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  1. That's correct. In my neck of the woods there are a number of existing Troops (5 in the immediate area), but none fall under our CO. Our CO does however have a cub scout pack. While "linking" to my son's troop would have certainly been easier (and I think the CO would have supported it), the scouts there are overwhelmingly against having girls in the BSA in general, and most certainly against sharing meeting space. Rather than force it, I feel being non-linked gives these girls the best chance for success without having to worry about ruffling any feathers...Little extra work on my end
  2. After years of watching her 3 brothers have all the fun, my daughter has decided she wants to join Scouts BSA. My wife and I (both WB trained) have marshaled enough support in our community to start a non-linked Scouts BSA troop for her and her friends... We turn in all of our charter paperwork on Thursday, and I will officially be the Scoutmaster of Troop 19. Wish me / us luck! -DK
  3. Hello Everyone, Been reading these forums for a while now, figured it was time I signed up. After stints as a Cubmaster, and Assistant Scoutmaster, I'm currently my oldest son's troop committee chair (newly appointed), and my younger son's den leader. -Dave BSA Certified Angling Instructor I used to be a Bobwhite N7-388-11-2 ...and a staffer too! N2-640-15-2
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