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  1. Does anybody out there know what base camp staff is going to be staying at for the 2017 National Jamboree?
  2. Did about 50 ft in the Smokeys, and a few more 50 ft sections in Vermont. Just to say I had "hiked" on the AT
  3. Grow Up!

    In scouts, every boy can go as far as he wants.
  4. Square Knots...Are you game? (Just for fun)

    Odd that if wearing x number of knots is so horrible, why the BSA is always creating new ones? True, 9 is a recommendation, nothing more.
  5. Square Knots...Are you game? (Just for fun)

    If you've earned them, and want to wear them, go ahead. I don't really get excited over it one way or the other. They do provide good conversation starters. But there are opinions all over the board, some are ready to tar and feather anybody who even thinks about wearing a knot, and others who degrade people that don't wear them. Enough already, we are all scouters together in this.
  6. Meetings are necessary for planning the trip. Travelling to and from the Jamboree in uniform, and attending shows at the Jamboree in uniform are part of the experience. T-shirts make it easier for the leaders to keep track of the boys. (You don't want your son to become lost on a tour do you?) If your son wore the same uniform for the entire trip, I'm sure odor and dirt would become an issue. Hope he has a great experience.
  7. 'tis the season....

    Happy Holidays to all
  8. Should I file a complaint

    Enjoy your new pack and let it go. She is so childish, it is not even worth the time of day. Complaints to council will get you nowhere. A new Commissioner is just one more person she will not listen too (in her own humble mind, she is right).
  9. Arrow of Light Knot Meaning?

    oops......you are correct..........my bad........shows how computer illiterate I am
  10. Arrow of Light Knot Meaning?

    Good information, thanks for sharing
  11. Collecting scout items is one thing. Buying things you have not earned, and then wearing them on your uniform as if you have, is something totally different.
  12. Bridging over and Webelos uniform

    To my knowledge the Arrow of light knot is still current.
  13. Revoking Merit Badges?

    My Troop has had Merit badge sessions in the past where any boys interested in doing the Merit Badge would come an hour before the meeting. It would take 3 -4 weeks depending on the merit badge. Obviously some of the requirements would be done by the boys on their own outside of the meeting, and some of the meeting would be spent having them present what they had done.
  14. Leaving a Pack

    Agreed, Your only course of action is to approach the COR about replacing the CC. If the COR won't go along with that, there is nothing you can do.
  15. Has the OA Lost It's Luster?

    Sad to say this is pretty much the case. There are probably some active lodges out there that are active, the lodges I have been associated with are largely just a big "click" for the kids that are on camp staff. The ceremonies that are being dictated by National are so lame and disgusting it is not even funny.
  16. Revoking Merit Badges?

    Sad, this troop is so far off base it isn't even funny. Unfortunately, I have had to deal with blowhards like this in the past. They are right in their own minds, and giving them the facts is not going to change it. Realistically, your sons choice is to grin and bear it, or find another troop that actually knows what is written in the advancement policy book.
  17. 2 signatures on all checks, and limiting the number of people who can write them is just common sense precautions. 1500 may not seem like a lot until somebody walks off with it and blames you..........you had better have some written proof that it wasn't you.
  18. Good news, glad to hear it.
  19. Help - Merit Badge Completion

    It is your son's merit badge. He is the one who needs to be checking on prerequisites for merit badges he plans to take at summer camp. Too bad, it sounds like your scoutmaster is not very up to date on the merit badge earning process either. You can look in the Advancement Policy and Procedure book, probably available online, to get the proper procedure. Have your son point this out to his scoutmaster. Hope he follows through and completes the badge.
  20. Struggling to stay in Scouts

    Sorry your son got pushed through Weblos too fast. Not going to summer camp really put him behind. Too bad you and your son did not have a good understanding of the scouting program. I have seen it a lot, very few Cub scout parents understand the scouting program. The best advice is have your son go to meetings and outings if he wants to. Hang out with his friends. Take advantage of the outings that he is interested in. Advancement is HIS decision. If the troop program is run correctly, he will complete requirements just by attending meetings and outings. He is a very young scout, and will probably feel a little out of place, especially since he missed summer camp. He is way to young for any kind of responsibility at this point, he needs to learn all the basic scout skills first. Good luck to him, hope he sticks with it, It will be worth it.
  21. Jamboree 2017

    Yup, I believe it is in the requirements to attend on the Jamboree website
  22. Help - Merit Badge Completion

    Unfortunately, some districts are so disorganized that they don't even have a MB counselor list.