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How far along are your Council plans for 2021 summer camp?

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IMHO, here is a Council that understands their local summer camp planning has a higher priority and purpose than the National-driven endless restructuring.

“We have a very good group of volunteers and staff that, this is really their one, main priority right now, is to make sure that we can hold camp and we can hold it in a safe manner for everyone,” Hawkeye Area Council (Iowa) CEO Sarah Dawson said.


“We are designing plans A, B, C, D, through about Z right now to make sure that we have — we’re looking at all options, and no matter what happens and what stage we’re at, that we’ll still be able to hold things safely,” Dawson said.



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Our council spent the year making some long needed repairs and improvements to camp facilities. They are planning to be open for the summer.

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Massachusetts Phase 4 begins in March which allow overnight summer camps to open though state camping guidelines have not yet been released.. Overnight camps were closed last summer.

Greg Williams, program director for the Boy Scouts of America Western Massachusetts said, “To be out in the outdoors to be with their peers just doing age-appropriate activities and exploring new things in the outdoors is so important for their mental health and physical health.”

The Boy Scouts of America western Massachusetts Council is already making plans for their first week of camp in early July. 👍  New this year, anyone is welcome to attend, not just scout units.

According to the senator’s office, there are 1,000 summer camps in Massachusetts and those camps are responsible for an annual economic contribution of $1.3 billion and over $220 million in directly paid wages.

“The decision by the Baker administration to allow overnight and day camps to operate this summer is a huge win for the 250,000 children served by summer camps across the Commonwealth,” said Matt Scholl, board president of the Massachusetts Camping Association. “The data is clear that camps can effectively uphold the health and well-being of our children and staff when following evidence-based protocols. Children have never needed summer camp more – prioritizing camp is a choice to prioritize healthy and thriving children.”


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