccine, more variants will be produced until one breaks through the existing vaccines.  At minimum, perhaps we can turn Covid into a mild cold or flu vs what it was or could be.

Note that I just got off a call with my team in India.  It is pretty bad there with multiple team members having close relatives die from the virus.  While our healthcare system is much better than theirs, I really think some of these variants are much worse than the initial strain.  The good news is it seems that vaccines help against their variant. 

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My daughter is getting her masters degree in Public Health.  She has told me the percentage of vacinated people to reach herd immunity is >70%.  So we are looking for a simple majority here.   

The India situation is horrible.  Lots of different factors in play, very little access to vaccinations, health care access, new strain, higher density population...... Prayers go out for them, hopefully we can divert some of our vaccine to them since at least here in Texas the vaccines are plentiful.

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